Spark Furniture, New Charging Furniture For Events

Modern Event Rental charging furnitureModern Event Rental is always keen on bringing in the latest and greatest event furniture, event props meeting rentals, and event decor. We bring in the latest and greatest event products and you get top-notch, cutting-edge event rental products without having to shell out to buy them. We deliver, set up and breakdown for you too (some conditions apply). The perfect solution for meeting planners and convention planners.

We are proud to offer some new additions to our line of event rentals, the Spark Furniture line! Spark Furniture allows your guests to plug in and power up while they take a seat, have a rest or strike up a conversation in your event setting. From powered couches to powered chairs with USB ports, Spark Furniture by Modern Event Rental offers powered furniture rentals for events of all sizes.

Offer your guests a seat and a charge port at a trade show and use the time to pitch your product.

Provide comfort and recharging ability for wedding guests, who need a break from the dancefloor and constant selfies.

Allow corporate event and trade show guests to rest and socialize while charging their devices to check email from the charging couch.

Charging furniture provides a double purpose that is sure to become the norm in the future. For now, be cutting edge and choose event furniture rentals with charging ports for your next event from Modern Event Rental.

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