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  • Size 24" W x 16" L x 20" H
  • Weight 38
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The Tribeca End Table is an exceptional, artistic piece of furniture that engulfs any space with a contemporary vibe. As part of the modern furniture rentals, this end table is perfect for bringing an edgy, urban touch to your events. The sleek, clean lines and captivating design makes it an instant eye-catcher. Borrowing from the theme of Tribeca, a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub in Lower Manhattan, the table encapsulates the feeling of modernity, elegance, and functionality.

Made from a combination of steel and glass, this table not only speaks volumes about style, but also ensures durability. The glass top is perfectly complemented by the steel frame, giving it a sense of balance and coherence. The versatile design of the Tribeca End Table blends seamlessly with any decor style, be it classic, contemporary, or modern. It has enough room to hold your event essentials such as drinks, appetizers, or decor items. It’s not just a table, but the perfect modern accessory to enhance any social gathering or event. The chic, minimalist vibe of the Tribeca End Table certainly doesn’t compromise on practicality, thus making it an instant favorite for all events.