7 Hottest Corporate Event Trends For H2 2023

It is no secret that the event industry has gone through some challenging times over the last three years. A niche that thrives on tangible experiences getting confined to the virtual walls of digital devices, indeed dims spirits, not to mention profits and sales for companies.

Hottest Corporate Event Trends For H

With the dawn of 2023 though, things have been looking up. After the first half of the year, we definitely see some apparent focus on a few important aspects, the most prominent one being a renewed and fresh interest in in-person experiences.

As we move forward towards the last few months of 2023, here are our top 7 hottest trends and predictions for the corporate event industry.

In-person events

Unsurprisingly, since the pandemic took its grand, albeit slow exit after almost 4 years, people have a renewed energy and interest in in-person live events. According to the Meeting & Group Business magazine, apparently, 2023 was predicted to be the “strongest year ever” for in-person events. Case in point, more than 90% of Modern’s Houston event rentals were booked for in-person events this year.

At the same time, quite a few companies are embracing a hybrid trend too. In many cities across the country, the first half of the year saw a mix of in-person meetings along with the option of attending some corporate gatherings virtually. However, research revealed that a majority of corporate event enthusiasts preferred to attend even hybrid events in person, as they found it would give them more value when compared to virtual attendance.

Experience-first approach

As yet another impact of the pandemic, and people being generally tired of sitting within confined spaces and attending events virtually, there is an increased demand for event “experiences” now more than ever. Organizers are focusing on throwing grand and loud event experiences, as opposed to mere events that are comparatively passive. And these experience-first events are characterized by immersive and interactive elements such as theatrical ambiances and performances, pop-ups, bars, participative entertainment, social media photo booths, and more. The core intention of experience-first events is attendee engagement, which is by far the single most important contributor toward ROI, lead generation, and in turn, more sales.

This is why at Modern; we have curated stunning collections of engagement-inducing décor and rentals for the year. As a designer specialist in Houston, event rentals that generate and sustain active attendee experiences are our forte. We have everything from multi-dimensional backdrops for social media corners to high-quality bar stool rentals, and bar table rentals for social drinking counters, and creative stage sets for the ultimate performances; all designed to turn your event into a unique experience.

Attendee comfort above everything

Companies across the country opted to deviate from the conventional “row of chairs” seating at their corporate conferences and seminars, providing open spaces of luxurious and comfortable seating. The intention was to offer more of a “living room” like experience to their attendees, which clearly turned out to be more pleasant for the participants. This was particularly notable in places like Houston, Austin, and even Washington. Brands are now focusing on arranging lounge areas with soft and comfortable sofas and chairs with round tables and casual coffee tables. Some of them ditched their conference room and ballroom set up, for fresh open pavilions and outdoor venues.

Not to brag, but as a veteran Houston event rental company, we at Modern anticipated this trend for the year, which is why we have stocked up on our ultra-comfortable lounge furniture collections. We use high-quality velour and leather fabrics for our lounge sofas and chairs, keeping in mind the utmost comfort of the guests.

Custom branding across elements

Corporate companies host conferences and events open to the public with the objective of increasing their sales and profits in the near future. There is no reason why they shouldn’t include their branding elements at their events. It acts as a method of explicit marketing along with the benefits of the event clubbed into one. Retail giants like Victoria’s Secret are already in with the trend and for good reason. Brands use all opportunities starting from tabletops to decals and digital displays to add their signature.

Modern is one of the few Houston event rental companies offering ample customization with rental furniture. We allow color, texture, design, and material customization along with easy branding capabilities. For example, our acrylic and wooden tabletops are designed for effortless branding. This lets our clients incorporate their brand name into any event they host.

Improved focus on accessibility and inclusion across the industry

According to the AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast, 87% of companies strive to incorporate DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) into their corporate meetings and events. This means brands are increasingly becoming more conscious about the way they treat their followers and customers, opening equal opportunities for people of all kinds to attend events physically. Organizers will be weaving more DE&I into their event strategies, with things like closed captioning and ASL presenters, hiring minority vendors, ramp accessibility, incorporating wheelchair-friendly routes and facilities, etc. This is by far one of the best trends in the corporate event industry, as it is a forward-facing approach that eliminates the differences between people altogether.

Continued focus on sustainability

There is going to be a continued focus on sustainability this year. Not that we have a choice anymore, but on the bright side, more companies are actively taking steps to promote the same. There is a drive to make events more sustainable, in terms of reducing the impact they have on the environment. This includes things like choosing venues that actively stand for sustainability, incorporating recycled items in events, reducing single-use products, distributing favors and gifts in eco-friendly bags, adding incentives for guests to practice sustainability, etc.

Unique entertainment

Entertainment elements are no longer just for casual events or social media events. Companies are trying to incorporate unique forms of entertainment at their corporate events as well. The focus is on creating a “wow” factor that gives attendees an unforgettable experience from the moment they enter the venue. And for that, they are using everything from strategic lighting to immersive displays and interactive stations. They also use unique themes, coordinated colors, photo booths, bars, and more.

At Modern, we have creatively designed unique stage sets and multi-dimensional backdrops to generate that “wow” factor you are looking for. We also have drapes, mini-backdrops, and designer panels to create photo booths and other interactive stations. Our bar rentals are another popular category used by corporate brands to incorporate engaging elements at their events.

Stay ahead of trends with a reliable Houston event rental company

The event industry is undoubtedly heading to a blooming era, considering what’s in store. Research also suggests that leaders in the industry feel more optimistic about the state of affairs, indicating a positive transition following a rough couple of years. With all of the above trends and more, you certainly need to get prepared for your next event.

Modern is one of the few Houston event rental companies that stays up to date with the trends of the season. We design our rental pieces in-house keeping in mind the industry dynamics, which is why we are always prepared with fresh stocks and collections of products.

We have everything you need if you wish to incorporate any of the above trends into your events. Feel free to contact our team and stay tuned for more updates. For more updates visit our Facebook page

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