5 Popular Event Trends to Consider

According to Forbes, when you’re planning an upcoming event, you want it to be both unique and trendy. But how do you bring your vision into reality? You don’t have to overly complicate it, Modern Event Rentals and AVLS Rentals can help simplify the process of hosting a memorable event, with innovative and one-of-a-kind event designs and rentals. Whether it’s a corporate event or trade show, or you’re coordinating the event as part of an experimental marketing agency, we think that these are the 5 popular event trends to consider.

Popular Event Trends to do With Your Event Rentals

Things become popular event trends for a simple reason — people enjoy them. The following 5 popular event trends will help you keep your event planning current while leaving plenty of room for your creative touches. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, consider some of these recent event trends.

Rent LED Glowing Furniture

Nothing says futuristic like LED illuminated furniture rentals. One of the latest event trends is the use of LED-lit furniture to enhance the atmosphere of an event. Modern Event Rentals offers a large selection of LED-lit furniture rentals, including bars, tables, high boys, seats, and sofas. All of these are available in various colors. Choose furniture lit in blues and greens to create an underwater feel, or brighten any venue with furniture in bright pinks and yellows. Or pick a destination theme like a night on Ocean Drive, Miami with Pinks, Purples, and Blues, or a night on the Vegas Strip with Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Whatever the theme of your event, you can add a unique flair to it by choosing furniture event rental options with LED. Illuminated LED furniture will keep your clients and their friends talking about your event and sharing the details all over social media.

LED Event Furniture Rentals

Hire Live Music or DJs

Having live musicians or DJs at events isn’t a new trend, but it continues to be a popular way to liven up any event. AVLS Rentals can provide you with everything you need to accommodate either live musicians or DJs, except for the talent themselves of course.

You may need a stage, lighting, or speakers to help your musicians share their sound with everyone in attendance. AVLS Rentals can rent them to you and be present on the day of the event to set everything up and then break it down. If your music source of choice is a DJ, AVLS can help there too, providing sound mixers, microphones, and speakers.

Host an Instagramable Event with unique event rentals

When event attendees or party guests are having a great time, they love to share it through social media. Create an atmosphere and look that encourages people to take photographs or videos to share. You might want to consider setting up picture alcoves with atmospheric lighting and thematic decor to give your guests a great background for their selfies.

Even if your event is a more professional-themed event, like a trade show or conference, there are plenty of opportunities to make the event picture perfect. The more people take photos, the more they’ll post and talk about the event. As an event organizer, this is precisely the outcome you are looking for.

Charging Station Rentals

Whatever event you are hosting, you want your attendees to interact with one another. Since everyone relies on their smartphones to stay in touch and share their experiences you want to make sure guests never run out of power by renting charging stations. This will help people quickly and easily charge their phones or other devices without having to leave the event or miss out on networking opportunities due to a dead device.

Rent Furniture to Create A Unique Theme

custom led swing furniture for Modern Event Rental

Themed parties are not a new idea, but with the furniture rental options you can change up the furniture, sound, and lighting to enhance whatever direction you choose to go, creating something that hasn’t been done before.

Maybe you are looking to host a more modern or luxury-style event, you might be interested in Modern Event Rental’s luxury collection. We offer a variety of posh lounge event furniture options in gold, silver, and velvet with matching accessories like coffee and end table rentals to truly add sparkle and interest to your event. These furniture rentals will give your event an elevated feel and help set the elegant tone you’re going for.

If you want to host an event that feels futuristic, you will want to check out our LED swings and chic furniture collections. We have a variety of sleek leather lounge event furniture rental options. These are a great option for the technology and science industries. This could also be a great theme concept for any event related to music or television.

Event Planning Assistance From the Event Experts

You can choose a theme and have the experienced event planning staff at Modern Event Rentals provide you with event furniture rentals, equipment, and event design to bring that theme to life. Our team is experts in hosting the perfect event. In addition, our in-house delivery services guarantee your delivery will be on time and handled with care, plus we deliver anywhere within the continental United States. Check out our other blog on the 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Furniture Rental Company with Delivery

Choose Modern Event Rental for an Unforgettable Event theme

Whatever type of event you’re planning, Modern Event Rentals can provide you with the furniture you need to make it a trendy yet innovative affair that will boost your social media presence and that your guests are sure to love.

Founded in 2009 Modern Event Rental has grown from its humble beginnings to deliver rentals nationwide. Over the years, we have acquired the skills and knowledge to help create a partner’s vision into reality. Our event rentals are completely customizable, and great for trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. We work with some of the largest marketing agencies, and corporations in the country. Our rentals make nationwide campaigns and events possible.

We view our clients as partners, and their events are our priority. Our focus is customer service and quality products. Modern staff is available 24 hours/7 days/365 days a year to answer any questions or concerns. Over 85% of our rentals are delivered nationwide in our own logistical fleet and drivers. Whatever is needed to get your event done correctly, our team can do it. Contact our event furniture rental experts today to plan your perfect event.

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