The Art of Maximizing Small Spaces: Creative Tips For Intimate Events

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Corporate events don’t always have to be conducted on the grandest scale. Many small and medium-sized business owners host engaging events for their staff within limited spaces, such as an intimate event space within the office building, or a small rented venue in the city. Some team events are also conducted within the office premises, providing a familiar space for the employees.

While small venues have some obvious space limitations and challenges, they also bring several advantages including the warmth and intimacy of a smaller and familiar crowd. Many employees may, in fact, prefer the intimate atmosphere of a small corporate event over a pompous and extravagant one, leading to a more wholesome turnout. More than the aesthetics and the elements, it is all about the atmosphere and how friendly it is for employees.

Designing the event space thoughtfully and creatively is the key to providing an inviting and warm ambiance for guests, where they can freely interact with each other and indulge in the event activities. With the help of an experienced and equally thoughtful provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, you will be able to nail an intimate corporate event and achieve the desired results.

Here are some creative tips on how to design an event, maximizing the available intimate space.


The layout is the most crucial element in designing an event space. The way the furniture is arranged can directly affect the ambiance as well as the physical space available for free interaction. The key is to make the most of the space available while maintaining aesthetics and functionality.

Here’s what you can do.

Use multi-functional furniture

In a small space, every piece of furniture and décor element that you use matters. Hence choose multi-utility furniture – adaptable and flexible pieces that you can use for more than one purpose, or alter with little effort. Some examples include ottomans or sofas with storage, foldable chairs, tables with racks, charging furniture, etc. All of these pieces are designed to provide more than one benefit without hogging too much space. A holistic supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas, such as Modern, can offer a wide selection of multi-functional pieces specially made for space optimization.

Flexible and thoughtful seating arrangements

Experiment and adopt the most suitable seating arrangement; one that offers maximum flexibility and freedom. Depending on the area available, adopt U-shaped, circular, or clustered arrangements keeping in the purpose of the event. To encourage free social interactions lounge setups are always a great way, whereas, to have the guests engage in participatory activities, circular or U-shaped configurations would be the best bet. If the event is likely to have a mix of activities, adaptable furniture is the way to go.

Create interesting focal points

Placing interesting pieces of art, such as a lovely centerpiece, a charming backdrop, a display shelf, or any other artistic element strategically, can create the illusion of a larger area. It can draw focus away from the space constraints and cleverly attract attention, adding depth and character to the event setting.

Vertical décor elements

To lend aesthetic appeal without compromising on the space availability, make use of the vertical space. Utilize elegant décor elements as well as functional pieces to create a warm experience for guests. A holistic provider of event rentals in Las Vegas will be able to help you with a myriad of décor options.

Hanging décor

Use elements like minimal wall decorations, plants, understated artwork, and decorative mirrors to create visual interest. Strategic usage of hanging elements like mirrors can also create the illusion of a bigger space.

Floating décor and wall-mountable furniture

Incorporate floating décor and storage elements, like shelves, and racks for aesthetic and functional purposes. Use wall-mountable furniture as well, such as displays and counters if needed. Storing things away can free up the available floor space and leave room for other elements.


The lighting is an important contributing factor towards creating a sense of warmth and intimacy while also creating the illusion of a bigger space. Experiment with lighting techniques and decorations to provide an exceptional experience.

Soft and ambient lighting

To generate a warm ambiance, use soft, diffused, and ambient lighting setups, such as LED candles, string lights, ambiance-control lamps, spotlights, and the like. Warm and soft lights eliminate harsh shadows as opposed to bright lights, making the space feel more intimate and cozier.


As mentioned earlier, the strategic placement of mirrors can make the space appear and feel bigger. It is a tried-and-tested trick that visually expands the area while also adding an elegant touch in terms of décor and lighting.

Minimalism is the key to space maximization

An important thing to keep in mind when designing your intimate event setup is to adopt a minimal and understated approach. It is easy to go overboard with decorations and furniture elements when following a theme or a specific vibe. However, too many decorations can make the space look cluttered and trashy with little room for active interactions.

Instead, choose a few elegant statement pieces of décor and follow a cohesive and understated theme. Focus on strategic placement of artwork along with lighting techniques to maximize the impact.

Lastly, remember to maintain clear pathways throughout the venue. Design the layout and arrange the furniture leaving ample room for free movement. Facilitating unobstructed flow with sufficient free space removes a feeling of congestion while also allowing guests to move around comfortably.

Partnering with an experienced and thoughtful supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas, like Modern, can help you navigate the intricacies of space optimization easily.

Final thoughts

Maximizing small and intimate event spaces requires thought and careful deliberation. Exercising creativity and logic while designing the layout can help you discover unique ways to decorate without compromising on space availability. Execute these practical tips and embrace the intimate ambiance with multi-utility furniture, elegant vertical decorations, and a minimal layout. Create warm and inviting event settings to make your guests feel comfortable, and cozy engaging with each other.

Design your next intimate corporate event with Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas

Partnering with an experienced and holistic event rental company can help you relieve the stress and chaos that comes with event planning, especially for a small event space to a great extent. Contact our team at Modern for all your small space needs and give your guests a wonderful experience.

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