Harmonize Your Events With Versatile Registration Counters

Registration Counters: One of the most important yet often overlooked elements in any event is the registration desk. Organizers plan and execute every other detail at the event including the décor and furniture. However, the registration area is put together at the last minute most of the time, with little attention to detail.

Registration management is an entire aspect of event management that needs extra attention. There are several details that need to be sorted when it comes to registration including the stationery equipment and the counter. This sets the tone for the rest of the event. Once the guest list is organized and entered into the database, everything else will seamlessly fall into place, such as the headcount for the food, gifts, etc.  

That is why we have a whole collection of Las Vegas event rentals dedicated to registration – our customizable registration counters.

Versatile Registration Counters For Hassle-Free Organizing

At Modern, we make it a point to give ample thought and due diligence when designing our furniture collections. Mediocrity is not on our database. Every piece of our furniture is both attractive and functional, designed by experts, taking into account the littlest of details so that event hosts and guests can enjoy a hassle-free event.

Our registration counters have been created with the utmost convenience and versatility in mind. They are thoughtfully rendered versatile to allow hosts to switch things up and use them for other purposes as well.

Registration Counters

Here are a few other features that make our registration counters special.

Highest Quality

As a premium Las Vegas event rental company, we give the highest priority to quality. Over the years we have learned that if there’s one thing our community loves about us, it is the durability and richness of our furniture. For our registration counters, we use premium-grade metallic frames and LED panels. We fabricate them in-house with the expertise and engineering prowess of our manufacturing team. They can be used both indoors and outdoors for any type of event including trade shows, exhibitions, or conventions.

Visual Appeal

As an integral part of an event, registration counters cannot afford to look average or sub-par in comparison to the rest of the event décor. For the same reason, we design our registration counters with art deco-inspired elements so that it appeals to a larger share of people and goes with a majority of themes. Our classy counters have clean edges, plain boxy panels, and matching frames – perfect for any type of event.

Registration Counters blue


What makes our registration counters fascinatingly unique is their versatility. They are designed to support a range of event processes, apart from primarily being registration desks. With their design, they double up as food stations, swag stations, and interactive stations as well. Hosts can conveniently place stationery, food, drinks, catalogs and pamphlets, party favors, gifts, certificates, documents, and many more while allowing guests to interact with the host at the same time. This makes them perfect for all types of events including trade shows, conventions, business conferences, meetings, marketing events, and many more.


We are one of the few Las Vegas event rental companies that allow rich customizations with our furniture. We believe in going the extra mile to make events successful and enriching for brands, which is why allow them to place their signature on the furniture and décor pieces they rent. Our registration counters can also be easily customized and branded. You can illuminate them with interesting colors, and add graphics and other elements to make them yours.

Easy Mix And Match

Our registration counters can easily be matched with other collections in our catalog. We have great selections of art-deco-inspired pieces, white pieces, LED furniture, and more, and with a few customizations, our registration counters can blend in with any theme or style. This makes them a popular choice among most event organizers in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Having a Registration Desk

A registration desk can serve to be one of the most crucial aspects of an event, given that it helps organize footfalls and creates a systematic list of guests which can be used throughout the event. They essentially help streamline your event and ensure further arrangements appropriately.

Here are a few other reasons why you absolutely need a great registration desk at your event.

Creates a systematic record of attendees

Having an organized registration desk helps create a solid record of attendees, which can be useful for many purposes including further marketing. Your guest list can be a potential high-quality lead list or a solid network of businesses, both of which can be great sources to achieve growth and diversification for your business.

Creates a headcount for further programs in the event

When all your guests register, it gives you an accurate headcount to arrange for other programs at the event including food, gifts, certificates, and more.

Leads to an organized flow of attendees

Having your guests register creates an organized flow of guests, as opposed to free walk-ins, where there are chances for chaos and confusion. It essentially reduces anxiety for hosts and ensures all guests are attended to.

Serves more than one purpose

With our versatile registration counters, you can have more than one purpose served too. Once the registrations are closed you can use the counter for other programs including lunch or dinner buffets, refreshments, certificate or gift distribution, etc. thereby giving you more value for money. This is a specialty only a purpose-driven Las Vegas event rental company, like Modern, can give you.

A Reliable Las Vegas Event Rental Company At Your Service

We design our furniture and décor collections with the utmost comfort, convenience, and preferences of the Las Vegas community. For the same reason, our registration counters are created with the utmost versatility in mind. On top of offering top-quality event rentals, we also provide shipping and delivery for additional charges. Our delivery executives can help you set up the rental pieces as well. In every way, we seek to provide the best in terms of product quality and service.

Feel free to go through our catalog for designs and give us a call to discuss your next event. Also check our Facebook page for latest updates.

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