Top 10 event venues in Dallas

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Finding the perfect spot for your next big event in Dallas can be quite the challenge. Whether it’s a vibrant birthday party, an elegant corporate event, or a lively product launch, location is everything.

Our curated list of the top 10 event venues offers you options that promise to make any occasion unforgettable, from lush gardens to historic theaters. Dive in to discover spaces where your next gathering will shine!

Key Takeaways

  • Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens combines fine dining with a beautiful garden setting for events like weddings and corporate gatherings.
  • The Granada Theater offers a retro venue with modern sound for concerts, parties, and meetings.
  • AT&T Stadium provides a massive space with advanced tech for various events, from sports to conferences.
  • Texas Ale Project creates a fun atmosphere for events like birthdays and business meetings, including beer tastings.
  • Unique venues like The Quixotic World add whimsy to Dallas events with their magical décor.

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens

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Nestled in the heart of uptown Dallas, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens offers an atmospheric blend of culinary finesse and serene garden ambiance. With impeccable service and a lush landscape that feels like an urban oasis, this venue stands out as a premier choice for everything from corporate events to fairy-tale weddings.

Brief Description and Features

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens combines stunning outdoor views with fine dining. This venue sits in the heart of uptown Dallas, offering an elegant escape within the city. With its vast green spaces and a serene pond, it is perfect for social gatherings or corporate events that need a touch of nature.

The space can handle large groups easily. It’s versatile for different event types, from birthday parties to product launches. Event planners love the luxurious setting here. The restaurant also provides top-notch catering services, making sure guests enjoy beautiful meals during their visit.

The Granada Theater

The Granada Theater takes you back in time. It first opened its doors in 1946 as a movie house. Now, it’s a hot spot for live music and events in Dallas, TX. The building keeps its original charm with the classic marquee that lights up Greenville Avenue.

Inside, the space feels both grand and intimate.

Guests love the sound quality at concerts here. Bands and audiences alike rave about their experiences. The theater isn’t just for music though; it also hosts weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings.

With its art deco design and state-of-the-art sound system, The Granada Theater mixes old-school elegance with modern tech perfectly.

AT&T Stadium

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AT&T Stadium isn’t just for sports; it’s a top-notch venue for all sorts of Dallas gatherings. This massive structure hosts everything from corporate events to product launches, adding a touch of excitement with its grandeur.

With versatile spaces inside, the stadium can turn into the perfect spot for conferences or field marketing initiatives.

Imagine your event broadcasted with state-of-the-art tech and media coverage, thanks to onsite software and wearables available at AT&T Stadium. Your guests could experience an event in person, tune in virtually, or enjoy a mix of both with hybrid options.

Whether you’re planning something big or small, this stadium is equipped to create unforgettable moments and powerful experiences right in the heart of Dallas.

Texas Ale Project

Texas Ale Project stands out as a unique spot in the Design District of Dallas. It brings together craft beer lovers with its own taproom right on-site. Guests can sip on locally brewed beers and take in views of the brewing equipment.

This venue adds a fun twist to events, offering tasting tours during parties or meetings.

The space is flexible for different types of gatherings. You could host anything from casual birthday bashes to polished corporate events here. Big windows let natural light flood into the room, creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Plus, it’s close to downtown Dallas, making it easy for everyone to find and enjoy.

The Quixotic World

The Quixotic World Theatre House brings a touch of magic to Dallas event planning. Nestled in the heart of Deep Ellum, this venue stands out with its whimsical décor and captivating ambiance.

It’s perfect for anyone looking for something beyond ordinary meeting rooms.

Guests rave about their experiences here, giving it a stellar 4.9 rating. Whether hosting quinceañeras or corporate gatherings, the Quixotic World’s entertaining atmosphere never fails to impress.

Its unique charm ensures your event will be unforgettable and talked about long after the last guest leaves.

Soar Creative Studios

Soar Creative Studios is the go-to spot in East Dallas for creative events. With room for up to 250 guests, it’s perfect for gatherings from art shows to business meetings. Think full kitchen, cool outdoor patio, and rooms with all sorts of tech like AV equipment and WiFi.

Looking for something extra? You can book aerial performers to wow your crowd! Whether you’re planning a workshop or just want a fun place with a twist, Soar Creative Studios brings that special vibe.

It transforms any event into an unforgettable experience with its mirrored dance studios and unique spaces. Make your next Dallas event stand out at Soar Creative Studios – where imagination takes flight!

The Empire Room

The Empire Room sits proudly in Dallas’s Design District and opens its doors for events like corporate meetings and family reunions. It boasts a spacious interior that can hold up to 600 guests, with an additional outdoor area for 300.

Guests often gaze out at the impressive downtown Dallas skyline, making any event here memorable.

Need top-notch audio and visuals? The venue works closely with a leading AV company to ensure sound, video, and lighting are on point. This makes it perfect for virtual or live events of all kinds.

Companies looking to launch products or host team-building activities find The Empire Room ideal. Its versatility and elegance make it stand out as one of the best places in Dallas for gatherings large or small.

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek stands out as a premier choice for events in Dallas. This venue can welcome up to 1,000 guests and offers six unique spaces. You’ll find a beautiful historic main building and formal garden, perfect for elegant gatherings.

There are also two terraces and the Allman Pavilion for outdoor events, plus a stately portico that adds grandeur to any occasion.

Award-winning chefs handle catering here, guaranteeing fine dining experiences that impress your guests. Arlington Hall’s versatility shines with its ability to host various events—from webinars to trade shows—making it ideal for corporate functions or team-building exercises.

Notably recognized as one of the top 18 event venues in Dallas, it brings prestige and flexibility to your next big event near Oak Lawn.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

10. Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center: In the heart of Dallas, this sprawling venue stands as a testament to grandeur and versatility—with over 2 million square feet designed for exhibitions, conferences, and galas alike; it’s where size meets sophistication for every type of event imaginable.

D. E. C on Dragon St

D.E.C on Dragon St. stands out as a unique spot for events in Dallas, Texas. This venue has an urban chic vibe that’s perfect for modern gatherings and parties. With its open floor plan and rooftop deck, guests can enjoy stunning city views while celebrating.

The space is versatile—it transforms easily from elegant weddings to high-energy corporate events.

Inside, you’ll find sleek concrete floors and exposed brick walls that give the place a cool industrial feel. State-of-the-art lighting systems set the mood for any occasion. Outside, string lights twinkle overhead as attendees mingle in the fresh air.

D.E.C on Dragon St.’s location is also just right—a stone’s throw away from fine dining spots and exciting downtown attractions, making it easy for guests to explore before or after your event!


Dallas dazzles with venues for any event, each boasting unique charm and flair. Picture your next gathering surrounded by the lush greenery at Marie Gabrielle or feeling the historic vibe at The Granada Theater.

Imagine cheers at AT&T Stadium or sipping craft brews at Texas Ale Project. With spots like The Quixotic World adding a touch of whimsy, you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop in Dallas!

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