Charging Furniture Rentals: The Secret to 100% Turnover at Events

Charging Furniture Rentals: Do you know what guests dread the most about long events, apart from the back pain?

It’s the battery bar on the top corner of their phones that says 1%.

Every long event, whether that is a trade show, a corporate event, a PR event, or any kind of commercial event, inevitably involves long hours of standing, in-person engagement, and phone photography; and unsurprisingly so.

It’s the digital age; smartphones double up as cameras to record and document important goings-on in any commercial event, more so among content creators and celebrities.

Running out of charge on their devices can completely ruin the event for your guests, which can even lead them to leave.

Now that doesn’t fair well for your much-anticipated event does it?

Here’s where our charging furniture rentals find their relevance.

charging furniture rentals

Elegance + Utility = Modern Charging Furniture

At Modern, we have always relied on our excellent design team to come up with unique and functional designs that our clients need for their different events. Now we have yet another thoughtfully designed collection, which will likely up the game for event hosts moving forward.

Our charging furniture rentals are indeed a cut above the rest; a perfect mix of elegant aesthetics and on-point utility. You can easily incorporate our unique furniture pieces that come with charging ports to allow your guests to conveniently charge up when needed and enjoy the event without worrying about a dying battery. These are especially useful for big events like trade shows and other important corporate events.

Here are some other things that make our latest collection so great.

Sleek contours

Our charging furniture collection includes ultra-comfy sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and café tables, all designed in evergreen art deco shapes, complete with sleek and clearly defined contours. This kind of design brings a whole other level of sophistication to your event, making it look and feel luxe, as opposed to new-age designs that turn out to be fads more than trends.

In addition, these classic rectangular and square shapes with defined contours ensure the best use of space and convenience. There are no design elements or anomalies eating up the space available for use on our coffee tables or sofas, and the armrests or headrests on our seating pieces are accurately placed for the most convenience and comfort.

Modern Event Rentals – Charging Furniture
charging furniture rental-SPARK CHARGING BLACK CHAIR W x D x H

Our Madison Power Up Modular sofas and Spark Power Up chairs are the perfect example of aesthetic contouring done right. They are made in classic rectangular shapes with clean edges and contours for perfect use of space and convenience.

Classic neutral colors

Keeping in mind a universal color palette, one that effortlessly blends in with any corporate theme or trade show event theme, we’ve designed our charging furniture rental pieces in classic neutral colors – black and white. They look elegant and “in place” without stealing too much attention, while at the same time making a subtle statement. The colors are also soothing to the eyes, as they do not have any complicated design elements.

Metal accents for ultimate sophistication

There is nothing else that says class and sophistication like metallics. Our new collection is designed in solid black and white colors complimented with lustrous silver metal accents. They pull together the whole look of our pieces with a quiet kind of elegance through a contemporary spark on an otherwise plain classic piece.

charging furniture rental - SPARK POWER UP COFFEE TABLE IN W X IN D X IN H

You can see our metal accents across our collection; on our Spark Power Up Coffee and Café tables, as well as on our Madison sofas and chairs.

Charging ports

Completing the richness of our collection is our avant-garde charging property. All of our charging furniture rentals are powered and equipped with universal charging ports that allow guests to plug in their devices while they are busy engaging with the community. The ports are cleanly designed not to mess with the aesthetics of the piece as well, which ensures utility with beauty.

Apart from our powered sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and café tables, we also have a dedicated cell phone charging station as part of our charging furniture rentals, which is also uniquely designed in a contemporary art deco shape. It comes with five different types of charging ports, each with different charging capacities so that your guests can charge any type of device.

charging furniture rentals - CHARGING STATION PLAIN

Having our charging station at big commercial events, trade shows, and corporate events can immensely improve footfalls and have the guests stay for longer as well. As an extended advantage, it spreads the word about the quality and thoughtfulness you put into your events, which makes you a preferred partner for companies, other stakeholders, and guests.

Charging furniture rentals are the future of big events

As the digital era progresses, the importance and relevance of digital devices that need power to run, are only going to increase. In the future, corporate events and trade shows are likely to be better equipped to accommodate digital needs. It only makes sense for you to take advantage of our charging trade show rentals and other event rentals in Chicago and be a trailblazer in your industry.

Booking your corporate event and trade show furniture rentals with Modern is guaranteed to set you up for success, not just because of the quality, utility, or durability, but also because of our well-rounded services. We offer furniture and décor event rental pieces with shipping included. This means you have one less hassle to deal with while you’re coordinating a big event.

We have a variety of shipping options to get your rental pieces safely to the venue of your event on time. We take care of our shipping in-house so that you get to make the most of our rental pieces, while also ensuring the safe handling of our furniture. Our charging furniture rentals can also be shipped through efficient means to any place you need across the Midwest including all major US cities.

Now your guests’ charging woes can be solved effortlessly, removing any and all hindrances to your event becoming a grand success. Also you can check our new products on our Facebook page.

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