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  • Size 15" W x 15" L x 30" H
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The X-Frame Pedestal is a versatile event accessory designed to enhance any event setup, brought to you by Modern Event Rental. Designed with sturdiness in mind, the X-Frame Pedestal is crafted from high-quality materials ensuring it can withstand varying weights and uses. Its unique X-frame structure supports heavy display items, making it an ideal choice for showcasing anything from product launches to wedding accessories, thus adding depth and interest to the overall event presentation.

Standing tall with a sleek, contemporary design, this pedestal effortlessly blends into any event decor or theme, while also adding an edgy touch. The simplicity of its design adds an element of sophistication, easily adapting to the foreground or background of your event set-up. Sporting a neutral color that complements any color scheme, the X-Frame Pedestal does not distract from your featured products or decor, instead serving to highlight them. Perfect for any occasion, the X-Frame Pedestal is a top choice for event planners seeking a balance of style and function.