Modern Event Can Take Your Event To The Next Level 

When planning an event, you will want to leave a lasting impression on your guests and with Modern Event Rental’s help, you can do just that. Whether you’re planning a trade show, industry conference, or company event, do something different with your decor, entertainment, and furniture. Your average event can become tiresome and boring for the usual attendee, but your next event doesn’t have to be that way.

Modern Event Rental has a variety of event rentals that will help make your upcoming trade show, meeting or corporate event stand out from the rest. From LED furniture and swings to  lounge furniture and charging stations, you’re sure to find everything you need here.

There never seem to be enough wall outlets to use at events if your phone, tablet, or laptop dies. With Modern Event’s charging furniture we can help solve that problem. Keep your event attendees engaged with our custom charging stations and furniture. Your guests can charge their devices and still enjoy the event. From powered tables to couches and chairs, your visitors can stay connected to their devices, with the help of Modern Event.

Give your event some style with our illuminated pillars and walls, our scenic elements are completely customizable and fabricated in-house. You can use our wall panels and illuminated pillars as room dividers, stage backdrops, scenic elements, signage, branding, and decor. They’re great for any trade show, meeting, corporate event, and more.

Include furniture that is sure to leave your guests talking with our custom LED furniture, LED swings, and more. Our battery-operated LED swings are perfect for any type of special event, and if you’re looking to liven up your event, our LED swings are one way to go. We also carry a full line of acrylic illuminated furniture including sofas, bars, tables, and more. Our Modern Event team can help you light up your next event by using these energy-efficient and battery-operated LED lighting rentals.

When it comes to designing an event and reserving your rentals, it’s important to make sure you stick to a cohesive theme and ambiance. Our event design professionals can help you create an inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy themselves, network with others, and have a great experience overall. Not sure where to start? Contact the Modern Event Rental team to get started today!modern event furniture

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