Quick Tips For an Outdoor Corporate Event

Key Elements to Optimize to Take Your Event to The Next Level

For corporate companies that work to meet deadlines and quarterly goals around the clock, an outdoor event embracing the beautiful and fresh natural ambiance can be the best thing. It helps staff members take some time off their work desks and fosters better professional relationships, leading to improved efficiency and work output.

An office event can be organized for anything from celebrating a work year milestone for a management team member to celebrating the completion of a long-term project, to scoring a new big project. The bottom line is to cut the mundane office environment and breathe new life into your team members’ creative capabilities.

And there is nothing like an office team brunch or dinner event to achieve that.

However, considering the unpredictable nature of the Las Vegas weather, an outdoor event demands a few precautionary measures. Partnering with a holistic and experienced provider of event rentals in Las Vegas can help you prepare for that.

Here are some quick tips to host a successful outdoor corporate event.

Put some thought into choosing the event site

First things first, choose a tranquil, convenient, and cozy place to host your office event. As the guest list is anticipated to be short with just immediate office staff, find a suitable location within or just outside the city, but one that is accessible. There are many parks, gardens, university campuses, etc. that can be rented for a day to host small events. Consider a venue that offers a great view along with a rich ambiance of the great outdoors. Remember to ensure safety, but also prioritize a location on the remote side, so that your attendees can freely engage with each other without worrying about being too loud or noisy.

Prepare for the weather conditions

Start by planning your date around a time when the weather is considerably stable and pleasant. On the day, prepare for unexpected turns by carrying extra supplies and having contingency plans. For example, if the place gets too windy by afternoon, ensure that you use clamps on the tables to keep the tablecloth from flying, keep your food and beverages covered, and install sturdy or slightly bulky centerpieces so that they will stay put.

If you are planning to host a brunch event during the summer season, consider renting a tent setup. On the other hand, if you are hosting a dinner event, account for ample lighting and protection, in case the evening gets chilly.

Team up with a holistic provider of event rentals in Las Vegas so that you can conveniently avail of all supplies under one roof.

Rent ergonomic outdoor furniture

When renting the furniture and décor elements, look for specially-made outdoor pieces. Outdoor furniture is typically built to be more durable and resilient to all types of weather conditions and terrain. This will help you avoid undue complications and issues, even when the weather conditions change.

Additionally, use outdoor-quality chairs and podiums for presentation areas or stages as well. Secure the podium in place and make the event setup seamless with appropriately designed elements.

At Modern, we have a large collection of outdoor furniture, specially made to serve outdoor corporate events. Built ergonomically with the highest quality outdoor-grade fabrics and metal hardware, our chairs, tables, and lounge pieces are durable, sturdy, and suitable for even rough weather. Their ergonomic make ensures the utmost comfort and convenience of attendees, helping them engage wholeheartedly for long hours. We also have podiums and stage setups for outdoor events.

Create a thoughtful setup

Maximize the rented outdoor space by creating a setup conducive to free movement and easy interactions. For example, consider using tents to form dining areas to have a protected and cozy space for guests to eat. Design thoughtful layouts for seating arrangements, taking into account the activities planned for the event. If there are games or other participatory activities planned, consider creating a dedicated activity space with less furniture or adaptable furniture. You can also use large outdoor communal tables and have guests seated on the floor.  An experienced provider of event rentals in Las Vegas can help you design an appropriate corporate outdoor event layout.

For decorations, make sure that all items, such as centerpieces, hanging elements, corner vases, or other artistic installations are secured in place. The last thing you need is for your event setup to get dismantled or have things flying in the wind.

Add an interactive space to spark engagement

As a refreshing change from their daily work, add a dedicated space for a photo booth or social media to spark engagement. This will not only allow guests to engage effortlessly but will also act as a free opportunity for your company to market the office culture. In this day and age, it is important to portray and maintain a fun and friendly work culture, to attract new members and to retain existing staff. Including a social media space at your celebratory event will lead to whole-hearted engagement and positive word of mouth regarding company culture. Use fun and interesting backdrops, drapes, and props to create the space. You can also use special hashtags to encourage social media sharing.

Take care of the aftermath

Outdoor events often turn into menaces for property owners and managers because of the way the place is left once the event is over. To prevent your corporate event from turning into one, and to show due social responsibility, ensure that you efficiently take care of the aftermath. Have your installations dismantled or broken down and taken back by the suppliers as soon as the event is wrapped up. Place several trash cans at convenient locations to encourage guests to use them when necessary. Ensure to wrap the trash up and empty them at the assigned local facility. Pick up any other types of waste at the event venue including things like confetti or food waste and assign cleaning staff to leave a spick and span venue before leaving.

Partnering with a holistic supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas, like Modern, will help you a great deal in this regard. We offer prompt and timely breakdowns as well as pick-up services to help event managers stay stress-free even after the event.

Wrapping up

A properly planned and executed outdoor corporate event will not only serve as the best way to improve work culture and keep the energy levels flowing but will also be a great way to market your brand. Prepare well ahead for the weather conditions, brainstorm unique ways to make your event interesting, and ensure to clean up well before vacating the space, and you have a golden event. Partner with an efficient event rental company to make your work easier.

Contact Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas to explore our collection of outdoor furniture and decor rentals. Talk to our experts and plan your event today.

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