5 Best Event Furniture Rental Options In Las Vegas

An elegant event venue with stylish furniture and decor.

Planning an event in Las Vegas and need the perfect furniture to dazzle your guests? It’s no secret that Sin City hosts some of the most extravagant events in the world. With a treasure trove of rental options, finding that ideal sofa or chic cocktail table can elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dive into our guide where we’ll highlight top-notch rental companies ready to transform any space—bringing your vision to life with style and ease. Let’s make your event unforgettable!

Key Takeaways

  • Las Vegas has many event furniture rental companies that offer a variety of styles and services.
  • Some rentals provide unique items like LED bars and charging lounges to make events stand out.
  • Delivery, setup, and breakdown services are important to consider when choosing a rental company.
  • Prices vary among companies, so it’s wise to compare packages and check for additional fees.
  • Researching customer reviews can help ensure reliable service from the chosen rental provider.

Importance of Event Furniture Rental in Las Vegas

A grand convention center with elegant event furniture and bustling atmosphere.

Moving on to the thriving event scene in Las Vegas, it’s easy to see why event furniture rental is essential. The city hosts some of the most high-profile trade shows and conventions like SEMA Show and NAB Show.

These events demand top-notch decor that resonates with brands’ identities. Quality furniture rental gives planners flexibility to create unique spaces for branding, networking, and showcasing products.

In a town known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” appearances matter a lot. Event-goers expect memorable experiences when they step into venues like The Wynn or Caesars Palace.

This makes selecting the right chairs, desks, and other party supplies critical for success. With options from modern to vintage styles, rentals help transform any space into an impressive setting that captures the essence of Las Vegas’s vibrant character.

Top Event Furniture Rental Options in Las Vegas

A glamorous event setup with elegant furniture and decor.

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable event in Las Vegas, the furniture and decor play a starring role. You’re in luck—with a city that shines as bright as the lights on The Strip, sourcing top-notch rental options is a breeze; let’s take a sneak peek at some local favorites that are sure to elevate any occasion with flair.

Modern Event Rental

Modern Event Rental stands out in Las Vegas for their unique blend of style and practicality. They have a vast array of choices perfect for any event design, whether it’s on The Strip or at an iconic venue like Caesar’s Palace.

Their collection includes everything from chic charging furniture to glowing LED bars that can light up any party atmosphere.

Clients love Modern Event Rental because they go the extra mile. They ensure your special day runs smoothly with services like delivery, set-up, and break-down. Plus, they offer custom orders to match your vision perfectly—down to the last detail.

With Modern Event Rental, creating a memorable Las Vegas event is easy and stress-free.

Quest Events

Moving from Modern Event Rental, let’s dive into Quest Events. They stand out for their commitment to quality and affordability in the Las Vegas event scene. With a wide array of top-notch furniture, they cater to events both big and small.

Quest Events goes beyond just rentals; they provide free planning tools to help you nail every detail of your event.

Quest Events knows how important your event is. That’s why they offer everything from plush seating arrangements to sleek bar setups that fit right into the dazzling Las Vegas skyline.

They work hard to make sure your venue shines, whatever the occasion might be – whether it’s a skincare product launch at Wynn Las Vegas or a tech conference at Mandalay Bay.

Fab Decor Rentals & Events

Fab Decor Rentals & Events brings a touch of elegance and whimsy to Las Vegas events. They have all you need for a stunning setup, from scenic stage rentals to glowing bars. Want something one-of-a-kind? No problem! This place lets you customize color, material, and even add your brand’s look to the decor.

They make getting your rentals easy too. Need help with shipping? Fab Decor has an array of trucks ready to deliver everything right where it needs to be. And whether you’re planning a big conference or an exclusive gala on the Las Vegas Strip, their collection will impress guests every time.

With LED swings and charging lounges, they’re always upping their game – helping event planners create unforgettable experiences in Sin City.

Modern Vintage Rentals

Modern Vintage Rentals is your go-to for cool, unique event furniture in Las Vegas. Their vast collection includes everything from elegant dinner party setups to fun, light-up bars.

They truly shine with scenic stage rentals perfect for making a big impression. Looking for something tailored? They’ve got you covered with customization options like color choices and branding to make your event stand out.

Transport worry-free because they offer shipping services ready to bring the party directly to you. Picture your guests lounging in style on velour and leather sofas or sharing laughs around trendy LED swings—it’s all about comfort meets class here.

After picking out the perfect vintage pieces, think about what’s next: RSVP Party Rentals has another range of items that could complete your look.

RSVP Party Rentals

RSVP Party Rentals takes your Las Vegas event to the next level with its stunning array of rental options. Imagine a stage decked out for a showstopper performance or an elegant dinner set-up that oozes style—this is what they offer.

Their collection boasts everything from eye-catching illuminated bars that light up the night to comfy lounge areas draped in premium velour and leather fabrics. Want something unique? They’ve got you covered with customizations that let you tweak colors, materials, and even branding.

Planning special events can be hectic, but RSVP Party Rentals makes it easier. You choose from charging furniture, outdoor sets, LED swings, and more—all designed to impress your guests.

And don’t sweat the logistics; placing orders is a breeze via their website or contact form. Plus, prices are tailored based on what you need—from how many items to setup demands.

Next up: variety matters when selecting the perfect rental company for your big event..

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rental Company


When you’re in the market for event furniture rentals in Las Vegas, making the right choice can be as crucial as picking the venue itself—think of it as casting actors for a blockbuster movie, where every piece needs to play its part perfectly.

From ensuring that your decor sets the scene just right to confirming logistics like delivery and setup go off without hitch, let’s dive into what really matters when choosing who’ll help bring your vision to life.

Variety of options

Choosing the right rental company means looking at their variety of options. You want your event to stand out, especially in a place like Las Vegas, NV. Look for vendors with a diverse inventory, just like CORT Events offers.

They have everything from vintage furniture to modern pieces that can fit any theme.

Make sure they can customize rentals too. Color changes and material choices might be what you need to match your event decor perfectly. Royal Party Supplies Rental and Retail is great for party equipment rentals because they give you lots of choices.

With the right options, your space will transform into something unique that all guests will remember!

Delivery and pick-up services

Getting your event furniture to and from your venue is a big deal. You don’t want any hiccups with chairs, tables, or decor not arriving on time. That’s why many rental companies in Las Vegas offer delivery and pick-up services.

These extra services make sure everything you rent gets to the right place safely and goes back after the party ends.

CORT Events goes the extra mile by providing nationwide delivery for their furnishings and equipment in Las Vegas. They have different trucks ready to roll out and bring all your rented items straight to spots like MGM Grand or The Venetian.

Remember these services come with additional charges, so plan your budget accordingly.

Set-up and break-down services

Planning an event in Las Vegas often means dazzling lights and big impressions. But behind the scenes, setting up tables, chairs, and decor is no small task. It’s heavy work that needs a team who knows what they’re doing.

That’s where set-up and break-down services shine! These pros come in before the party starts to assemble everything from stages to seating areas.

Once the last guest has left, you won’t have to lift a finger—the breakdown crew will swoop in and take care of everything. They pack up all rental items quickly and efficiently.

Remember these services are not free; fees will apply for both setting things up and taking them down after your event wraps up. Having this service can be a lifesaver for hosts who want to focus on their guests instead of managing furniture logistics.

Pricing and packages

Let’s talk dollars and sense. Getting the most bang for your buck matters, especially when it comes to decking out your event in Las Vegas. Whether you’re hosting a swanky soiree or an upscale conference, the right furniture rental company can make all the difference without breaking the bank. Here’s a peek at what you can expect:

CompanyBasic PackageDeluxe PackageCustom PackageAdditional Charges
Modern Event RentalsEssential furniture setIncludes premium piecesCustom colors and branding optionsVaries by services requested
Quest EventsStandard decor and seatingHigh-end decor optionsBranding and material customizationsDelivery, set-up, etc., at extra cost
Fab Decor Rentals & EventsBasic design elementsThemed decor and luxury furnishingsFully tailored to event styleAdditional fees for transportation
Modern Vintage RentalsClassic furniture selectionsExclusive vintage and modern piecesClient-specific stylingService charges apply
RSVP Party RentalsAffordable essentialsExtensive variety, upscale optionsColor and material customizationsIn-house shipping options for a charge

Scouring for the perfect fit means weighing options against your budget. You’ll find RSVP Party Rentals stands out, not just for its longevity in the Vegas event scene, but for its wide-ranging supplies and competitive costs. Remember, though, additional charges are the norm – delivery, pick-up, and the nuts and bolts of setting up and breaking down your dream venue come with a price tag. Make sure to factor these into the overall cost to avoid any surprises.

Concluding Thoughts


Picking the right event furniture rental in Las Vegas brings your vision to life. It can make any gathering, from trade shows like the Specialty Equipment Market Association to intimate weddings, a memorable one.

– Research each company’s inventory for pieces that match your event’s theme.

– Check if they offer nationwide delivery and if it includes your venue in Las Vegas.

– Find out about services such as setting up and taking down the rented items.

– Review their pricing and package deals; seek value without compromising on quality.

– Consider delivery times: Will they get everything to you when you need it?

– Look at client testimonials or reviews for insights on their service reliability.

– Ask about partnerships with venues like World Market Center; this could ease logistics.

– Verify if they comply with privacy policies, especially when dealing with personal data through forms like reCAPTCHA.

Remember, great furniture rentals add style and comfort. They ensure guests have an excellent time at any event.

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