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  • Size 37" W x 34" L x 30" H
  • color White
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The Metro White Chair is a stylish and comfortable seating solution that offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to cater to your event seating needs. It emanates a contemporary appeal with its glossy white finish, adding an element of sophistication to any space. Known for its versatility, this chair fits harmoniously with diverse decor styles and color palettes, making it an ideal choice for various events, be it a corporate meeting, a special celebration, or a chic wedding.

Crafted with superior quality materials, this chair ensures prolonged durability, enabling it to withstand the demands of any event. It features a spacious seat that grants optimal comfort, even during prolonged use. Its robust design further enhances its sturdiness, ensuring it stands steady despite constant use. The Metro White Chair not only offers an inviting place to sit but also acts as a visual delight, elevating the overall ambiance of your event while ensuring your guests’ supreme comfort.