Why Chiavari Chairs Are Great for Event Seating

Chiavari chairs are one of the most popular must-have items for weddings. With a look that fits every color scheme and theme, their easy ability to be customized and durability, make them the ideal seating option for your Chicago wedding. As chiavari chairs are available in a wide variety of colors in both the frame and cushion, they seamlessly coordinate with all wedding styles. Whether you’re celebrating your big day in Chicago or Atlanta, chiavari chairs transform your event space, making even the most undesirable areas come to life. Here’s a few reasons why chiavari chairs are the best seating option for your Chicago wedding ceremony and reception.

They’re Elegant – No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, you want guests to be in awe when they see your ceremony and reception space. Chiavari chairs are elegant and because they come in an assortment of colors and customizable options, you can style chiavari chairs to flawlessly fit your wedding style.

Lightweight & Durable – Even though the bride won’t be passing on her hair and makeup appointment to set up chairs and tables, using lightweight and sturdy pieces are a great way for even experienced staff, to make the setup of your event run smooth and in a timely manner. Chiavari chairs are lightweight making them the best seating option because it allows staff to get the space set up and taken down quickly, giving them more time to focus on other important details of your wedding. The durability of chiavari chairs makes outdoor seating or cleaning any mess, a cinch. Whether you have your wedding outdoors in the warm Atlanta sunshine or you cozy up with guests indoors a beautiful Chicago winter wedding, chiavari chairs are easy to clean and lightweight, making them a great option for all events.

Customizable – The color of the frame, the cushion and the embellishments are entirely up to you. Often times a variety of colors are stocked so you can make your seating, perfect. Whether you choose to decorate the chairs with a simple bow, a graceful floor-length seat cover or deck it out with the glam of your dreams, it is easy to dress your chiavari chairs to kill.

Worth The Money – Although chiavari chairs can be one of the more expensive seating options for your wedding, you really do get your money’s worth. They are durable, they clean up great and allow you to dress them to perfection making the extra dollar spent absolutely worth it.

Chiavari chairs are perfect wedding seating and are worth every dollar. It’s a big day that deserves the best so give us a call to reserve your chiavari chairs for your Atlanta wedding or Chicago wedding today!

*Thank you to CED, Pacific Party & Julia C. for the beautiful images.

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