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  • Size 12" W x 12" L x 96" H
  • Weight 51
  • Color Silver
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8ft Aluminum Box Truss

Rigging and truss construction form the essential framework for impressive event displays. This specialized equipment allows for overhead installation of lighting, audiovisual components, and decorative accents, turning ordinary venues into immersive experiential spaces.

Serving as the sturdy support for substantial event technology and decor, reliable rigging is vital for achieving both a visually stunning atmosphere and ensuring attendee safety. Explore our diverse truss system options at Modern Event Rentals, designed to customize any setting with inventive vision and modular creativity.

Pair up these 8ft Aluminum Box Truss pieces with the rest of our diverse truss systems at Modern Event Rentals for innovative installations. The squared silver pieces connect with other pieces, allowing you to erect arresting structures to suspend lighting, screens, signs, and more. Despite its lightweight portability, this truss anchors sturdy shapes and lines overhead.

Let the adaptable nature of the 8ft Aluminum Box Truss contribute to the creation of resilient overhead frameworks, empowering you to bring your most ambitious event visions to fruition with confidence.