Top Event Furniture Rentals To Style Your Chicago Event

Styling is one of the components that bring your whole event together. A great event goes through an event styling process to determine design elements like theme, vibe, and aesthetic. All these elements come together to create a space where your guest wants to be. One of the most important factors that enhances an event’s style is event furniture rentals. Keep reading to learn how to style your Chicago event with the best event furniture rentals. 

International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences states, “A good event performance depends on the attendees’ satisfaction. The event organizer must deliver a good event performance as it can lead to memorable and positive experience or satisfaction to the event attendees as well as achieving the event goals”. 

Influence your events performance by renting top-rated event furniture rentals that take events from mediocre to unforgettable. Renting unique pieces of furniture will increase attendees’ satisfaction, bring out charm, and enhance the style of the event. 

Modern Event Rentals is here to showcase how to style top-rated event furniture rentals that will make your event very memorable, and stand out. 

Determine Your Event Theme & Event Style Guide

The starting point for a successful event is determining what your event theme is. You may have already completed this step, but if you need ideas Modern Event Rentals has you covered. Check out these 5 Popular Event Trends to Consider, from Modern Event Rentals.

Another way to discover the best theme for your event is to determine who your audience is. Look into your target audiences’ key demographics, and look for similar events in the same industry to help gather ideas for event themes. 

If you know what your event theme is then you are ready to start planning! Keep reading to learn how to style your event with event furniture rentals. 

Chicago Event Furniture Rentals

How to Style a Great Chicago Event 

Once you have your event theme it’s time to choose rental furniture that will compliment your event and overall complete the unique event look. 

We’ve broken down different design elements that can be incorporated into your event to match your theme and aesthetic. The 6 design elements are color, lighting, texture, shape, space, and balance. 

The style focuses more on the visuals and outer look of the project/ event. Following these 6 elements can bring out your style. They will enhance the look and feel of your event.

My Event Venue Has So Much Space 

Event venues are usually massive and can be very intimidating. Too much negative space can make your event feel unfinished, but adding too much event rental furniture can make it feel daunting. It all starts with a blank space, literally. 

Modern Event Rentals suggest getting a clear understanding of the event venue’s space. Mark out where your event table rentals, bar rentals, and other event furniture rental pieces will go. 

This will help make it clear what event furniture you will need to rent, as well as how to make sure all the pieces will work together. 

Modern Event Rentals serves cities all around the Midwest. Aside from Chicago, we have become very familiar with event venues and convention centers throughout the country. Modern Event Rentals serves cities like Detroit, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. Check out all of the locations we serve to see if we’re near your event location. 

Planning an event outside of the Midwest and needing event furniture rentals? Good thing Modern Event Rentals offers nationwide shipping for event rental furniture. 

Styling Event with Colored Rental Furniture

Color is a great way to tie items together. Modern event Rentals has an array of colorful event rental furniture. For example Moderns, lounge furniture comes in different shades of blue, light pink, and bright colors like orange and red. 

Not to mention Modern also carry’s neutral colors like black, white, and gray. Our ottoman rentals match our lounge furniture colors which makes your event feel even more cohesive.

If your event has a particular color theme tie it all together with event rental furniture. Style is important at your event and adding color is an easy way to achieve cohesiveness.

Add Color to Your Chicago Event with LED Furniture Rentals

Looking for a fun way to add color to your next Chicago event? We have tons of Modern furniture with led lights. Modern’s LED furniture rentals will be sure to make your event very memorable. Our LED furniture uses energy-efficient, battery-operated LED lighting fixtures. 

Modern Event Rentals carry a full line of acrylic illuminated furniture, including light-up tables, light-up bars, illuminated pedestals, and much more. 
We have the best options for LED furniture rentals in Chicago, and throughout the Midwest. Illuminated LED furniture is the new wave of rentals that is exactly what you’ve been looking for to give your event the boost it needs.  Contact our team today to determine what furniture with LED lights is best for your event.

Create Texture With Event Furniture Rentals

Texture is often used to create an emphasis on something, or to provide a focal point. When styling your event you may come across something you want to showcase. A perfect way to do this is to rent event furniture rentals with texture. 

Texture can be, rough, smooth, matte, shiny, visual, or tactile. Modern event rentals can enhance your event style with our array of coffee and end tables

Our gem gold and silver coffee and end tables are great pieces to showcase as they are incredibly unique and enhance your style with texture. 

For a tasteful finish, we will work to match your table rental with the décor and theme of your event. With coffee tables and end tables, your guests will have the perfect place to set down their drinks while they chat with others or make their way to the dance floor.

It’s great to aim for an interesting mix of natural and manmade. Modern Event Rentals has a wide range of textured wood furniture rentals for rustic-themed event ideas. Such as our wood bar rental, or our pallet sofa. If your event theme is rustic or industrial then these pieces will enhance definitely enhance that style. At Modern we offer the best options for rustic-themed events. 

Another great way to create texture with event furniture rentals is with materials like velvet and leather. Our lounge furniture rentals include velvet material couches, leather material couches, and more. Lounge furniture is a staple at events because it gives your attendees a sense of relaxation with comfortable rental sofas and chair rentals provided by Modern Event Rentals.

Style your Chicago Event With Top-rated Lighting

A great way to showcase style at your large corporate events is with lighting. Modern Event Rental’s sister company AVLS Rentals offers impeccable audio, visual,  lighting, and staging equipment that will bring your Chicago event to the next level. 

Lighting is important because it can influence how attendees perceive your event space. Light rentals allow you to direct focus to different areas, showcase focal points, or project a path through a room leading to an area of importance.

Lighting is a key element that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, most event venues don’t have lighting rental equipment already installed. That’s why when you work with Modern Event Rentals you have access to top-rated lighting rental equipment. 

Our staff will install lighting fixtures professionally and efficiently. Whether you need a spotlight, border lighting, or LED light rentals for a corporate event, AVLS Rental has you covered.

Enhance Your Event Style With Shapes

Adding Shape to your event is an essential part of enhancing the style of your event. Shape is created by furniture so it’s a good thing Modern Event Rentals has a wide range of furniture options to choose from. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a convention, conference, trade show, wedding, or gala, our large inventory of unique furniture offers something for every type of event.

Add fun-shaped furniture to your events like our 8-ft round LED bar rental. By choosing one key shape, like round or curved edges, you can emphasize your theme and aesthetic. 

Uniquely shaped furniture is also a great way to create a designated focal point for your event. Check out Modern’s X-frame pedestal rental, which is a uniquely shaped rental furniture piece perfect for highlighting your event style in a subtle way. 

How to Make Your Event Style Feel Balanced

When your style is balanced throughout your event it will feel put together and complete. Balance is taking all the style elements we’ve discussed and using them in a manner that feels equal. 

When your style is not properly balanced, an event space can make its attendees feel uncomfortable and anxious. To make your event feel balanced texture, color, space, lighting, and shapes need to be combined and equal in weight. 

Use the Best Chicago Furniture Rentals to Style Your Event 

Bring all of these style and design elements together to create a memorable ambiance for your event. Wow your guests with event furniture rentals from Modern. Each piece of furniture you rent will make your event feel unique, significant, and special. 

Our event rentals are completely customizable and great for trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. We work with some of the largest marketing agencies, and corporations in the country to provide rentals for nationwide campaigns and events.

Modern has everything you need like custom-designed furniture. Modern Event Rentals has desirable LED furniture, charging stations, display shelving, and bar rentals

Why You Should Work With Modern Event Rentals

There are many reasons and benefits to working with Modern Event Rentals. For instance, Modern Event rentals offer a white glove furniture rental delivery service to our customers. This ensures you get your delivery on time and minimize spikes in shipping costs due to fuel prices or other unforeseen factors. 

Modern Event Rentals has a responsive customer service team who is willing to answer all your questions and offer guidance when needed. We never leave our customers astray. We make sure your event is exactly what you expected and more! 

We are a reputable event furniture rental company. Founded in 2009 Modern Event Rental has grown from its humble beginnings to deliver rentals nationwide. Our customers mean the world to us. Our main priority is making sure we give you the best possible experience. Event planning is stressful which is why Modern pushes to be the helping hand you need. 

No need to keep looking for a trusted event furniture rental company, you found us! Style your event with our top-rated event furniture rentals. Contact Modern Event Rental today to speak with one of our event professionals about designing your next event using the best Chicago event furniture rental options.

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