Light Up Your Event Space with the Best Custom LED Furniture


By now you’ve read all about Modern Event Rental’s stunning LED light-up dance floors. But now we’re taking the LED trend to a whole new level with our light-up furniture rental.  

Modern Event Rental custom manufactures our own unique line of illuminated furniture rentals using the highest-grade materials. We carry a full line of acrylic furniture, including light up tables, light up bars, lighted pedestals and much more. We light up your event by using energy efficient, battery operated LED lighting fixtures.

To truly set the right mood for your event, let us create the perfect pieces of modern illuminated furniture that allow you to literally light up any space. We won’t outsource the job, either, because we design and build all our own pieces in-house.

Our high-quality custom designs can light up bars and a variety of tables in a several color choices. Our LED furniture is perfect for special events, trade shows, meetings, weddings, and more.

While considering light-up table options for your modern event space, you might also consider some of our new high-tech Spark Furniture options.

Spark chairs and couches allow your guests to plug in and power up while they take a seat, have a rest, or strike up a conversation in your event setting. From powered couches to powered chairs with USB ports, Spark Furniture by Modern Event Rental offers powered furniture rentals for events of all sizes.

Are you planning an event that needs a modern design? Call Modern Event Rental at (800) 275-6015 for more on our full selection of illuminated furniture and meeting rentals and the Spark Furniture Line.

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