Brand-Defining Décor: Why You Need Customized Corporate Event Rentals

Brand Defining Décor Why You Need Customized Corporate Event Rentals

In the world of corporate events, it is crucial to make your mark as a brand, with a strong gameplan and an engagement strategy tied with an equally strong brand identity. It is one thing to throw a memorable event for guests and elite attendees to network and have fun, and it is a whole other level to get your brand name instilled in the minds of the attendees along with a memorable experience.

This is where customized event rentals find their significance. They help elevate your brand presence, market a positive experience ever-so-subtly, and ensure that attendees associate the experience with your brand name.

This is why at Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas, we focus on providing ample customizations. We have an in-house furniture and décor fabrication team that carefully produces the customized event rental pieces that you choose.

The importance of creating a strong brand presence

A brand is more than just a logo; it is a range of elements that embody the voice, image, and core values of your brand. When you infuse your branding, be it through any means, into your corporate events, it allows you to reinforce your identity, values, and commitment to the community, which allows attendees to resonate with you. In turn, it creates a subconscious presence where guests connect your brand with the same feeling and experience.

Customized event rentals as branding tools

Customized furniture and décor event rentals are powerful tools with which you can convey the nuances of your brand’s aesthetics, values, as well as narratives. When you design an event, incorporating different branding elements in different ways throughout the space, such as through colors, logos, and other theme-based elements helps align your event ambiance and space with your brand identity.

At Modern, we provide several customization options to help brands design their personal touch in the event setup. For table tops, we provide material customizations ranging from acrylic to glass to wooden, each of which can be further customized with brand elements. For our bar tables and counters, we provide color and lighting customizations; you can choose from a range of exciting colors for your counters, or you can choose to go for a non-illuminated counter. All our event rentals in Las Vegas are made using the highest quality material including the hardware and fabric, for the utmost durability and comfort.

Customization strategies for maximum impact

Fine-tuning your event to fit your brand persona is a sure-fire way to improve the impact your brand has on your target audience, and to connect with them on a deeper level. Here are some strategies to use custom furniture and décor rentals, and transform your event into a brand-centric masterpiece.

Incorporate a generic theme and customize elements with brand colors

Use a generic theme or a theme that is not too specific and fine-tune the theme to fit your brand identity. Match all the elements including the smallest details such as the tablecloth, napkins, coasters, etc. with your brand colors to create a subliminal means of brand marketing. The bigger elements, such as the banners and backdrops must mandatorily be colored in alignment with your palette. When it is complemented by the smaller details, it renders a much more impactful brand presence.

Create branding zones throughout your event space

The modern-day crowd is obsessed with social media and other digital channels. This comes as a boon when it comes to creating special branding zones for subtle marketing. Design dedicated spaces for Instagram, a photobooth, or a creative product display, where attendees can interact and have fun. Include custom-branded furniture in these spaces with banners or other props as well. Incorporate a dedicated hashtag as well for prolific reach.

Incorporate themed customized furniture

When designing your event space, choose furniture and décor elements that extend the narrative of your brand. For example, if your brand stands for simplicity and minimalism, incorporate furniture with sleek edges and art-deco shapes. Use classic and timeless pieces of décor, such as ottomans. On the other hand, if your brand caters to a more vibrant crowd, use exciting-colored bars and new-age furniture pieces to showcase your upbeat nature. A holistic provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, like Modern, can give you great selections in every category.

Use branded displays and sets to set the tone

To create a better impact with branded rentals, display and stage sets are the best way. They help transform the event space into a different dimension while carrying your branding elements. They also help create the “wow” factor with a strong first impression.

For example, at Modern we have a range of stage sets and scenic rentals in multiple designs, starting from digital panels to cubes to whiteboards and hexagons. They also have unique locking systems that secure them in place in time for your event. You can customize these displays with abstract designs incorporating your brand colors, including your brand logo, name, etc., and ensure that your attendees receive the message. It is one of the most powerful ways to make a lasting impression and give your guests something to remember you by.

A few pointers to remember when branding your corporate event

When customizing your event to include brand elements, it can be easy to go overboard and deceive the purpose. On the flip side, subliminal brand marketing may sometimes prove to be insufficient if not done the right way. To prevent these mistakes, here are a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

·       Consistency is always key. To ensure the desired impact, incorporate brand colors and other elements across all elements of your event, starting from the furniture colors to the structure layout. A consistent palette of colors improves brand recognition and reinforces your identity.

·       Think beyond visual aesthetics and focus on providing interactive experiences for attendees, that perfectly align with your brand voice. Include activities, hashtags, social media corners and the like, each incorporated with brand elements to maximize impact.

·       Reply on holistic providers of event rentals in Las Vegas to customize your event. Using their experience and thoughtfulness in designing branded furniture and décor rentals, can help you optimize your efforts and ensure success.

Customize your next corporate event with Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas

A successful and engaging corporate event entertains guests, while also improving the impact of the brand that is hosting it. The best way to achieve this feat is to combine enriching experiences with subtle but powerful branding efforts. Using customized furniture along with interactive experiences and activities at events is a guaranteed way to optimize your brand presence. Use the above-mentioned tips and guidelines for a head start. For more practical tips and all your customized furniture needs, rely on Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas. For updates check our Facebook page.

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