Light Up Your Event With LED Furniture!

LED furniture rentals

At Modern Event Rental, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of furniture rentals to allow you to bring your event vision to life. Whether you’re looking to create a more classic atmosphere or want to create a rustic theme, we have different furniture styles to match your design aesthetic. For those looking to add a fun, exciting, and modern feel to their event, we offer a wide variety of LED furniture. Some of the most popular event rentals in our inventory, our line of illuminated furniture is perfect for any type of event, from trade shows to corporate events to weddings.

Our acrylic LED furniture uses energy efficient battery operated LED lights to light up your event venue in a variety of colors. You can match the color of the furniture’s light with your event’s color scheme and decor to completely transform the event space and create a unique experience guests will never forget. Many of our LED illuminated rentals can also be custom branded with a company logo, date, name, or the messaging of your choosing to add a personal touch. From accent pieces, such as illuminated walls and pillars, to LED lighted furniture, such as illuminated bars and tables, Modern Event has it all!

Check out some of our most popular LED furniture rentals below to start picking out items for your upcoming special event! Be sure to click on the rental types to see the full range of options we offer in that category.

LED Bars

Why go with a drab and boring bar when you can bring some fun to your event with a light up bar? We offer a variety of LED bar rentals to help you add some flair!

  • Round LED Bar (144”OD x 42”H)
  • Curved LED Bar (available in 4 ft & 6 ft)
  • LED Light Up Bar (available in 4 ft, 6 ft, & 8 ft)
  • Modular Illuminate Pedestal Bar (call for sizes and pricing)

modular LED pedestal bar  modern34

LED Tables

Event furniture doesn’t have to be black or white. Add some color with our led lighted tables, available in a variety of different styles and sizes to ensure you can find the right one for your event.

  • Illuminated LED Table (96”W x 30”D x 16”H)
  • Illuminated LED Communal Table (96” x 30″D x 42″H)
  • White Acrylic LED Square Table (60″W x 60″D x 30″H)
  • White Acrylic LED Table (96”W x 40”D x 30”H)
  • Illuminated LED Communal Bar Table (6’W x 24″D x 42″H)
  • Illuminated High Boy Table (top: 20″W x 20″L; base: 42″H x 15″D x 5″W)
  • Illuminated LED Serpentine Communal Table (144″W x 42″H x 24″D)
  • LED Coffee Table (48″W x 25″D x 16″H)

modern3  modern7

LED Walls

Our illuminated acrylic walls are available in a variety of styles and designs and make for the perfect scenic backdrop or room dividers. They are 48″W x 12″D x 96″H in size and can be lit up in any color you wish.


LED Pillars

Available in 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet, these illuminated pillars serve as the perfect accent pieces to add to the overall decor and design of your event! They can also be custom branded with your logo or message, making them an effective addition to stage sets. If you’re looking to add a decorative flair, we recommend our Bubble LED Tower and Skyline LED Pillar.


LED Swings

Our custom designed LED swings are newest additions to our selection of LED furniture rentals for events. Fabricated in-house, these unique event props are 60″ in diameter and 20″ depth and weigh approximately 45-44 pounds. If you’re looking to get creative with your event decor and wow guests with event decor they can engage with, these Illuminated swings are the way to go!

led swing event rental  illuminated swing rental

Need more than just LED furniture? We can supply all of the event rentals for your entire event, from lounge furniture rentals to charging furniture rentalsContact Modern Event Rental today to start planning your event set up!

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