5 Reasons To Choose an Event Furniture Rental Company with Delivery

Planning a successful event is no easy task. It’s so much more than just finding a suitable venue and entertainment. An event that truly stands out needs furniture rental and equipment. But even finding the right event furniture rentals and equipment will not matter if it isn’t doesn’t arrive on time for the event. Today we’re looking at the main 5 reasons to choose an event furniture rental company with delivery services.

With many factors affecting the supply chain currently, it is wiser to find an Event Furniture Rental company that handles their transportation and delivery in-house. At Modern Event Rental, we offer a wide selection of furniture rentals to make any event a success. We have everything from posh lounge event furniture in gold, silver, and velvet; and accessories like coffee and end tables. These glamorous furniture rentals truly add an extra element of luxury to your event.

If you want to portray a more modern style for your event try checking out our LED furniture collection. Here you will find swings, bars, tables, chairs, and loveseats all brightly, and safely, in a multitude of colors. We guarantee they’ll light up your event. Whatever your needs, we have something to offer. Additionally, Modern Event Rental offers its own transportation and delivery. This white-glove service delivers anywhere in the continental United States. In fact, 85% of our rentals deliver nationwide using our own logistical fleet and drivers.

Here are the reasons you should use an event furniture rental company with an in-house delivery service like Modern Event Rental.

Fluctuating Fuel Prices

We’ve all noticed the change at the pump lately. Gas Prices are soaring once again according to a recent article by USA Today. Many delivery companies are offsetting this cost on to their customers. When you order a truckload (or several) of event furniture rentals these costs add up quickly. Luckily when you choose an event furniture rental company like Modern Event Rentals you can help reduce these costs. By handling our own delivery services we can streamline our operations and cut costs, passing those savings on to our customers.

Event Furniture Rentals Handled with Care

Everyone has seen a delivery driver toss a package or handle it roughly. If you are renting furniture or equipment for your event then you need it to arrive in good condition. Otherwise, it reflects poorly on your business. Unfortunately, third-party delivery services are not as invested in handling your delivery with care, because issues usually are taken up with the sender. You can be sure that with our white glove delivery service all your event furniture rentals are shipped and delivered with care. Our team ensures that your products arrive in the condition you expect them to. If there is an issue, you deal directly with our dedicated customer service team at Modern Event Rental.

Dedicated Customer Service Team for Your Event Furniture Rentals

Nothing frustrates you more than waiting on delivery but the tracking won’t update. Contacting the carrier’s customer service can take hours and still yield no results. With Modern Event Rentals, you can skip that hassle. Our customer service team is in-house just like delivery services. You can contact Modern Event Rental quickly and easily with any questions or adjustments you have regarding your delivery. Our team puts our customers first every time.

Nationwide Event Furniture Rental Shipping

Many event furniture companies only offer local or regional deliveries. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect furniture to match your event and realizing they don’t deliver to you. Hiring a third-party delivery service to transport event rentals outside of their normal delivery can rack up costs quickly. With Modern Event Rentals, you don’t need to worry about that. We offer our delivery service across the continental United States. Wherever your event is happening, we can deliver your furniture event rentals.

Reduce Your Event Rental Costs

When you start to add on all the fees and charges of third-party delivery service your costs can skyrocket. If you are trying to stay within your budget, or keep costs lower, then this poses a problem. That’s why you should choose a company that handles their own deliveries. You receive a reduced shipping cost from the lower operational costs of a streamlined process. These cost savings mean you can invest in more furniture or equipment, like these awesome LED Swings, for your event.

Choose Modern Event Rentals for Your Event Furniture Rental Needs

Renting furniture if you don’t have it on hand, can be a challenge. Not only must you find the right furniture, but make sure it’s delivered on time, and if you’re building a bar or stage it needs to be constructed before the event. You don’t want to be stuck cutting your delivery time to close to the event, or paying a surcharge for shipping and handling. When you choose an event furniture rental company like Modern Event Rental it ensures you get your delivery on time and minimize spikes in shipping costs due to fuel prices or other unforeseen factors.

With our in-house delivery team, we make sure you get your event furniture rentals on time, and in the condition you expect. Our team works closely with clients to provide our white glove delivery service and set up. We hope that our 5 reasons to choose an event furniture rental company with delivery services help you with planning your next event. To plan the perfect event, contact Modern Event Rental’s team today!

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