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  • Size 12" W x 12" L x 120" H
  • Weight 67
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10ft Aluminum Box Truss

Rigging and truss builds the structural foundation behind dazzling event displays.

This specialty equipment enables the overhead hanging of lighting, audiovisual elements and decorative embellishments that transform basic venues into engaging experiential spaces. As the physical backbone supporting heavy event tech and decor, quality rigging is crucial for delivering both a stunning look and attendee safety. At Modern Event Rentals, discover our diverse truss system selections designed like connectable Lego blocks to erect awe-inspiring exhibits and customize any setting through creative vision and modular ingenuity.

This 10ft Aluminum Box Truss stands a dramatic 10 feet tall, providing a towering piece for constructing eye-catching exhibits. Although lightweight for easy transport and set up, these interlocking pieces provide incredible strength as a display framework once connected. Square silvery pieces effortlessly assemble into diverse rigging systems – from scenic arches to scaffolding with a cutting-edge feel.