Top 10 Trade Shows In Las Vegas

Business professionals networking at a Las Vegas trade show.

Finding the right trade show in Las Vegas can feel like searching for a needle in a desert of options. Good news: The city has been the top spot for trade shows for over two decades! This blog is your treasure map to the ten must-visit expos that promise to boost your networking and lead generation efforts.

Read on and discover where business meets pleasure—Vegas style!

Key Takeaways

  • Las Vegas hosts over 20 major trade shows, attracting thousands of professionals looking for the latest in their industries.
  • Events cover various sectors including technology, healthcare, beauty, security, and jewelry.
  • Trade shows like ASD Las Vegas and IMEX America offer vast networking opportunities and educational sessions to help businesses grow.
  • The city’s trade show lineup includes international gatherings with attendees and exhibitors from all over the world.
  • From hands – on learning experiences to live demos of new products, these expos are key spots for finding partnerships and staying ahead in the market.

ASD Las Vegas

Various merchandise booths at ASD Las Vegas trade show.

ASD Las Vegas lights up the city with a burst of energy twice a year. This massive event draws in thousands at the Las Vegas Convention Center, giving buyers access to an incredible variety of merchandise.

From trendy fashion accessories to general merchandise, ASD is a treasure trove for retail buyers and store owners. Its wide range attracts many industry professionals looking to stock their shelves with new and exciting products.

Attendees get serious networking opportunities that can help grow their businesses. During the trade show, exhibitors showcase everything from novelty items to essential household goods.

With its broad mix of categories, business owners find exactly what they need all under one roof. Joining ASD Las Vegas means diving into an immense pool of potential deals and partnerships that can take any business to the next level.

National Association of Broadcasters – NAB

Media executives networking at a vibrant expo hall during NAB.

NAB lights up Las Vegas with its thrilling showcase of the latest in broadcasting. This event draws thousands from around the globe, all eager to see what’s new in media and entertainment technology.

At NAB, cutting-edge gadgets steal the show as companies reveal their most innovative designs. Industry leaders mingle, making connections that shape the future of broadcast.

The bustling expo floors at NAB are a playground for tech enthusiasts and business moguls alike. Here, live demos and interactive displays bring the magic of media to life. Attendees gain insider knowledge through workshops while exploring ways to boost their brand’s presence.

This trade show truly stands out on The Vegas Strip as a beacon for progress in the broadcasting world.

ISC West – Security Solutions

State-of-the-art security equipment and surveillance systems captured from above with a drone.

ISC West stands out as a major gathering in Las Vegas for everyone involved with security solutions. This dynamic event brings together the latest gadgets and systems designed to protect people and property.

It’s a hotspot for innovators, showing off breakthroughs in surveillance cameras, access controls, and alarm systems. Security pros from around the globe flock here to see what’s new on the market.

Attendees get an incredible chance to meet face-to-face with industry leaders and start important conversations about safety trends. Companies offering cutting-edge security technology fill their booths with demonstrations that captivate visitors.

Experts share tips on how best to secure homes, businesses, and public spaces – all under one massive roof at ISC West!

AWFS – Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers

Artisans crafting intricate wooden furniture in a workshop.

The AWFS fair lights up Las Vegas with cutting-edge designs and tools for woodworking. It’s a must-go event for those who create or sell furniture and wood products. From handcrafters to large factories, the trade show brings together makers from all corners of the industry.

They come to explore new machinery, materials, and software.

Visitors at AWFS can join seminars to learn new skills or business strategies—everything from fine crafting techniques to using high-tech equipment. This fair is where trends are made in woodworking; everyone leaves buzzing with ideas.

If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd or sharpen your craft, AWFS is the place to be!


Healthcare professionals network at HIMSS in front of cutting-edge health tech displays.

HIMSS stands tall as a cornerstone event for healthcare professionals every year. It gathers over 100,000 members from around the world in Las Vegas to talk about health technology and innovation.

Leaders and executives from top companies make their way here, making it an elite gathering of minds.

This event is not just about big names; it’s a hub for exhibitors to unveil cutting-edge healthcare services and technologies. It opens doors for new business opportunities and lets you rub shoulders with industry heavyweights.

Networking at HIMSS could mean landing your next big client or partner in the health sector. Exhibitors and visitors alike find immense value in the collaborations formed at this vibrant conference.

JCK Las Vegas

Beautiful gemstone jewelry displayed at a convention center for event photography.

JCK Las Vegas shines bright in the world of gems and jewelry. This dazzling event is a must-visit for anyone who loves precious stones and fine accessories. Jewelry designers, buyers, and sellers from across the globe flock here to showcase their latest collections.

They network with peers, spot trends, and make deals that shape the industry.

Attendees explore rows of glittering displays as exhibitors reveal their masterpieces. The air buzzes with excitement from live demos and educational sessions that cover everything from diamond grading to market forecasts.

JCK Las Vegas doesn’t just display luxury; it sets the gold standard for jewelry shows everywhere.

CosmoProf North America

CosmoProf North America lights up Mandalay Bay with the latest in beauty. Happening August 29 – 31, beauty business pros flock to Vegas for this top event. This massive gathering brings together salon owners and stylists eager to see new trends.

Makeup artists and skincare experts also mix and mingle here.

Visitors find 1,400 exhibitors showing off hot products at CosmoProf North America. It’s a prime spot for networking and finding fresh ideas in the world of beauty. Attendees leave armed with knowledge, connections, and inspiration for the year ahead!

American Urological Association (AUA) Trade Show

The American Urological Association (AUA) Trade Show brings the brightest minds in urology to Las Vegas. Set for September at the Sands Expo, this gathering is a hub of medical innovation.

Doctors, researchers, and healthcare professionals from all over will explore breakthroughs in urological care. They’ll share insights on treatments and research that can change lives.

Attendees get hands-on learning experiences with cutting-edge tools and techniques. They meet industry leaders and develop relationships that help their practices grow. The trade show lets experts showcase products to potential buyers who are eager to improve patient care.

With its focus on progress and education, AUA’s event stands out as a key destination for those dedicated to advancing urological health.

IMEX America

IMEX America lights up Las Vegas with a massive meetup for industry professionals. It’s set to happen at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, drawing thousands from across the globe.

Think big because it brings together over 3500 exhibitors from 155 countries. They showcase their latest and greatest in meetings, events, and incentive travel.

With more than 180 educational sessions, attendees can soak up new ideas and skills. IMEX America is not just another trade show; it’s an international hub for networking and business growth in the event industry.

This is where deals are made, relationships are forged, and trends are born – a true powerhouse of B2B connections!

Pack Expo Las Vegas

Pack Expo Las Vegas comes to the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 27-29, 2021. Expect over 50,000 people looking for the latest in packaging tech and supplies to attend. This expo is a big deal for those who want to see new products and meet industry leaders.

If you need an LED video wall or a full-service booth rental, Trueblue Exhibits has got you covered. They specialize in custom trade show exhibits perfect for making a splash at Pack Expo.

Remember, this event is on the top 25 list of Las Vegas trade shows this year!

SupplySide West

SupplySide West lights up Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from October 25 to 28. It’s a big deal for those in personal care, food supplements, and beverages. Over 500 exhibitors will be there with their latest products.

More than 20,000 visitors are coming too! They all want to see what’s new and make connections.

This event isn’t just about showing off products; it’s about making deals and learning new things. You’ll find businesses of all sizes here. Big brands stand next to innovative startups, each with something unique to offer.

Get ready for days packed with networking—you might meet your next business partner or customer!

AGENDA Las Vegas

AGENDA Las Vegas takes over Caesars Bally’s on August 11-12, bringing together creative minds and business leaders. It shines a spotlight on new products and trends across various industries.

Expect buzz-worthy networking events where pros share insights and strike deals.

This trade show is the go-to spot for entrepreneurs eager to learn and expand their reach. Here, brands unveil their latest projects, making waves in fashion, tech, and beyond. Retailers, designers meet their next big opportunity head-on at AGENDA Las Vegas.

Commercial UAV Expo Americas

The Commercial UAV Expo Americas is the place to be for drone enthusiasts and professionals. From September 7-9, The Mirage in Las Vegas turns into a bustling hub of innovation. People flock here to see cutting-edge drone technology and make business connections.

This event is huge! It showcases everything from the latest drones to advanced sensors made by top companies.

Attendees get an up-close look at new UAV designs and can meet leaders in the industry. The expo offers workshops, panels, and live demonstrations too. Here, you can learn about how drones are changing businesses across many fields like farming, construction, and energy.

If you’re into drones or use them for work, this expo is not to miss!

The International Surface Event

The International Surface Event dazzles industry pros with the latest in floor covering, stone, and tile trends. Mandalay Bay Convention Center comes alive as SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo join forces under one roof.

Experts grab this chance to unveil new designs and technology that shape living spaces around the world.

Attendees network with peers while exploring a vast array of products at TISE. They discover cutting-edge solutions for their businesses’ needs. Learning sessions led by seasoned professionals offer deep dives into market developments.

This event is a hotspot for those eager to push boundaries in design and craftsmanship within the flooring industry.

World of Concrete

World of Concrete is not just any trade show; it’s the backbone of the concrete and masonry sectors. Picture this: Thousands of professionals, from contractors to dealers, flock here each year.

They come ready to dive into a sea of exhibitions displaying cutting-edge products and services. It’s where everyone who’s anyone in concrete wants to be.

Attendees get their minds fueled with knowledge at seminars brimming with industry insights. Plus, they have chances to earn certifications that can boost their careers sky-high. Exhibitors find fertile ground for business growth, meeting new clients face-to-face.

For anyone focused on mastering their craft or getting ahead in the game, World of Concrete is an event you can’t afford to miss!

Healthcare Information & Management Systems

The Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference gathers top healthcare IT professionals in Las Vegas. Expect to see cutting-edge solutions for managing health information and systems from August 09-13, 2021.

With a community of over 100,000 members, this event is a hotspot for networking and learning the latest industry trends.

Leaders and experts come together at HIMSS to share their insights on technology’s role in healthcare. They discuss how electronic health records can improve patient care. Visitors will find exhibits demonstrating software that helps hospitals run smoothly.

This trade show is key for decision-makers aiming to upgrade their healthcare facilities with new technologies.

MINExpo International

MINExpo International shines as a massive event for the mining world. It brings together top experts, engineers, and business leaders under one roof to display cutting-edge machinery, equipment, and services.

Visitors get to see giant trucks up close and learn about breakthrough technologies that are changing the industry. Companies grab this chance to show their latest finds and talk shop with interested buyers.

Big deals happen at MINExpo International as miners from around the globe unite in sharing knowledge and trying out new tools. Imagine aisles brimming with state-of-the-art gadgets that make mining safer and more efficient! This trade show is not just about seeing what’s new; it’s an invaluable space for folks to network, form partnerships, and spark ideas that will lead tomorrow’s mining ventures.

International Baking Industry Expo

The International Baking Industry Expo is a huge event for bakers and sweet treat makers. It’s happening at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 17 to 21. Think of it as a giant bakery full of new ideas, where over 1,000 exhibitors show off cool baking gear and tasty innovations.

Visitors will flock by the thousands—over 23,000 to be exact—to see what’s hot in the world of breads, cakes, and pastries. This expo is big news because it’s named one of Las Vegas’s top 25 trade shows for the year.

Imagine walking through rows and rows of delicious displays with samples to try and machines that can mix dough or decorate cookies like never before!


Las Vegas shines as the ultimate spot for trade shows. Every year, these events turn the city into a bustling hub where businesses boom and new ideas spark. You’ve got endless chances to network, learn, and expand your brand. Please take a moment to review our offerings in Las Vegas and how we can partner with you on your upcoming event.

Remember – what happens in Vegas could skyrocket your success! So dive in; let’s make those connections count!

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