How To Incorporate LED Furniture Rentals into Your Next Event

Planning any type of event requires a lot of effort, but all your hard work could go unnoticed if your event lacks memorable details. As Forbes states, “Sweating the small details keeps events flawless,” and incorporating LED furniture rentals into your event is a fantastic way to pay attention to those crucial details.

You don’t need to go overboard or break your budget to make your event unique. Incorporating LED furniture rentals can “wow” your guests and keep them talking about your event for weeks.

One effective way to create ambiance and add a trendy aesthetic to your event is by incorporating LED rental furniture and accessories. Before you search for “LED furniture rentals near me,” here’s a quick guide on how to incorporate this fun and stylish event furniture into your next business occasion like a pro.

led furniture rentals

What Is LED Furniture?

If you want to rent illuminated furniture, you’ve come to the right place. LED furniture functions just like any other furniture but with a brightly and colorfully lit exterior. This aesthetic feature makes LED furniture stand out. LED seats, tables, swings, and other accessories are excellent mood-setters that enhance any environment more effectively than their traditional counterparts.

LED bar furniture is typically made of thick, waterproof acrylic and can often support up to 300 pounds, making it a safe option for a variety of events and guests. This practical and affordable alternative to traditional event furniture is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It features built-in LED lights with adjustable settings to match your preferences and the type of event you’re hosting.

Business events don’t have to be boring. Follow these event furniture rental trends to maximize the impact of your corporate event!

How Can LED Furniture Enhance Your Events?

Renting illuminated furniture can liven up your next event. It’s one of the best ways to add color and light simultaneously, creating the perfect look with minimal effort. LED furniture rental is popular for party settings like nightclubs, bars, and beach clubs, but it can also make a bold visual statement at corporate events and other occasions.

Even without the lights on, LED bar furniture can elevate the look of your party or corporate meeting without breaking the bank.

How to Incorporate LED Furniture Rentals Into Your Next Event

At Modern Event Rental, we are here to inspire you! Here’s some LED furniture rental inspiration to help you integrate LED event rental furniture into any occasion. We offer a wide variety of LED furniture options!

Illuminated LED furniture rentals

Leading LED Bar Table Rentals

Illuminated tables are eye-catching and perfect for spotlighting specific items like products, brochures, or magazines. Choose between high tables or coffee tables based on your event’s seating situation.

Our selection of LED bar furniture includes:

  • LED Bar Tables
  • LED High Boys
  • LED Coffee Tables
  • LED Communal Tables
  • LED Serpentine Tables

Set your corporate event up the right way with modern furniture featuring LED lights. It’s a great setting for both business and fun. Don’t forget to get the best barstool rental options to complement your LED bar furniture!

Think Tarzan but cooler. LED swings are a daring yet simple addition for those who like to think outside the box. Plus, they’re highly Instagrammable, keeping your guests talking about your event on social media long after it’s over.

Modern Event Rental offers seven types of swinging LED furniture rentals. From green to blue, purple to pink, these LED swings are perfect for making your next professional event go viral.

LED swings rental

Find LED Sofa Rentals

Seating arrangements are essential for making guests comfortable and encouraging socialization. Creating cozy settings with LED furniture rentals helps spark business discussions.

Whether at a corporate marketing event or a software convention, create the perfect space for relaxation with LED furniture rentals. Modern’s LED sofa and seating options combine fun and relaxation, providing a comfortable place for guests to sit while enjoying the colorful LED lights.

Why Choose Modern Event Rental?

The best part about choosing LED furniture rental from Modern Event Rental is our in-house delivery service. We ensure your event runs smoothly without the hassle of outsourcing delivery from an unreliable company.

LED furniture rental is one of the biggest event trends. Incorporating it into your next event can elevate it to the next level. Choose LED event rental furniture from professionals who offer the best options near you.

Since our beginning in 2009, Modern Event Rental has grown into a premier event furniture rental supplier. We provide the knowledge, furniture, and audio-visual equipment needed to service any event venue, offering chic furniture with custom quality to ensure your success.

Our dedicated staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns. If you’re looking for modern furniture with LED lights for any occasion, visit our site and schedule a consultation today!

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