Truss Event Rentals

When everything goes right, no one thinks about the truss. But a truss failure can be a real show-stopper in the worst way. The last thing anyone wants is for the event they spent months planning to go viral for an equipment failure.

We know that your show is riding on each truss. That’s why we source trusses built with high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. We offer a wide range of expertly constructed trusses for any event and rigging rentals for a complete setup package.

Each truss is subjected to high safety testing to ensure it holds up under pressure. Our black and silver truss rentals bring any display an elegant but subdued look. To match your event, we can also create stunning truss structures and configure them into various shapes, such as grids, circles, and arches.

Whether you need us for your next conference, we have the equipment for a flawless display! We offer nationwide service, with our largest warehouses in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Texas. Explore our options below!

6 way silver corner block