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Las Vegas: A Global Hub for Dynamic Events

Las Vegas, renowned as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is not only famous for its vibrant nightlife and stunning casino hotels but also as a prime destination for corporate events, trade shows, and conferences. With over 2 million residents in its metropolitan area, it’s a bustling locale perfect for any event imaginable.

From the bustling Las Vegas Strip to the culturally rich downtown arts district, the city offers more than just entertainment. Its numerous parks, museums, and golf courses ensure there’s something for everyone, making it an ideal place for attendees to enjoy their time before and after events.

High-Quality, Customizable Event Furniture Rentals

At Modern Event Rental, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional range of event furniture rentals that bring both style and functionality to your gatherings. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated gala or a major trade show, we have the inventory and expertise to enhance your event’s ambiance.

What We Offer:

  • Charging Furniture: Including sofas, chairs, and tables equipped with convenient charging ports.
  • Scenic Rentals: Elevate your event’s appeal with our diverse range of creative scenic elements.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Stylish and durable options perfect for any outdoor setting.
  • LED Furniture and Swings: Add a touch of whimsy with illuminated furniture that transforms any space.
  • Lounge and Bar Furniture: From ultra-comfortable lounges to elegant bar setups, we cater to all your needs.

Our Las Vegas office, along with locations in Texas and Chicago, ensures nationwide service, delivering directly to your venue with time to spare.

Las Vegas event furniture rental

A Furniture Rental Company Like No Other

Modern Event Rental isn’t just another furniture rental service. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive, in-house capabilities from design to delivery. Our mission is to provide premium quality and beautifully crafted furniture that complements the unique style of each client.

Explore Our Exclusive Event Rentals Collection

Our meticulously curated collection reflects Las Vegas’s premium taste and is crafted to meet the diverse needs of the city’s dynamic events. From truss rentals that provide necessary structural support to luxurious velvet seating designed for elegance and comfort, our inventory is unmatched.

Making Your Las Vegas Event Unforgettable

Choose Modern Event Rental for:

  • Customizable Options: Tailor your rentals with custom colors, materials, and branding.
  • Complete Setup Services: From delivery to setup and breakdown, our team handles it all.
  • Expert Advice: Our seasoned professionals help you select the perfect items for your event.

Specialized Trade Show Rentals in Las Vegas

Trade Show Furniture Rental Las Vegas - Modern Event Rental

Tailored Solutions for Every Trade Show

Las Vegas is a premier destination for trade shows, attracting businesses from around the world to its top-tier venues. At Modern Event Rental, we understand the unique demands of these high-energy events and offer specialized furniture and décor solutions that can transform any trade show space into a vibrant, engaging environment.

What We Offer for Trade Shows:

  • Functional Furniture Collections: Our extensive range of trade show furniture includes ergonomic chairs, sleek tables, and modular lounges, all designed to provide comfort and style. Ensure your guests and potential clients enjoy every minute at your booth.
  • Innovative Charging Stations: Keep attendees connected with multi-device charging stations, an essential for today’s digital age. These stations not only serve a practical purpose but also act as an inviting draw to bring more visitors to your space.
  • Dynamic LED Furnishings: Utilize LED furniture to illuminate your presence. From glowing bars to backlit signage, these pieces create a magnetic aesthetic that can captivate passersby.

Expert Logistics and Support

Organizing a trade show can be complex, but our Las Vegas team is equipped to handle all logistical aspects from planning through execution. We provide:

  • Pre-Event Consultation: Work with our experts to plan your layout and select the perfect pieces from our inventory.
  • Timely Delivery and Setup: We ensure that all items are delivered and set up at your trade show venue well before the event starts, so you can focus on your presentation and clients.
  • Post-Event Breakdown: Once your event concludes, our team will handle the disassembly and pickup of all rented items, making the process hassle-free for you.
Las Vegas event furniture rental
Las Vegas Event Furniture Rental- Rendering

Top 5 Unique Event Venues in Las Vegas and How Furniture Rentals Transform Them

Las Vegas is home to some of the most spectacular and unique event venues in the world. Choosing the right venue is crucial, but equally important is how you furnish and style it. Here’s a look at five standout venues in Las Vegas and how Modern Event Rental’s furniture solutions can elevate any event held there.

1. The Neon Museum

This outdoor museum, featuring iconic Las Vegas signs, offers a nostalgic backdrop for events. Transformative Idea: Use our vintage-inspired lounge furniture and ambient LED lighting to complement the classic vibe, creating a seamless blend between past and present.

2. The Mob Museum

Located in downtown Las Vegas, this museum offers a taste of the city’s notorious gangster history. Transformative Idea: Enhance this unique setting with our Prohibition-era bar rentals and plush velvet seating, perfect for themed events that transport guests back in time.

3. Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium

Offering an underwater world experience, this venue is ideal for immersive events. Transformative Idea: Utilize our glass tables and clear acrylic chairs to amplify the aquatic theme without obstructing views, paired with blue LED accents to mirror the water’s natural glow.

4. The Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Theater

A blend of industrial grit and artistic glamor, this space is versatile for any large-scale event. Transformative Idea: Introduce our modular sofas and custom stage elements to adapt to the varying themes, complemented by high-tech charging furniture to keep guests connected.

5. The Bellagio Conservatory

An opulent botanical garden that changes with the seasons. Transformative Idea: Incorporate our elegant garden furniture and decorative outdoor elements that enhance the floral surroundings without overshadowing the natural beauty.

Transforming Venues with Lounge Furniture Solutions

Each venue in Las Vegas has its own charm and challenges. At Modern Event Rental, we specialize in providing tailored furniture rental solutions that not only fit the physical space but also enhance the thematic aspirations of your event. Our team of experts is adept at recommending the best setups that are not just functional but also breathtakingly beautiful.

From corporate events at high-tech venues to intimate soirées in more subdued settings, the right event furniture can completely transform a space, making it more welcoming and aligned with the event’s overall aesthetic. Let us help you create memorable, engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Why Choose Us for Your Las Vegas Trade Show?

Choosing Modern Event Rental means partnering with a team that’s dedicated to the success of your event. We offer not just furniture, but a commitment to quality, style, and seamless customer service. Let us help you make a lasting impression at your next Las Vegas trade show.

Plan Your Next Las Vegas Event with Us

Ready to transform your next Las Vegas event? Contact Modern Event Rental at (702) 637-3655 or visit our website to browse our catalog. Speak with one of our experts today and ensure your event is not only memorable but truly spectacular.

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1. How can I place a Event rental order?

We have attractive catalogs of our Las Vegas event furniture rentals and décor collections on our website. You can choose the items you wish to order, add them to your quote, and use the “Request Quote” button at the top of the page to get your order across. One of our service agents will get in touch with you within 48 hours to further discuss your order requirements and place your order.

Alternatively, you can also use the contact form on our “Contact Us” page. You can fill in the details of your event and submit the form, 48 hours after the receipt of which, we will get in touch with you for order placement.

Our Las Vegas event furniture rental contact number is 702-637-3655. You can give us a call to discuss your needs and place your order too.

2. When should I ideally place my event furniture rental order?

We recommend placing your rental order as soon as you have your event details finalized, including the date, venue, and expected footfalls. This allows us to check for the availability of your requested items at the earliest and ensure that we have what you need at your disposal. The closer to your event you decide to book, the more the chances of unavailability for the pieces you need.

3.  Where do you source event furniture rentals from?

We are a full-service event rental company that designs and fabricates all scenic elements, bars, and LED furniture in-house. We have very few suppliers as we maintain very high standards of production. Our experienced and distinguished manufacturing team works day in and day out to produce durable and attractive event rental pieces, based on the latest and popular designs produced by our event design team.

4.   As a full-scale event furniture rental company do you only work with event professionals?

No, we are happy to work with clients of any kind and service events of any type or size. We have more than 10 years of experience offering event rentals for many industries. Hence, irrespective of your event size or company type, feel free to contact us for your next event. We have customizable packages to suit all budgets, and we offer nationwide services.

5. Do you charge for delivery and pick-up for rentals?

Yes, we do have additional charges for delivery and pick-up. You can notify the service agent at the time of placing your order if you need the items delivered to your venue. Our agent will take your details and arrange for the delivery to be made according to your needs.

6.  Do you offer set-up and break-down services for event furniture rentals?

Yes, we do provide set-up and break-down services for Las Vegas event rentals. As is the case with delivery, you can notify our team at the time of order placement if you need these done. Our service experts will set things up according to your needs once they are delivered.

For orders of truss rentals and scenic stage sets too, we offer set-up services, however, if you have your own resources to get your venue up and ready, you can notify the same to our team.

7.  What if I end up not using a rental item?

We take bookings by blocking your chosen pieces for you on the dates mentioned. Hence, we will not be able to issue refunds even if you end up not using a product you rented.

8. What if I accidentally damage or lose an item?

As per our rental contract, you are required to return the rented pieces in exactly the same condition as when you received them. If in case we notice damage or missing pieces in the set of items you rented, you will be required to pay for the same. Once the damage or loss value is finalized, we will be billing you for the amount and you can pay it with the final settlement.

9. Do you have packaged deals or offers for Las Vegas event furniture rentals?

No, we offer fully customized orders. This means our units are priced individually and can be purchased as part of any order. This allows each of our orders to be unique and special. This also means you will be able to avail custom packages irrespective of the types of furniture or rental pieces you choose.

10. What are your charges for rentals?

As we offer fully customized Las Vegas event furniture rental packages our prices depend on many factors such as the types of items booked, the number of units booked, the location, the setting up and breaking down charges, etc. Feel free to give our team a quick call at 702-637-3655, or use the contact form on our website to discuss your event and get a free quote.

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