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  • Size 60" W x 18" L x 87" H
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Chrome Lux Bar Shelf Rental

The Chrome Lux Bar Shelf is an excellent choice for bar shelving at tradeshow events, professional parties, and a variety of corporate events. Modern and sleek, the Chrome Lux Bar Shelf offers a stylish backdrop to your event’s bar area with polished chrome.

But a contemporary design isn’t the only aspect that makes this bar shelving an excellent choice. Modern’s Lux bar shelving comes with optional LED lighting at the top level to draw attendees in and capture their attention with personal branding. LED lights can be customized to change colors and brightness to create a custom ambiance to suit any event. A bar shelf with LED lights is sure to be a major hit at your next function!

Made from high-quality materials, the Chrome Lux Bar Shelf is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can withstand heavy use. Plus, transportation is now a breeze. With a patented design, our Lux bar shelves can be completely dismantled to simplify your shipping and assembly options. With no special tools or experience required, this feature makes Modern’s bar shelving rentals perfect for event planners who need a quick and easy setup!

Corporate gatherings always need a central gathering place. Our custom bar shelf rentals can be used to enhance your event’s bar area, allowing attendees to unwind and network after long days of sessions and presentations. Be sure to check out our Chrome Lux Round Bar Shelf, and the Chrome Lux Bar Shelf for more bar shelving rental options.

The Chrome Lux Bar Shelf rental is an excellent choice for bar shelving at any of your upcoming events, whether it’s a tradeshow, professional party, corporate retreat, or any style of corporate event. Modern’s Chrome Lux Bar Shelving is the perfect addition for trade shows and exhibitions, where bar shelf rentals can be used to create a professional and visually appealing area for event employees and attendees alike.

Use Bar Shelving Rentals to Showcase Products

The Chrome Lux Bar Shelf rentals can be used to showcase products in a creative way, such as displaying them on the shelves or using the shelving units to create a backdrop for product photos. This makes them optimal commercial bar shelving for social media content, product imagery, and corporate product launches.

Conferences, seminars, and company retreats are also excellent venues for our stunning Chrome Lux Bar Shelf rentals. Our bar shelving rentals’ unique customization features allow unlimited branding potential, while their patented structure allows these bar shelves to easily be shipped wherever your event is being held.

Whether as a standalone piece or in combination with other Modern bar elements, such as bar stools, tables, and backdrops, commercial bar shelving is an important aspect of any event. Make sure your bar area is neat, attractive, and highly memorable for your guests with Modern’s Chrom Lux Bar Shelving.

A well-organized bar area is essential for any event, regardless of its size or type. The Chrome Lux bar shelving enables bartenders to work more efficiently, as they can easily find the tools and ingredients they need for event beverages.

Accidents, such as spills or falls, can also be avoided by ensuring that everything is stored and easily accessible with proper bar shelving. The Chrome Lux Bar Shelf offered several wide and deep shelves, allowing for more surface area and storage capacity. Plus, by neatly arranging bottles, glassware, and other bar accessories, the back bar display shelving can become a focal point of the event and create an attractive display for guests.

Create Better Organized Events with Bar Shelf Rentals

While a visually stimulating event can factor into overall success, intangible aspects of event planning are just important. Having your bar area organized with Chrome Lux Bar Shelving enables shorter wait times for guests and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Creating a positive and seamless experience at your event ensures that your attendees will enjoy it, spread the good word to others, and want to return again in the future! Allow your bartenders to provide excellent customer service by easily being able to access materials, make delicious drinks, provide prompt service, and create a lasting impression on the guests.

While often overlooked, bar shelving helps your event’s efficiency, safety, presentation, branding, and overall customer satisfaction. By ensuring that the bar area is properly set up and organized, event planners can help create a successful and memorable event experience for any number of guests. Boost the success rate of your event today by requesting a quote with Modern’s Chrome Lux bar shelving options!