The Most Popular Event Furniture Rentals for a Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate holiday parties are more than just an excuse to cut loose and have fun with coworkers. Especially in larger corporations, a corporate holiday party may be the only time for staffers to interact with upper-level management in a casual environment. Make sure all levels of employees are comfortable with event furniture rentals from Modern Event Rental.

A corporate holiday party gives your employees the opportunity to create lasting memories and to mingle with staff members from different departments whom they may not normally see during working hours. Your guests will be sure to enjoy your event when you have unique rental furniture pieces they have never seen before.

Imagine your corporate holiday event rentals are LED swings, elegant sofa rentals, and more. Your guest will be sure to stay entertained, happy and comfortable. It’s practically a corporate version of a winter wonderland!

Even though the purpose of a holiday party is to spend time together off the clock, it can be a great way to boost company morale and further benefit your business. Keep reading to check out Modern Event Rental’s complete guide on the most popular event furniture rentals for a corporate holiday party.

Create A Unique Corporate Holiday Party With The Top Furniture Event Rentals

Modern Holiday Event Rentals

In this day and age of social media, people are excited to capture photographs of themselves in unique settings to show the world their exciting lives.

Featuring the unique furniture event rentals from Modern Event Rental, these photos can be shared on your company’s social media sites or even framed and hung up at the office. Just think of the stories that will be told for years to come as your employees gather around the photos taken at this year’s corporate holiday party.

While planning the pictures and preparing food is nice, some of the most important details at a corporate holiday party include the furniture. After all, who wants to see the same boring office furniture for your holiday event rentals?

Furniture rentals are a great way to source some unique pieces without committing to purchase. Plus, keeping your quests cozy for a winter corporate event will help them stay longer this year, and come back next year!

Modern Event Rental’s inventory is stocked with top-rated event furniture rentals for corporate parties. This exclusive guide on the most popular event furniture rentals we have to offer is sure to make your holiday event enjoyable for all by choosing the best furniture rentals at Modern.

Light Up the Night With Popular LED Rentals

Modern LED Swing Blue

The best part of Christmas is how holiday lights are everywhere. Whether on your tree or around your neighborhood, light-up decor just adds such a festive feel to the holidays.

Add that magical touch to your holiday event rentals with illuminated LED rentals! The enhancement of items such as LED rentals can really go a long way with their vibrant colors, available in a variety of hues to best suit your company.

LED swing rentals offer an exciting addition that can really give your event some flare. The Modern Event Rental team can safely install your LED swing rental in any location you choose. As these swings are fully battery-operated, you are not limited to the location of electrical outlets. They can also be changed to whatever color you prefer, red and green for the holidays, or match the colors to your corporate branding!

We promise you won’t regret these top LED furniture rentals. Check out our blog on how to light up your event with our LED swings to learn more!

Cool Down at the Company Party with Popular Bar Rentals

Modern Bar ZIVA

No holiday party would be complete without bar rentals for your guests to grab either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. But bar rentals are more than just places behind which to stand and serve cocktails.

The bar furniture rentals available from Modern Event Rental are eye-catching pieces of art, marrying form and function with their unique light fixtures and modern, space-utilizing designs.

One major event furniture rental tip: consider more than one bar rental depending on the size of your party. They tend to be a popular place for party-goers to gather around!

And the best part of our bar furniture rental selection? We have them in LED bar rentals as well!

With 8 different options to choose from, the LED bar rental possibilities are endless. Keeping this furniture rental trend going at your party is a sure way to boost the mood of your attendees.

We understand if your holiday event furniture rentals need something besides our LED bar rentals. Our full selection offers custom fabricated bar furniture rentals all crafted in-house. Check out our custom choices to find the bar that is right for your holiday extravaganza!

Provide Attendees With Comfortable Lounge Furniture and Chair Rentals


Sit back and relax, the stressful work year is almost over! Our chair rentals provide comfortable spots for your staff members to relax with a drink. We carry a range of chair selections, allowing you to mix and match the arrangement, giving you the opportunity to make the event unique to your needs.

Combined with our abundance of table rentals, you can make your party space a welcoming area for your employees to socialize in the utmost comfort and style. From vintage-style luxe to more contemporary fashion, our lounge sofa and chair furniture rentals provide the custom style you desire for your holiday event furniture rentals.

Providing more than just comfy places to sit, sofa rentals make sure that your space has plenty of intimate yet social areas. This allows for the right space for your employees to interact with their coworkers in a calm environment. By relaxing, gathering, and getting to know one another better, will help foster better workplace relationships and strengthen your business for the upcoming year.

Have Audio, Visual, Lighting, or Staging Needs? Rent From AVLS!


With years of experience in the industry, we know that chances are when furniture rentals are needed, so are audio, visual, and lighting rentals. While Modern handles the furniture, AVLS handles the rest.

Our sister company, AVLS, is the industry leader in event rental equipment and specializes in everything from stages, to speakers, to lights. With a wide selection to choose from, AVLS can fulfill any custom needs – especially holiday events!

Around the holidays, everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Make sure your festivities have the right speakers to play Christmas carols, the perfect microphone to sing in, and the best stage for everyone to see the end-of-year speeches. Make sure you choose AVLS!

What Sets Modern Event Rental Apart From Other Event Rental Companies?

Modern Event Rental assures you high-quality and well-maintained furniture and equipment that’s readily available for your event. Customer satisfaction remains a priority to Modern Event Rental, so you can rest assured you’ll get the best service.

Modern Event Rentals strives to make things as easy as can be for your holiday event. This is why we offer white-glove transportation services for your event furniture rentals.

If you choose to work with Modern Event Rental, you won’t have to worry about the transportation of furniture and equipment. Eliminating outsourcing transportation also helps to make event furniture rentals more affordable for your organization.

If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons to choose an event furniture rental company with delivery for your holiday party!

Wrap Up Your Corporate Holiday Party Planning with the Most Popular Event Furniture Rentals from Modern

With the exciting and beautiful holiday event rentals provided by Modern Event Rental, your next holiday party is sure to be a hit with each member of your staff. Request a quote today to see how we can help take your next event to the next level with our popular event furniture rentals.

Modern provides constant communication throughout your rental process so there is no reason to fear being left in the dark. We are here to help streamline your event furniture rental process, and our expert customer service agents provide an intimate touch. With years of experience in the industry, they can assist with product selection of any size venue or corporate business event size.

The holidays are fast approaching and the end of quarter four is near. Make sure you celebrate the hard work of your employees this year with the best furniture rentals from Modern. Get in touch with us today to start getting your holiday party ready!

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