Get the Best Atlanta Bar Table Rentals for Your Next Event

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Planning an event in Atlanta and need the perfect setup? Atlanta Bar table rentals can transform any gathering into a stylish affair. With options ranging from gold communal tables to chic industrial styles, there’s something for every theme and taste.

This blog provides insights on selecting the best Atlanta bar table rentals for your event, aiming to make your planning process smoother. Get ready to elevate your next event!

Types of Atlanta Bar Table Rentals Available

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Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (pounds)Material/Color
BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE72″ x 26″ x 42″66Gold frame, White top
BALI SILVER COMMUNAL BAR TABLE WITH WOOD TOP72″ x 26″ x 42″45Silver frame, Wood top with Mahogany Stain
BLACK NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50Black
Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table28″ x 28″ x 40″90Gold
GOLD NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50Champagne gold powder-coated steel frame, Crisp white laminate top
INDUSTRIAL BAR TABLE23.8″ x 23.8″ x 41.7″Metal
MAHOGANY PUB TABLE26″ x 23.5″ x 41″Mahogany
SILVER NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50
WHITE NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″White



Rent a Stylish Gold communal bar table for Events!


  • Elegant gold frame for a luxurious look
  • Spacious 72 – inch width for ample communal space
  • Sleek white table top for modern appeal
  • Sturdy construction can support up to 66 pounds
  • Perfect 42 – inch height for comfortable standing or bar stools
  • Ideal choice for stylish and functional social settings

The BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE stands out for its unique combination of style and functionality. With a sleek, modern design featuring a shimmering gold powder-coated steel frame and an easy-to-clean white laminate top, this table is both a visual treat and practical choice. Its dimensions make it ideal for tight spaces without compromising on the sense of expansiveness or luxury. This piece effortlessly becomes the center of attention in any setting, encouraging guests to gather around for engaging conversations. Whether you’re planning an upscale lounge setup or need a chic bar counter that saves space yet exudes sophistication, the Bali Gold table delivers.

Product Info:



Elevate event style and functionality with this sleek bar table.


  • Spacious 72 – inch wide communal bar table
  • Stylish silver frame for a modern look
  • Rich wood top with Mahogany Stain finish
  • Tall at 42 inches high for comfortable use
  • Durable and sturdy at 45 pounds
  • Perfect for social gatherings or events

This sleek Bali Silver Communal Bar Table with a wood top brings sophistication and functionality to any gathering. Crafted from durable silver powder-coated steel and topped with classy mahogany-stained wood, it’s the epitome of style meets substance. The dimensions—72 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 42 inches high—make it spacious enough for guests to mingle comfortably yet intimate enough for meaningful conversations. Whether you’re setting up for a corporate event or adding flair to your dinner parties, this bar table turns any space into a chic social hub.

Product Info:



Stylish and Durable Communal Atlanta Bar Table Rentals


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Spacious 72 – inch width
  • Sturdy construction, weighing 66 pounds
  • Elegant white color
  • Perfect for communal gatherings
  • Ideal height of 42 inches

The BALI WHITE COMMUNAL BAR TABLE shines as a classic, versatile piece for any event. With its sleek and clean design, this table effortlessly complements various themes and decor styles. Built from high-quality materials, it stands firm and stable, ready to accommodate up to eight guests comfortably. This not only encourages lively conversation but also adds an inviting vibe to gatherings ranging from corporate events to parties.

Product Info:



Perfect for Atlanta hosts: Stylish, collapsible communal bar table for entertaining.


  • Sturdy 72 – inch wide communal bar table
  • Sleek black color for modern appeal
  • Perfect for socializing and gatherings
  • Stable 26 – inch long table surface
  • Standout 42 – inch high design
  • Ideal for bars, restaurants, and events

The BLACK BALI COMMUNAL BAR TABLE stands out as a top pick for those looking to add a touch of elegance and practicality to their events. This sleek, stylish table is the perfect centerpiece for gatherings where comfort meets sophistication. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the hustle and bustle of social settings, from corporate events. The spacious 8-foot tabletop offers guests plenty of room to mingle, dine, and enjoy the atmosphere without feeling cramped.

Product Info:



Elevate Your Atlanta Events with Stylish and Functional Bar Tables


  • Sleek black design
  • Compact 24×24 inches size
  • Standing tall at 42 inches
  • Sturdy 50 – pound weight
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Versatile for various uses

The BLACK NEXUS BAR TABLE stands out as a sleek, modern choice for any event planner looking to add a touch of sophistication. This table’s design screams elegance with its clean lines and minimalist black color, making it a perfect match for everything from corporate gatherings. Not just about looks, the table is crafted from durable steel, ensuring it can handle the hustle and bustle of social mingling without breaking a sweat.

Product Info:



Elevate your gatherings with a stylish and adjustable bar table!


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Durable construction for long – lasting use
  • Perfect for small spaces or tight corners
  • Easy to assemble and move around
  • Ideal for entertaining or casual dining
  • Stylish addition to any modern decor

The Cosmopolitan Bar Table stands out as a sleek, stylish piece perfect for modern events. Crafted with high-quality materials like tempered glass and polished stainless steel, it promises durability alongside visual appeal. Its round top offers space for drinks and snacks, making it a hub for conversations at social gatherings or corporate events. The sturdy metal base supports the table well, ensuring stability no matter how lively the party gets.

Product Info:

7. Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table


Elevate Your Atlanta Event with Stylish Gold Bar Tables!


  • Elegant gold color adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.
  • Compact size makes it suitable for small living areas or cozy corners.
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability and long – lasting use.
  • Versatile functionality as a bar table, high dining table, or even a stand – alone decorative piece.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with its smooth finish.
  • Modern design that complements various interior styles.

The Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table is a game-changer for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their events. With its sleek design and glittering gold finish, this table brings an air of luxury that can elevate the atmosphere of corporate gatherings, or classy cocktail parties. The contemporary geometric patterns not only catch the eye but also blend beautifully with various decor styles, making it easy to incorporate into any event theme.

Product Info:



Glamorous and durable cocktail lounge or reception area centerpiece.


  • Champagne gold powder – coated steel frame
  • Crisp white laminate table top
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resilient to spills, stains, and weather conditions
  • Creates a luxurious cocktail lounge or dining nook
  • Adds sophistication to any space

The GOLD NEXUS BAR TABLE is a show-stopper, making any event shine with its glamorous champagne gold powder-coated steel frame. Imagine this table at your next gathering – it’s not just furniture; it’s a conversation starter. Its 24″ square size is perfect for tight spaces, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on style for lack of room. You can set up a chic cocktail lounge or an impromptu swanky dining nook without worrying about spills or weather conditions thanks to the resilient crisp white laminate top.

Product Info:



Chic and Versatile Bar Table for Stylish Atlanta Events.


  • Sturdy and durable metal construction
  • Compact 23.8 x 23.8 inches size
  • Tall 41.7 inches height for standing or bar stools
  • Industrial style design for modern spaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile use in home or commercial spaces

This INDUSTRIAL BAR TABLE stands out as a stylish solution for any event need. Crafted with a durable metal base and a sleek, polished wood top, it promises longevity and style. Its design effortlessly blends industrial and modern looks, making it perfect for adding a unique touch to gatherings. Easy to set up and dismantle, this bar table saves precious time in event preparation.

Product Info:



Elevate Atlanta bar settings with timeless sophistication and practical convenience.


  • Solid mahogany construction
  • Compact size for small spaces
  • Elegant pub – style design
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Perfect for intimate gatherings
  • Classic and timeless finish

The MAHOGANY PUB TABLE stands out in the bustling event scene, offering a blend of sophistication and practicality. With its rich mahogany finish, this table brings warmth and elegance to any gathering. It’s not just about looks; the sturdy construction promises durability through countless events. Imagine hosting a cocktail evening where guests comfortably mingle around these tables, their conversations flowing as smoothly as the drinks.

Product Info:



Modern, Versatile Bar Table for Stylish Atlanta Event Planning


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile use for dining or entertaining
  • Modern silver finish

The SILVER NEXUS BAR TABLE shines with its sleek powder-coated steel frame and cool metallic finish, making it a standout choice for event planners. Its minimalist white laminate top cuts down on visual clutter, allowing the vibrant colors of your drinks and decors to pop. Perfectly sized at 24 inches square, this table can turn any space into a chic conversational lounge or an efficient bar prep area—indoors or out. It’s not just about looks; the durability of this table ensures that your setup remains flawless through the night, regardless of weather changes.

Product Info:



Modern, Versatile Bar Table for Stylish Event Atmosphere in Atlanta


  • Compact size perfect for small spaces
  • Sleek white color for a modern look
  • Sturdy construction with a 42″ height
  • Versatile and can be used as a bar table or high dining table
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Matches well with various decor styles

The WHITE NEXUS BAR TABLE stands out in any setting with its sleek, modern design and sturdy construction. Made from top-quality materials, this table promises both durability and style. Its angular base, finished in striking white, supports a smooth tabletop that offers plenty of space for drinks and snacks. Perfectly sized at 24″W x 24″L x 42″H, it fits beautifully into various events – from high-end corporate gatherings to casual get-togethers at home. Plus, the height is ideal for pairing with barstools or accommodating standing guests comfortably.

Product Info:

Benefits of Atlanta Bar Table Rentals

An elegant outdoor event with stylish bar tables and seating.

Atlanta Bar Table rentals saves space and adds versatile, stylish seating options for guests at events. Curious to know more about how it can elevate your next event?


Atlanta Bar table rentals are great for saving space at events. These tables take up less room than traditional dining tables, allowing for more walking and socializing area. This feature is especially useful in tight spaces like small venues or outdoor patios.

Guests can easily move around, chat, and enjoy their drinks without feeling crowded.

Choosing Atlanta bar table rentals also means you can fit more seating into a limited area. Instead of big round tables that seat eight to ten people, bar tables create cozy spots for smaller groups.

This setup encourages mingling and makes the event feel fuller and more lively, even with fewer guests. Plus, these tables pair well with disposable paper/plastic table cloths for easy cleanup – a win-win situation for both aesthetics and functionality.


Versatility in Atlant bar table rentals means each table serves multiple purposes. Imagine transforming a Bali Gold Communal Bar Table from a chic cocktail spot to an elegant dining area with just a few adjustments.

These tables work for bistro events, upscale receptions, and casual get-togethers alike. The ability to adapt the setting adds value for event planners across Atlanta.

Choosing the right Atlanta bar table rentals impacts both space efficiency and event vibe. A Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table might be perfect for an evening soiree, while a Black Nexus Bar Table fits seamlessly into a corporate gathering.

Each piece offers unique benefits – whether it’s enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your venue or ensuring guests mingle comfortably. Offering flexibility, these rental options easily cater to any event theme or guest list size without compromising on style or comfort.

Aesthetic appeal

Choosing the right Atlanta bar table rentals can transform an event space in Atlanta. Different textures and colors set a unique atmosphere, making guests feel welcome. From sleek black Nexus tables to vibrant gold Bali communal ones, each brings its charm.

These pieces aren’t just furniture; they’re part of the event’s visual story.

A well-chosen cocktail table or cosmopolitan bar setup adds elegance. Imagine mahogany pub tables under soft lighting or industrial bar setups in a chic warehouse space. They do more than hold drinks; they enhance the venue’s overall look, creating unforgettable settings for photos and conversations.

How to Reserve Atlanta Bar Table Rentals

'Stylish bar tables and stools in a bustling event space.'

To rent bar tables for events in Atlanta, browse the online rental catalog to choose from various types of bar tables. Then, contact the Modern rental company to determine your event needs and arrange delivery and setup.

Browse online Atlanta Bar Table Rental catalog

Start your search by checking out Modern Event Rental catalog. It’s easy to find, and you’ll see photos of all the event bar tables available for rent in Atlanta. From Bali Gold Communal Bar Tables to Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Tables, everything you need is there.

Look at each picture carefully to pick the style that fits your event best.

Next, read the descriptions under each table. They give you details like size, color, and design features. This info helps you imagine how the tables will look at your venue. Also, check if they list delivery hours or mention any accessories like chairs or flooring that might match with your choice of table.

This step makes planning smoother and ensures everything matches well on your big day.

Contact Modern Event Rental company

Atlanta Bar Table Rentals, browse the online rental catalog to view available options. Then, contact the modern rental company to discuss your event needs and determine the best table for your space.

Arrange delivery and setup to ensure a hassle-free experience for your event.

Determine event needs

Assess your space requirements and the number of guests expected. Consider whether outdoor or indoor bar tables are needed and if any particular style is desired. Check for accessibility constraints for delivery trucks or trailers at the event location to ensure seamless setup.

Arrange delivery and setup

To arrange delivery and setup, browse the online rental for Atlanta Bar Table Rentals. Contact the modern rental company to discuss your event needs and confirm availability of the chosen table.

Once confirmed, coordinate with the company to schedule a convenient delivery time. Upon delivery, ensure that the setup area is ready and easily accessible for swift assembly of the bar table.


In conclusion, renting a bar table for your Atlanta event can save space and add versatility and style. To elevate your event, consider getting the luxurious BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE or the modern BALI SILVER COMMUNAL BAR TABLE WITH WOOD TOP.

These choices will make your gathering both functional and stylish.


1. Can I get Atlanta Bar Table Rentals to deliver?

Yes, you can! Modern Event Rental offers delivery-only options for bar table rentals across Atlanta. Just pick the tables you like, and we’ll take care of getting them to your event.

2. How do I know which Atlanta bar table rental is right for my event?

Choosing the right table depends on your event’s size and style. We suggest looking at our variety of options online or chatting with us for personalized advice.

3. Will the tables be set up for me upon delivery?

Our service focuses on delivering the tables directly to your location in Atlanta. Setting up will be a breeze, but keep in mind that setup isn’t included in our delivery-only service.

4. What if I need a lot of Atlanta bar table rentals? Is there a limit?

No worries about limits – we can handle orders of any size! Whether it’s a small gathering or a large celebration, just let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure you have all the Atlanta bar table rentals required for your big day.

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