How to Design an Instagram-Worthy Event in Las Vegas

How to Design an Instagram Worthy Event in Las Vegas

At the peak of the digital age, where social media reigns supreme across industries, it is crucial for brands to make their entire approach platform-friendly in every way. This means, that from their brand offerings to their announcements to content sharing and events, everything they do must align with the trends and practices of the most popular social media channels – IG, and Facebook.

Especially if you are planning to host creative and less formal events, it is inevitable these days that you have at least one “social media corner” in your space, where guests can click selfies and post to their socials. This is true in the case of personal events like weddings too; most of them have tech-savvy photobooths specially made to create boomerangs and other creative content for Instagram.

Clearly, Instagram is THE most popular social channel today, and to appeal to an audience that uses it, you need to make your events “Instagram-worthy”. This will ensure maximum turnout, engagement, and ultimate success, not to mention a phenomenal reach when every one of your guests shares their experiences on their socials.

As a hands-on Las Vegas Event Rental provider, we at Modern have already embraced the trend. We have stocked up on everything digital savvy, including creative multidimensional backdrops, panels, stage sets, illuminated bars, comfy and stylish lounge furniture, and more. With our in-house designed Instagrammable furniture and décor, you are guaranteed to create the definitive Insta-worthy event.

Here are some tips to get you started with the event design process.

Set the tone with unique backdrops and stage sets

One of the best ways to make your venue instantly Instagrammable is to set up unique and creative backdrops throughout the venue. If you are organizing a larger event, you can choose to install stunning stage sets as well. The idea is to create aesthetically pleasing corners and niches for your guests to stand against and shoot videos or pictures for Instagram. According to your brand voice and the type of audience you serve, you will have a fair idea of the kinds and styles of aesthetics your guests will love. Try to design unique elements keeping in mind your brand image and voice, and customize stage sets or backdrops from reliable Las Vegas event rental companies, like Modern.

Set up strategic lighting to generate interesting visuals for the gram

Lighting is one of the more creative elements you can play with to appeal to an Insta-loving audience. It helps create unique visuals for your guests to flaunt on their accounts. Make use of unique lighting systems, colors, shapes, effects, and styles to create fun vibes. For example, you can use multiple colors and prism effects, spotlights and warm lights for dramatic and retro effects, sepia lighting for cinematic effects, and the like. You can also use high-quality suspended lighting systems for larger events to create an immersive experience. Put together with the right music, your event is bound to be unforgettable.

To set up ambient and strategic lighting, you can use Modern’s reliable truss rentals that come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit every event.

Include creative props and fun installations for engagement

To spark engagement, use fun props and interesting installations for guests to explore and create content with. For example, you can use prop versions of Instagram stickers and emojis, rotating ring lights, a brand mascot if you have one, flexes, etc. They are an exceptional way to stand out and appeal to your crowd, as it makes them feel valued. Moreover, it gives them something to spend time on at the event, making it indulging. An event that gives your guests a happy and fun experience will always linger in their minds, along with your brand name.

Incorporate branding and aligned colors throughout the event

One of the most crucial things to include at your event venue is your brand name. In addition to having banners or event posters, customize your event furniture and décor elements to suit your brand. This can be by incorporating your brand logo or name, or by choosing brand colors to design the venue. For example, design displays, stage sets, panels, and backdrops, use colors from your brand palette. Furthermore, customize your sofas, tables, and lounge chairs to incorporate your brand name.

At Modern, we provide ample customization services to help our guests incorporate their personal touch at their events. You can choose from a range of colors and materials to build your furniture, in addition to which you can also imprint your brand name on the table tops. We are one of the few Las Vegas event rental companies to offer multiple customizations.

Include unique and interesting food displays

Food, needless to say, is always a prime attraction at an event. To make your event wholesomely Insta-worthy, you need to include interesting and unique food displays as well. Have uncommon and exquisite food items so that your guests would feel interested to explore. According to the size of your event, you can have multiple courses, or one or two, but ensure that they are exceptional in quality and taste. The way you present the food is what is going to make the food stalls Insta-worthy. Have an art director or a food artist create unique displays to appeal to guests.

Generate a hashtag and encourage guests to use it

A social-media-centric event undoubtedly demands a hashtag. This will allow you to track and monitor your reach through the digital channels. Right when you start marketing your event, incorporate your hashtag across your ad copies and content. At the venue, include the hashtag on all elements, banners, and décor, especially at your Insta-post corners. Encourage your guests to use the hashtag whenever they share content from the event. It is one of the best ways to hype your event, build anticipation, and improve both physical and digital engagement.

Partner with Modern, your reliable Las Vegas event rental company to design an Insta-worthy event

With a little creativity and thought, and the support of a reliable Las Vegas event rental provider, you can design a stunning Instagram-worthy event. From engaging social media corners to relaxing lounge areas, bars, stage sets, and more, you can rent everything you need from Modern, a comprehensive event rental company. With us, you will not only get aesthetically appealing furniture but also customize them to fit your brand in every way.

Contact our team to design your next event; let’s make it a trending one on Instagram.

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