Event Branding With Modern Event Rental

Event planners have notoriously long lists to tackle. There are venues to confirm, caterers, to contact, and registrations to sort through. There might be a nod to branding, but it’s often limited to action steps like “design logo” and “choose colors for printouts.”

The best events go a step further, creating a brand identity that ties the whole event together. It all starts and ends with the people in attendance.

Focus on the Attendee Experience

It’s challenging to craft a unique brand identity for an event, especially when that event is one of many in a certain field. If you want your event to stand out from that crowd, you have to create a unique attendee experience.

Think about what values are driving attendees to your event. You can start with the mission statement of the sponsoring organization, but don’t stop there. Find out what attendees hope to accomplish by attending. Learn why they chose to register for your event and not for a similar one in the same industry.

Once you have a conception of what binds your attendees as a cohort, talk with your designers about how to manifest those values in event decor. Getting this right is important.

Create a Consistent Aesthetic

Visual brand identity is extremely important to consumers’ understanding of a company, audiences depend on aesthetics to conceptualize a company and what it stands for. Consistency and congruence are key to audiences’ comfort, and that holds equally true when the conversation shifts to events.

A well-branded event considers everything that the attendee will encounter from the moment they walk in the door. Consistency is difficult to achieve and easy to overdo, so consult a design professional if you’re not sure.

If this is an event that has happened before, look at what aesthetic elements you’ve had in the past. Your audiences will respond more positively if you carry major themes over from previous years. The same goes for the future. Choose your aesthetic carefully and be ready to commit to it for at least a few years. If you change major aesthetic elements too quickly, audiences find it jarring.

Modern Event Rental Can Help With Branding

Event branding is an all-encompassing task. Too many event planners think that it stops with objects that include your logos, such as banners, signs, cups, and napkins. That’s only part of the picture.

A visual brand identity is unified across the whole brand. Your event is your brand, so its identity has to be immersive. Make sure you brand everything you bring, including furniture and decor if possible. Also, consider what the venue’s fixtures contribute to the overall picture.

For example, imagine that you’re running a conference whose aesthetic is “innovation in tech,” and the venue-provided podiums are old-fashioned walnut. By avoiding those for custom event rentals, it’s best to choose a sleek pedestal rental to instantly brand your event for all lecture attendees.

Branding an event is no small task, but it can make a big difference, and Modern Event Rental can help. At Modern Event Rental, we’ve got event furniture, scenic elements, LED furniture, and other rentals you will need to take your brand image to the next level. We serve Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Austin events as well as events in many other cities nationwide, so contact us today!


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