Transform Your Event with Stylish Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals

A stylish bar table setup in a luxurious casino with people.

Planning an event in Las Vegas? You know the challenge of creating a memorable experience in a city that dazzles. Here’s a fact: bar tables can transform your venue from bland to grand with ease and style with Las Vegas bar table rentals.

Our guide dives into the vibrant world of Las Vegas bar table rentals, offering you savvy solutions for any event scale or style. Keep reading – we’ve got the secrets to making your party pop!

Advantages of Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals

A group of stylishly dressed people enjoying cocktails at a trendy Las Vegas lounge.

Las Vegas bar table rentals can transform any event into a sophisticated soiree with minimal fuss. Imagine not worrying about storage or transportation—just pure, stylish functionality at your fingertips, ready to elevate your gathering from ordinary to extraordinary.

Variety of options for Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals

Las Vegas party rentals offer a wide range of bar table styles for every event. From elegant gold communal tables to sleek silver ones with wood tops, the choices are endless. You can pick a white nexus table for a chic look or go industrial to match your theme.

Need something classic? A white pub table could be perfect.

Each style serves both form and function at any gathering, whether it’s corporate events or private parties. With over 20 years in event planning, an event rental company will have just what you need.

Mix and match tables to create unique spaces, making your Las Vegas event stand out. Party accessories like these set the scene for unforgettable memories!


Renting bar tables for your Las Vegas event means you’ll have more space for guests to mingle and enjoy. These tables are designed with efficiency in mind, so they take up less room than traditional seating arrangements.

You can fit more people into a smaller area, making your venue feel bigger. This is perfect for tight spaces or crowded events where every inch counts.

Bar table rentals also make the most of vertical space. They stand taller, encouraging guests to gather around without needing extra chairs that clutter the floor. Imagine a sleek setup with plenty of room for foot traffic and comfortable standing areas—this is what bar table rentals offer! Guests will love the open feel and the chance to move around freely, giving your event a lively vibe without feeling cramped.

Convenient setup and breakdown of Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals

Renting bar tables in Las Vegas comes with the perk of easy setup and cleanup. You don’t have to sweat the small stuff—professionals will handle it all. They deliver, set up, and break down the tables quickly.

No tools or special skills are required on your part. Customer service teams guide you through every step of Las Vegas Bar Table rentals.

Parties go smoother when you’re not worried about furniture logistics. Las Vegas bar table rentals let you focus on enjoying the event instead of dealing with complex instructions or heavy lifting.

After the party winds down, they whisk everything away, leaving no trace behind but great memories. This convenience is a game-changer for event planners and party throwers alike!

Types of Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals Available

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, take a peek at our concise product list below, or scroll down for more detailed reviews that delve into each option.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (lbs)Color/MaterialPrice
BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE72″ x 26″ x 42″66Gold frame, White top
BALI SILVER COMMUNAL BAR TABLE WITH WOOD TOP72″ x 26″ x 42″45Silver frame, Wood top with mahogany stain
BLACK NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50Black
BLACK PUB TABLE23.5″ x 26″ x 41″Black
Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table28″ x 28″ x 40″90Gold
GOLD NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50Gold
INDUSTRIAL BAR TABLE23.8″ x 23.8″ x 41.7″Metal
MAHOGANY PUB TABLE26″ x 23.5″ x 41″Mahogany
SILVER NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″50Silver
WHITE NEXUS BAR TABLE24″ x 24″ x 42″White



Perfect for Adding Vegas Glam to Your Party Space


  • The Bali Gold Communal Bar Table is wide at 72 inches, giving lots of space.
  • It’s not too heavy, just 66 pounds, so it’s easier to move around.
  • Shiny gold legs make the table stand out and look fancy.
  • The top of the table is white, which looks clean and matches anything.
  • It stands tall at 42 inches, perfect for standing or sitting with stools.
  • The table is long at 26 inches, enough room for several people.

The BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE stands out with its eye-catching gold frame and clean white top. It’s a star at parties, offering a spot for guests to gather and chat. With dimensions of 72″ W x 26″ L x 42″ H, it fits well in small spaces without cramping the room’s style. It weighs only 66 lbs, making it a breeze to set up wherever you need that touch of elegance.

Product Info:



Elevate Gatherings with Sleek Silver and Mahogany Bar Table


  • The table is big, measuring 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall.
  • It’s not too heavy, weighing only 45 pounds.
  • Has a shiny silver frame that looks great.
  • Comes with strong wood on top for placing things.
  • The wood is stained with a beautiful mahogany color.
  • Perfect height for standing or sitting on high stools.

Get your event to stand out with the BALI SILVER COMMUNAL BAR TABLE WITH WOOD TOP. The 72-inch width is perfect for guests to gather around without feeling cramped. You can fit plenty of drinks and appetizers on its long, mahogany-stained wood top. This table’s silver frame isn’t just for looks—it’s made of steel, so it’s sturdy enough to handle a lively crowd.

Product Info:



Best for Elevating Vegas Events with Stylish Seating


  • The table is big enough for groups at 72 inches wide and 26 inches long.
  • It stands tall at a height of 42 inches, great for standing or stool seating.
  • Not too heavy to move; it weighs only 66 pounds.
  • It’s all white, giving it a clean and sleek look.
  • Made strong to hold up well with use.
  • Perfect for gatherings as a shared space.

The BALI WHITE COMMUNAL BAR TABLE stands out as a top choice for those hosting events. Its sleek white design fits any decor, making it a versatile pick for event planners. With enough room to seat up to eight guests, this bar table encourages lively chats and brings people together. It’s not just good looks; the table’s build with quality materials promises stability and long life, which is crucial when planning gatherings of any size.

Product Info:



Elevate Vegas Events with Sleek, Spacious Bar Table Rentals


  • Sturdy table stands at 42 inches high
  • Wide top, measuring 72 inches across
  • Deep surface space of 26 inches for lots of room
  • Sleek black color for a modern look
  • Designed for gatherings with friends and family
  • Perfect height for standing or using bar stools

The BLACK BALI COMMUNAL BAR TABLE is the star of any gathering. Its sleek design shines in events from corporate mixers. Picture this: a group of colleagues laughing over cocktails, or old friends reuniting around this stylish centerpiece. The table’s durability means you won’t worry about spills or scratches as guests mingle.

Product Info:



Elevate Vegas Events with Sleek, Sturdy Bar Table Rentals.


  • The BLACK NEXUS BAR TABLE is a perfect fit for tight spaces at 24 inches wide and long.
  • It stands tall at 42 inches, great for standing or using bar stools.
  • Its solid build weighs in at 50 pounds, ensuring stability.
  • Sports a sleek black color that matches any decor theme.
  • Designed to be durable and long – lasting.
  • Ideal height for serving drinks or socializing in a home bar setting.

The BLACK NEXUS BAR TABLE stands out with its sleek design and modern black finish. Its compact size of 24″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H makes it a perfect fit for any venue, whether it’s a buzzing cocktail party. This table isn’t just about good looks; the sturdy steel build means you don’t have to worry about stability when it’s loaded with drinks and appetizers.

Product Info:



Ideal for Trendy Las Vegas Gatherings and Elevated Game Nights


  • Fits in small spaces easily
  • Tall height perfect for standing or stools
  • Smooth black finish looks sleek
  • Strong build holds up well
  • Easy to clean surface wipes down fast
  • Modern style fits with many decors

The BLACK PUB TABLE is a hit for those throwing parties or events where style meets function. Its sleek black color and solid build command attention without crowding the room. Picture this table set up near a dance floor, holding drinks while guests laugh and groove to the music. It’s just tall enough at 41 inches to stand comfortably as you chat, yet small enough at 23.5″ W x 26″ L to slide into cozier spaces.

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with a Sleek, Adjustable Height Bar Table


  • The table is big enough at 28 inches wide and long, and stands tall at 40 inches.
  • It’s pretty heavy, weighing in at 90 pounds.
  • Its height makes it perfect for standing around or using bar stools.
  • The square top gives plenty of space for drinks and snacks.
  • Built to last and handle lots of use.
  • Fits well in modern spaces with its sleek look.

The Cosmopolitan Bar Table shines at any event that values modern elegance. It blends style and practicality with its sleek, minimalist design. The quality of this table is clear from the high-grade materials used in its construction. Its round top combines tempered glass and polished stainless steel for a durable yet chic place where guests can mingle over drinks.

Product Info:

8. Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table


Elevate Your Vegas Events with Chic Gold Bar Tables


  • The table measures 28 inches across and stands 40 inches tall.
  • It has a sleek gold color for a touch of luxury.
  • At 90 pounds, it’s sturdy and stable.
  • Fits well in small spaces due to its size.
  • Ideal height for standing gatherings or bar stools.
  • Perfect for elegant events or modern home bars.

The COSMOPOLITAN GOLD BAR TABLE shines at any event. It’s perfect for those looking to add a splash of glam and luxury to their gatherings. Picture this table at a high-end party, its gold color sparkling under the lights, providing not just a place for drinks but also an unforgettable conversation piece.

Product Info:



Add Glamour to Your Vegas Events with Chic Bar Tables


  • The Gold Nexus Bar Table shines with a sleek, gold finish.
  • Perfect fit for small spaces at 24 inches wide and long.
  • Stands tall at 42 inches, ideal for standing or stool seating.
  • Solid build, weighing in at 50 pounds.
  • Easy to move around for different room setups.
  • Durable design that lasts for many gatherings.

The GOLD NEXUS BAR TABLE shines bright in any space, just like the dazzling lights of a grand event. Imagine this table lighting up an elegant party or adding sparkle to a cozy corner. Its champagne gold frame has that wow factor, while the white top keeps it classy. Set drinks down with confidence; spills won’t leave a mark here! Plus, this beauty is tough enough for outdoor fun.

Product Info:



Perfect for Elevating Your Trendy Event Hosting Experience.


  • Stands tall at 41.7 inches – perfect for standing or sitting with high stools.
  • The square top measures 23.8 by 23.8 inches, giving plenty of room for drinks and snacks.
  • Built with sturdy metal, this table can handle heavy use in busy areas.
  • Its industrial style fits well in modern spaces like lofts or coffee shops.
  • Easy to clean surface means spills are no big deal.
  • Sleek design makes it an eye – catching piece for any room.

The INDUSTRIAL BAR TABLE stands out with its strong metal base and polished wood top. It’s built tough to last through many events, big or small. This table isn’t just about strength; it offers style too! Mixing modern and industrial looks, it fits right in at any event.

Product Info:



Elevate Events with Sleek, Sturdy Mahogany Gathering Tables.


  • Perfect for small spaces at 26 inches wide and 23.5 inches long
  • Tall design stands at 41 inches, great for standing or stool seating
  • Made of solid mahogany wood for durability and elegance
  • Sleek finish adds a touch of class to any room decor
  • Ideal height for pub – style gatherings and socializing
  • Sturdy construction ensures long – lasting use in any home setting

The MAHOGANY PUB TABLE shines in any event with its top-notch design and functionality. Picture this: a sleek, warm mahogany finish that brings an elegant touch to gatherings. Its versatility is unmatched, fitting seamlessly from swanky business mixers to friendly backyard birthday parties.

Product Info:



Elevate Your Vegas Events with Sleek Weatherproof Bar Tables


  • Perfect height for standing or stool seating at 42 inches
  • Sturdy and reliable, weighing in at 50 pounds
  • Compact design easily fits small spaces with 24×24 inch top
  • Sleek silver finish adds a modern touch to any room
  • Easy to move around yet stable enough for regular use
  • Ideal size for gatherings or as a statement piece

The SILVER NEXUS BAR TABLE is a stylish choice for events looking to make a statement. Its powder-coated steel frame shines like the bright Vegas skyline, while the white laminate top adds a touch of minimalist elegance. This table isn’t just about looks; it’s built tough. Weather-resistant materials mean you can set up indoors or take the party outside without worry.

Product Info:



Ideal for Stylish Vegas Parties – Chic and Sleek Design.


  • The WHITE NEXUS BAR TABLE is a perfect fit for small spaces.
  • It has a sleek white finish that looks clean and modern.
  • With its height of 42 inches, it’s great for standing or sitting with bar stools.
  • The table is square, measuring 24 inches on each side, so it fits neatly anywhere.
  • Its sturdy build holds up well under daily use.
  • This table adds a stylish touch to any room or event.

The WHITE NEXUS BAR TABLE is a standout choice for events that need a touch of elegance. Picture this sleek white table in the middle of a buzzing room – it’s got just the right height to gather around, whether you’re sitting on barstools or standing with a cocktail in hand. The 24-inch square top offers enough space for drinks and snacks without taking over the room.

Product Info:

How to Reserve Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals?

A set of elegant bar tables and stools in a glamorous Las Vegas event venue with a bustling atmosphere.

Finding the right Las Vegas bar table rentals is easy. First, pick out the style that fits your theme from a wide selection like the Bali Gold Communal or Cosmopolitan Gold Bar Table.

Then, call Las Vegas bar table rental company or visit their website to check availability. They’ll ask about your event date and how many tables you need.

Book your choices well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes. Modern Event Rental will deliver the bar tables to your venue and set them up for you. After the party, they come back to break down and take everything away.

It’s all done quickly so you can focus on hosting a great event without any stress! Enjoy tossing bounce houses into the mix for extra fun at large events – kids love them, and they’re just as easy to rent!


Remember that Las Vegas parties are all about style and comfort. Choose the BALI GOLD COMMUNAL BAR TABLE for a fancy touch or the BALI SILVER COMMUNAL BAR TABLE WITH WOOD TOP for sturdy elegance.

Either way, you’re set up for an unforgettable event with these stand-out pieces. Make your next gathering shine—Las Vegas bar table rentals to impress your guests!


1. What types of Las Vegas Bar Table Rentals are available?

Las Vegas offers a wide range of bar table rentals, including high-top tables, portable bars, and LED-lit tables for different event vibes.

2. How far in advance should we reserve our Las Vegas bar table rental?

It’s best to book your bar table rental at least a month ahead to ensure you get the style you want for your big event.

3. Can the event rental company deliver and set up the bar table rentals?

Yes, most Las Vegas rental companies will deliver and set up the bar tables at your venue for an easy experience.

4. Are there customizable options for Las Vegas bar table rentals?

You bet! Companies often offer customizable options like branding the tables with logos or choosing colors that match your theme.

5. Will I need to return the rented Las Vegas bar table rentals myself after the event?

Typically not; most companies include pick-up service in their rental agreements so you can relax after your event wraps up.

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