Austin Event Furniture Rental

Austin Event Furniture Rental

Planning an event in Austin and need the right furniture? You’re not alone. Modern Event Rental offers a wide array of options, from sofas to lighting, making your event stand out.

Our guide shows you how easy it is to transform any space. Let’s make events unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern Event Rental in Austin offers a wide range of event furniture, including sofas, bar stools, Illuminated LED furniture, and more.
  • Austin Event furniture rentals for events like parties is cost-effective and hassle-free with services including delivery, setup, and pickup.
  • Options are customizable to match any event theme, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.
  • The team provides excellent customer service and assistance with setup and design to make your event stand out.

Austin Event Furniture Rentals Services

Corporate Event Furniture Rental

Our event furniture rental services make your bash a hit. From comfy seating to glowing tables, we’ve got everything to jazz up your next shindig.

Austin Lounge Furniture Event Rentals

Make your event shine with trendy lounge furniture rentals. Picture cool sofas, fashionable armchairs, and hip coffee tables that encourage guests to kick back and chat. I remember going to a fancy event where the lounge was so cozy, people couldn’t stop talking about it for days after. That shows how an engaging space can make an impact.

Pick from stylish pieces or themed sets that go with your event’s feel. With companies like Modern Event Rental offering lots of choices in Central Texas, finding what you want is simple.

Modern Event Rental also has many options if you’re looking elsewhere than Austin. It’s all about making a place where fun memories happen.

Bar Stool Rentals

Planning a party or hosting an event in Austin and searching for the perfect seating solution for your guests? Our selection of bar stools is exactly what you’re looking for. Choose from high-top designs that match perfectly with our bar tables or chic options that bring a touch of elegance.

Austin Event Furniture Rental will ensure your seating not only looks good but is also sturdy and comfortable, because sitting on a wobbly stool is no fun!

The guests were thrilled! These stools complemented both the dance floors and rustic décor beautifully, creating an inviting yet stylish ambiance. Picking the right bar stools truly can elevate your event’s atmosphere.

Bar Table Rentals

Parties are important, and so are the little things like where guests put their drinks or gather to talk. That’s why a variety of sleek bar tables for rent are offered. They fit any kind of event in Austin, from casual get-togethers to stylish gatherings.

It’s been seen how the perfect table can change a space from simple to extraordinary.

Modern Event Rental offers these key items for all types of events in Austin, TX. They understand that for events or corporate parties, having a fashionable spot for guests to mingle makes a big difference.

With delivery and setup made easy, your next gathering will be both beautiful and hassle-free.

Bar Rentals

Hosting a party in Austin and need the perfect spot for your guests to mix and enjoy drinks? Look no further. Choose from our variety of bar rentals that suit any theme you’re going for, whether it’s sleek and modern or full of rustic charm.

Imagine your friends gathered around, laughing and sipping on hand-crafted cocktails or local brews served from one of our stylish bars. And don’t worry about the extras – we’ve got those too. It became more than just a piece of event furniture rental; it was the central hub that brought people closer together. No matter if you’re planning an event reception or hosting a corporate event in Austin, adding one of these bars can elevate your gathering from good to extraordinary.

Illuminated LED furniture rentals Austin - Modern Event Rental

Austin LED Furniture Event Rentals

Light up your next party with L.E.D. furniture rentals. These glowing pieces make any place feel magical and futuristic. I’ve seen how these bright items can turn a simple get-together into an electrifying event.

They’re great for nighttime events where you want some light without it being too much.

Austin loves to party, so why not stand out with furniture that lights up? Glowing chairs, tables, and bars make guests say “wow” as they walk in. It’s not just about having enough places to sit—it’s about making an atmosphere people will remember.

Plus, setting them up is easy and they fit perfectly with any modern theme you have in mind.

Bar and Display Shelving Rentals

Need to make your event stand out? Bar and display shelving rentals are here for you. These items fit any party, event, or special gathering in Austin perfectly. They’re not only useful but also bring an extra touch of elegance.

Picture your drink station looking stylish on one of these bars or your awards displayed on shiny shelves. It makes everything look amazing and memorable.

Picking the right furniture can change how an event feels. With choices from Modern Event Rental, it’s easy to find what works best. Whether you want something modern or more unique, these rentals make any space better.

Plus, setting them up is simple with help from our team. Your next event in Austin is going to be even more exciting!

Charging Furniture Event Rentals

Keep your guests charged up with our unique Austin charging furniture rentals. Picture sofas and tables where attendees can power up their phones while mingling and enjoying the event. It’s a total game-changer for any gathering.

Everyone remains happy, capturing every memorable moment without worrying about low batteries.

At one event in Austin, charging options were limited. People clustered around the few outlets like they were campfires, missing out on the fun. Learning from this, we now offer furniture that serves as charging stations at our rental service.

This way, guests can move freely, making memories while their devices stay charged.

Austin Trade Show Furniture Rental

Benefits of Renting from Us

Renting from us means you get stylish chairs and tables, easy delivery, and great prices. Plus, our team helps set everything up so your event looks amazing. Ready to make your party stand out? Check out more reasons why we’re the go-to choice!

Wide selection of modern and stylish furniture

Our shelves are filled with the newest styles in chairs, tables, and decorations. Imagine sleek bar stools for your cocktail party or comfy lounge setups for private conversations.

From Illuminated LED event furniture rental items that bring bright colors to charging spots where people can recharge their phones, we’ve thought of everything.

Picking us means your event will look fantastic without costing too much. Want a shiny bar that lights up? Got it. How about fancy shelves to show off awards or treats? You got it.

With our selection of furniture, making your gathering unforgettable is super simple.

Convenient delivery, setup, and pickup services

Austin LED Swing Furniture Rental

Getting your event furniture in Austin should be a breeze. That’s where companies like Party at the Modern Event Rental come into play. They deliver everything you need right to you.

No worries about picking things up or figuring out how to transport all those bar stools and lounge sets.

I remember needing a quick setup for an event once. I called one of these services, and they took care of it all. They didn’t just deliver; they also set everything up perfectly—and before we knew it, our venue looked incredible.

After the party was done, they came back and picked everything up. It felt like magic; no hassle, no mess left over—just wonderful memories of a beautifully furnished event!

Cost-effective alternative to purchasing

Renting is a smart way to save money. It allows you to use fancy tables, comfortable chairs, and bright lights for your special occasion without spending too much. Imagine having access to all these amazing items at just a fraction of the cost to buy them.

We added beautiful things to our cart without worrying about the price too much. It was awesome giving her dream day the perfect look without draining our bank accounts.

Using rental services also means you don’t have to stress about what happens with everything after the event ends. There’s no need to sell items or look for storage space. Super simple! This way, you get more value for your money and keep your home free from clutter.

Professional assistance with setup and design

Austin Outdoor Event Furniture Rentals

Our team understands how to make spaces look amazing. Getting ready for a big event is more than just placing furniture around. It’s both an art and a science, aimed at making your event stand out.

From picking the perfect lounge chairs to deciding where each light will shine, we have it all under control. We always keep things clean and top-quality, paying attention to every little detail so you can kick back.

We take it even further by mixing event production with styling the environment. Picture walking into a room that feels exactly right – that’s our goal. With our help, your gathering won’t just be comfortable; it will also impress with that wow factor everyone hopes for in stylish gatherings.

Finding good help might seem tough, but with experts like us on your side, you’re all set!

Exceptional customer service

We treat every event like it’s our own. From the first call to picking up the last chair, our crew is there with a smile and ready to help. We do more than just deliver tables and chairs; we’re here to make your special day easy and fun.

Our team listens, cares, and knows that even small details are super important.

At an event, the bride was stressed because her decorations weren’t looking right. Our staff stepped in, moving furniture around and adding extra touches until everything was perfect.

She gave us hugs at the end of the night! That’s how we work: doing more than expected is just part of what we do.

Why Choose Us?

Pick us for your Austin event rentals, and you hit the jackpot! We’ve got everything from sleek lounges to glowing tables that will make your bash the talk of the town. Dive into our world, where boring parties don’t stand a chance.

Ready to light up your next gathering? Let’s get started!

Experienced in the event rental industry

Austin Live Furniture Rental-  Modern Event Rental

We’ve been part of the party rental scene for a while. From  small events to big gala events, we understand what items make an event special and which ones don’t. Our crew has worked in various places, from small backyards to large fancy halls.

We’ve watched trends change over time, solved unexpected problems, and transformed many ordinary spaces into something amazing. For us, this work is more than just a job; it’s something we’re truly passionate about.

Experience has shown us that each event is its own unique experience. That’s why we provide customizable options to make sure your personal touch stands out. Need charging stations so guests can keep their phones ready? Or perhaps cool LED furniture that lights up in different colors? We have all that ready for you.

And punctuality matters to us because we respect your time just as much as we do ours.

Customization options available

Make your Austin event uniquely yours! Mix and match colors, styles, and themes that reflect what you love. Whether it’s corporate tables. 

Perhaps it’s a professional gathering that needs a touch of flair with branded elements. A team is on hand with the latest design trends and mood-setting pieces.

Combine your vision with a wide range of options for an unforgettable celebration in Austin.

Reliable and punctual delivery and setup

Getting your event furniture rentals in Austin on time is easy with us. Our warehouse is right in the center of town, so we quickly get to your place without any hold-ups. Whether it’s couches, bar stools, or glowing tables – they all arrive ready to go before you even start worrying.

And setup? Just leave it to us. As soon as we arrive at your venue, our team gets to work turning empty spaces into warm lounges or lively bars quicker than you can say “let’s kick off this party.” I once saw them change a plain room into a sophisticated space in almost no time.

It was really amazing! You just focus on welcoming your guests; we’ll take care of making everything look great.

Competitive pricing

Austin party furniture rental - Modern Event Rental

Prices here won’t break the bank. Many places charge too much, but we keep our rates affordable. With our deals, your party can look super fancy without the high costs. Imagine walking into a party and thinking it must have cost a fortune.

When we provide the furniture in Austin for parties, people will think just that about yours.

We set up those cool lounge areas and shiny L.E.D setups within her budget. She was thrilled to see how stylish everything looked without spending too much. So yes, offering good prices is very important to us; it means you can throw an amazing party without stressing over every little cost.

Exceptional customer satisfaction

Our team works hard to make sure every customer is happy. From the first call to when we pick everything up, we listen, offer advice, and move quickly. Keeping customers happy is our biggest goal.

We understand that planning an event can be tough. That’s why we’re here to help guide you through it.

We’re proud of the great feedback we get. Our staff works efficiently to deliver, set up, and take down everything without any problems – making your event go smoothly. If anything goes wrong, we hurry to fix it because keeping you stress-free is very important to us.

Get in touch with us today for easy rental services in Austin that focus on what you need!


Clients love our work! They often say our event rentals in Austin helped make their social gatherings stand out. From events to corporate parties, everyone appreciates the modern and chic options we offer.

Our event furniture rentals not only adds style but also comfort to any venue. With services available round the clock, customers are thrilled about our dedication to making their events spectacular.

Happy clients share stories of how seamless we make planning an event. The convenience of getting stylish furniture and decor all from one place takes a load off their shoulders. They rave about the cleanliness and quality of our rentals too – everything arrives spotless and ready for guests.

Thanks to feedback like this, we know we’re on the right track to creating truly memorable experiences for everyone involved.

About Us

Meet the team at Modern Event Rental. We live for making your events shine with our top-notch furniture and unmatched service.

Our commitment to high-quality furniture and service

We promise top-quality party furniture rentals and unbeatable service. Our team carefully checks every chair, table, and decoration to ensure they’re perfect for your event. We’ve handled everything – from big events to small gatherings in Austin.

That’s why we regularly clean and inspect our items, ensuring they look great when delivered to you.

Our staff knows exactly how to set up your space efficiently and with a friendly attitude. If you need suggestions or assistance planning the layout, feel free to ask! We delight in making events memorable and will go the extra mile for yours.

From the first call until the final piece of decor is packed away, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our experienced and dedicated team

Austin portable bar rentals - Modern Event Rental

Our team understands event planning very well. They offer eye-catching rentals and make sure every piece of furniture matches the feel of your event. With experience in a variety of events from large trade shows to small events, they know what works.

They’re not just about style; they handle logistics smoothly too. You won’t have to worry about when things will be delivered or set up. 

They also believe good service is crucial, so expect friendly help that aims to make your event outstanding from beginning to end.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction

Austin Stage Event Furniture Rentals - Modern Event Rental

We love making customers happy. The people at Party at the Modern Event Rental  believe a party is more than just chairs and tables; it’s about creating lasting memories.

That’s why they make sure you get stylish, modern furniture that makes your events stand out. They listen carefully, offer advice, and work hard to make sure you’re more than satisfied.

Modern Event Rental takes their commitment seriously too. They ensure all their items are in great condition with regular checks and cleaning so you always receive the best quality.

Plus, they’re always ready to help any time of day because they know questions can pop up anytime. This means issues are resolved quickly, keeping everyone happy – including me when I needed last-minute adjustments for my big event!

Contact Us

Ready to make your event shine? Reach out to us now! Let’s talk tables, chairs, and all the fun decor you need. With our team by your side, planning is easy peasy. So why wait? Drop us a line or give us a buzz today.

Your unforgettable event starts right here.


1. What can I rent from an Austin event furniture rental company?

You can grab everything from fancy tables and chairs to chic event furniture, snazzy dishware!

2. How do I start planning my event with a rental company in Austin?

Just give us a shout today! We’re all ears and ready to help you pick the perfect pieces for your spectacular event.

3. Can I see the furniture before renting for my event in Austin?

Absolutely! Swing by our showroom to eye our stylish collection of furniture and accessories that’ll make your event pop.

4. Do Austin’s rental companies help with both small gatherings and big blowouts?

You bet! Whether you’re throwing a cozy get-together or a grand gala, we’ve got the goods to make any size shindig shine.

5. What if I’m not sure what rentals I need for my event in Austin?

No sweat! Our savvy planners are here to guide you through picking just the right items to turn your vision into reality.

Need event rental furniture and more in Austin? We have you covered.

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Common Questions About Our Event Furniture Rentals

FAQs Lists

I want Pinterest-inspired aesthetics for my event. Do you offer event rentals in Chicago to suit my vision?

Many of our furniture and décor event rentals in Chicago are designed using classic silhouettes, colors, and shapes; mostly seen across Pinterest aesthetics. Our colors are also universal favorites, again matching with a quality mostly seen on interior designs across Pinterest.

Hence, we definitely offer rental pieces to fulfill your vision.

I’m planning my outdoor event in the backyard of my farmhouse. Is your furniture fit for rough outdoors?

Our furniture event rental pieces are designed with aesthetics, comfort, quality, and durability in mind. They are typically fit to be used at any type of outdoor event as they are resilient and tough in make. Made using special outdoor grade fabrics and sturdy bases such as aluminum, they are durable enough to endure a fair level of adverse weather and terrain conditions.
 A farmhouse event would never have to be an issue for our furniture collection.

If I have a last minute event that needs to be planned and executed in a matter of weeks, can Modern Event Rental help?

Yes, we can help. We do what we can to reduce stress for our clients and partners by being savvy with our problem-solving and service delivery. Our goal is utmost customer satisfaction, and we will do what we can to meet our customer needs.

What are your prices for event rentals in Chicago and the US in general?

We offer a large selection of furniture and décor event rentals in Chicago and all major cities in the US at different price ranges to suit your needs and budget. Our packages are highly customizable as we like to offer our services to best fulfill your needs. We have affordable and simple options as well as extravagant options. You can pick out the furniture types you need depending on how grand your event is going to be and give us a call to know your estimated cost.

You can also use the “Request Quote” button to get a quick and free estimate of your price.

What cities do you provide event rentals to?

Modern Event Rental is a Midwest event rental and rental furniture design company. We specialize in providing custom event rentals and event furniture for a wide variety of special events. Popular cities include our hometown of Chicago as well as cities in Texas such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

What is the process of booking event rentals in Chicago from you?

To book our event rentals in Chicago or anywhere in the US, all you need to do is go through our catalog, pick the designs you need, and give our sales team a call to check availability and confirm the deal. Our team will take down the details of your events and confirm the order.

Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to place an inquiry or use the “Request Quote” button on our website to check the estimated price of your requirements and place your order.

What types of events do you provide rentals for?

We provide a wide range of furniture and décor rentals for all types of events. Some popular types of events we have previously worked for include trade shows, corporate events, conferences, social gatherings, business meetings, private parties, and sporting events.

What type of event venue do you deliver to?

We do not deliver to residential addresses and verify that our delivery will be shipped to a public venue. We deliver to commercial venues, hotels, conference and business centers, galleries, performance halls, theaters, stadium arenas, community centers, and more.

What is the payment process?

We only offer a secure payment link to process bank and cc payments. Since we follow PCI Compliance, we will never take your personal and financial information over the phone or regular e-mail.

What happens if you have an emergency during event rental?

We will provide you with an emergency number and a person to contact for any emergencies. We do 95% of all deliveries nationwide ourselves in order to avoid 3rd party damages from logistics firms and guarantee safe delivery of items.

What Makes Modern Event different from other event furniture rental companies?

When our clients call, we answer – we never use automated numbers to service our clients. We also work with realistic budgets to accomplish our clients’ wishes and know how to create unique items in the event rental marketplace. Since we manufacture over 50% of inventory in-house, we have a better control of the supply chain. Quick responsiveness and communication about details are also our core traits that help with successful project completion. We care that you get the best quality service and return on your investment.