Custom Bar Table Rentals To Spice Up Event

Introducing our custom bar table rentals. One of the best ways to break the ice at any social event is to have an open and active bar. Your guests will love the company of exotic and delicious drinks while they engage in conversation with their peers. In fact, bar counters are famous for being conversation starters the world over.

Of course, it is not enough to have a random ugly-looking bar counter at a great social event. It will just take away from the beauty of your event. After all, we do need to account for the pictures, since we are living in the age of social media.

You need a bar that effortlessly adds to the charm and quality of your event; designs that flatter your theme and offer comfort at the same time.

You only get that killer combination at Modern Event Rentals Chicago.

Introducing our custom-colored bar table rentals, designed and manufactured completely in-house.

Custom Bar Table Rental In Classic Designs

The key to creating popular and versatile furniture is designing them in classic silhouettes, colors, and textures. This makes sure that they don’t get outdated when décor or furniture trends change, and that they also go with most event themes.

Our bar table rentals are not only thoughtfully designed in classic shapes, but are also inspired by widely popular vintage models in bar furniture. We incorporate classic rectangle, square, and circle shapes with a tad bit of contemporary edge to create masterpieces that are not only elegant in looks but also functional and purpose-driven.

We have some of the most elegant collections in bar tables, starting from old-school metallics to fun and quirky LED-infused tables. No matter what type of social gathering you are expecting at your event, we have the perfect collection for you.

Built In-House For Top-Notch Quality

What makes our bar table rentals one-of-a-kind and supreme in quality, is that they are manufactured in-house at Modern. We have a dedicated furniture design and manufacture team that tirelessly works to provide event rentals in Chicago for you to stand out and make a mark. Each of our tables is manufactured on a sturdy base of steel and is customizable to suit your unique event needs and brand requirements.

bar table rental
bar table rentals

Our Nexus Bar Tables Are The Epitome of Simplicity

The versatility of a piece of furniture comes from its simple design and color story, making it adaptable to any event theme and brand style. Our Nexus Bar Table rentals are the epitome of simplicity and elegance in that respect.

Primarily constructed on a steel welding frame with the dimensions 24L*24D*42H, our Nexus tables can also be customized to include table tops in acrylic, wood, black, and many more. They have a classy box silhouette to customize over and you can easily incorporate your branding on top. Moreover, their steel base can be powder coated to white, black, silver, or gold, as per your choice.

Not to mention, all aspects of construction, including customization are done in-house at Modern so that we get to ensure the best quality and adherence to client requirements.

Bali Communal Bar Table Rentals For Classic Elegance

No matter how popular contemporary designs are, some of us like to stick to classic and vintage silhouettes when it comes to furniture. We get it. Classic styles always have a special place in our collections.

That is why we have created a regular-framed version of our popular Nexus – the Bali communal bar table. As opposed to the box frame, our Bali bar table rentals come in a regular “T” table frame made of sturdy steel welding. With dimensions of 72”w x 26”d x 42”h, these tables can accommodate a group of guests comfortably. The frame can be powder coated to white, black, silver, or gold color choices, and the table top can be customized to wood, acrylic, and many more options.

As always, they are easy to brand on top so that you can tune them to suit your brand style, and they are constructed in-house by our talented team of designers, just like our Nexus.

MOD scaled x
MER bali table x

Illuminated Essentials For a Tad Bit of Edge

Apart from our classic collections, we also have fun and edgy illuminated high tables and communal tables to engage unique guests. They are manufactured with high-quality LED panels displaying bright colors like pink, blue, and yellow. Our Illuminated High Boy for example is one of the most popular bar table rentals, chosen by unique entertainment, fashion, and beauty event hosts.

Sophisticated Pub Tables

In addition to classy communal tables, bar tables, and LED tables, we also have sophisticated circular-style pub tables in magnificent combinations of colors including gold, black, silver, and white. They come with simple sturdy metallic pedestals, with neat circular table tops, perfect for wonderful conversations.

Customize Your Furniture For Your Next Event

If you have a high-engagement unique event on your mind to build exposure for your brand, try our customizable, versatile, and elegant bar table rentals and see the difference they bring for yourself. Incorporate colors, textures, and branding elements according to your unique brand on the furniture pieces you choose, and take advantage of the powerful impact they create at your next event.

Contact our team to plan the furniture and get a free quote today. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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