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  • Size 48" W x 26" L x 30" H
  • Color White
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The Palette Sofa White is a chic addition to the decor arsenal offered by Modern Event Rental. Made for those who value elegance and simplicity in design, it exudes a sense of sophistication sure to enhance the ambiance of any setting. Outfit your event with this exquisite piece and witness the transformation of your space to a place of sophistication and calm.

Built with top-of-the-line material for superior durability, this white-colored palette sofa offers a touch of contemporary luxury. Its generously spacious design can comfortably accommodate multiple guests, making it a great choice for events of all sizes. Its white color is versatile, fitting seamlessly into any decor theme from formal gatherings to casual events. Highlighting comfort with style, the soft cushioned seating ensures your guests enjoy your event effortlessly. Its clean and minimalistic lines further elevate its appearance, making it a must-have piece for any event planner. Being highly resilient, it can easily withstand the usual wear and tear, ensuring it remains the centerpiece of your event design for long. So, bring in the Palette Sofa White, and add a streak of elegant charm to your event decor.