Reserve Your Charging Station Rentals Today!

At Modern Event Rental, we’re always looking for great event decor and furniture ideas. Our custom event rentals are designed, built and fabricated to fit any event. Whether you’re hosting a tradeshow or a corporate event, you can count on the Modern Event Rentals team to provide you with great furniture for your event.

Our charging station rentals have become a favorite and most requested rental from our clients. The charging stations allow you to charge your phone along with five other phones per station. With these charging stations, guests can conveniently and securely charge their phones and other devices during the event. Our charging stations are secure, with a touch screen and 4 digit code that is entered to unlock and receive your device. Each station contains 4 charging lockers for phones and 2 charging lockers for tablets, while each individual locker contains a variety of charging cables for all types of devices.

Not only are these charging stations perfect for your guests, but they’re also perfect for your brand. Each of these stations can be 100% customized for your event, they provide brand awareness and allow you to reach a wider audience and attract attendees. If you’re looking for a custom branding solution to make your event even more special, and drive event engagement consider renting a cell phone charging station from Modern Event Rental today! 

The charging station rental is available in a full vinyl wrap or a simple charging station locker. The rental is only available in one size, 71.25”H x 30.5”W x 16”D. If you’re looking to rent and customize event rentals, the charging station is a great and cost-effective option.

In addition to charging station rentals, Modern Event Rental also has great event add-ons, including scenic elements, pedestal and furniture rentals, including charging furniture.

To view more of our rental options, visit our event rentals page. If you’re ready to book your furniture and rentals for your upcoming event, contact Modern Event Rental today.

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