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  • Size 30" W x 30" L x 87" H
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Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf Rentals

The Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf is a practical and stylish option for enhancing your bar area at events. Easy to use, it can be dismantled, shipped, and reassembled on-site without the need for any special tools or experience. Whether for a large crowd or small group, the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf rental allows you to easily customize your bar area for a wide range of events.

Just like our rounded version, the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf is perfect for trade shows, conferences, sporting events, corporate meetings, and other professional gatherings. Its customizable LED lighting feature and modern design elevate any bar area with a sophisticated aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for event planners looking to create a memorable experience for attendees. We’re confident you won’t regret ordering a bar shelf with LED lighting!

Choose a Bar Shelf Rental with LED Lights

The LED light feature of the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf is an excellent way to draw attention to your bar area and create the exact custom look you need for your event. These LED lights can be customized to change colors and brightness, making it easy to match your event’s branding or theme. This feature allows you to create a unique and eye-catching display that will capture the attention of attendees and help make your event stand out from the crowd.

The bar shelf LED lights are located at the top level of the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf, providing an even glow that beautifully highlights the bottles and glassware on display. This feature is particularly useful for events held in dimly lit environments, where the LED lights can help to create a more inviting atmosphere and enhance the overall look and feel of your bar area.

Additionally, LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, so you can be sure that they will provide a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution for your event. With this customizable feature, you can elevate the look of your bar area from the top to the bottom of the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf.

Seeing how bars and events often go hand in hand, prepping your bar area to handle a large volume of customers is key. Commercial bar shelving at events can help provide a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for attendees while creating a space to allow your bartenders to perform their best in a space free of clutter. Check out our Chrome Lux Round Bar Shelf, and the Chrome Lux Bar Shelf for more bar shelving rental options.

Bar Shelf Rentals With Easy Shipping

The Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf rental has an easy-to-ship design feature that makes it an ideal choice for event planners and organizers who need a quick and easy setup. The bar shelving rental unit can be easily dismantled, shipped, and reassembled on-site, without the need for any special tools or experience. This helps to lower shipping costs and decrease stress associated with event planning. And with Modern’s nationwide event services, you can be sure to receive high-quality products, service, and event rental shipping to any event in the country.

Easy shipping for our bar shelf rentals is largely due to the patented design of the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf. This amazing event furniture rental can be broken down into smaller components that can be easily loaded, transported, and carried in boxes or crates. This feature ensures that the bar shelf rental can be shipped efficiently and safely, without getting damaged during transit. This prevents headaches for event planners where mistakes such as finding a replacement can damage the reputation of their event.

The ease of shipping and reassembly makes the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf a versatile choice for a range of events. The product can be used at trade shows, conferences, corporate meetings, and seasonal company events, among others. Event planners can quickly set up and take down the bar shelf, making it a convenient choice for events with tight schedules or multiple locations.

Overall, the easy-to-ship design feature of the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf offers event planners a cost-effective and convenient solution for their bar shelving needs. Incorporating the Chrome Lux Square Bar Shelf into your next event is as easy as it is to assemble! Contact Modern Event Rentals today to learn more about this product and how it can help your event beat the competition.