How to Bring Winter Indoors This Holiday Season

How to Bring Winter Indoors This Holiday Season

Holiday Season: The temperature is gradually starting to drop. Darkness has started to fall early during the day. The colder winter months are inching onwards.

However, it also means that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, are just around the corner, and there is no dimming the festivities in Houston.

It may not be the most practical idea to host full-blown festive events outside during the colder months; which is why we settle for indoor festive events. For hosts that love a good late Fall and winter-themed event, there are numerous ways to bring the magic indoors.

As a hands-on provider of event rentals in Houston, we at Modern are always prepped and ready to meet your winter event requirements.

Here are some amazing ways you can bring the magic of the winter to your indoor events.

Winter-themed stage sets for a wow factor

One of the most effective ways to bring an ambient winter vibe indoors, especially for a fairly big event is to have a winter-themed scenic stage set, as a focus point at your venue. You can install digital panels displaying a snowing outdoors, or an elegant static display of a snow-covered garden or forest; the options are endless.

At Modern, we have a wide selection of scenic stage sets in multiple trending designs and styles. From cubes, hexagons, and unique whiteboard styles, to abstract patterns, we have a design for any theme and occasion. We also offer customization options for hosts who wish to incorporate their own ideas and branding. With winter around the corner, we are ready with our stock of winter-themed stage sets as well, to create the wow factor at your event.

Frosty winter décor

They say it’s all about the little things. To adorn your indoor space with a wholesome winter ambiance, start with the little décor elements. You can curate a ton of winter décor, starting from beautiful pine cones, to dried twigs and branches, dried flowers and knitted socks, sweater-style vases, and many more. Place these decorations strategically throughout the venue to bring the coziest winter theme for your indoor event. You can even DIY some of the décor; make snowflakes out of craft paper, snow out of cotton, dried flowers out of ordinary paper, and more.

Ambient winter lighting

We know that winters are gloomy with no sunlight. The best way to mimic the ambiance is to set ambient winter lighting at your event. Use soft dim lights thoughtfully suspended from above for a dramatic effect. You can also use other types of fancy winter lights to level up the experience. Put together with appropriate music and display setting, your guests are bound to feel the winter experience without the cold and numbing.

You can use Modern’s truss event rentals in Houston to organize ambient lighting and music systems. We have trusses in a variety of sizes and forms to offer versatile options for our clients.

Illuminated snowfall effect

As an extension of suspended lighting, you can also use illuminated fancy mechanisms to mimic snowfall inside. There are a variety of creative serial light designs available in the market that flicker and cause a snowfall effect. Alternatively, you can DIY snowfall lights with crepe paper, glue, and a balloon. The highlight of the illuminated snowfall effect is a flickering light suspended from above; once again, you can make use of our truss rentals for the trick.

Warm and cozy furniture

What better way to cozy up your event space than with comfortable furniture?

Arrange lounge seating at your venue for your guests to relax and engage with each other, using cozy and comfy sofas and sleek tables. At Modern, we have a wide selection of ultra-comfortable sofas and love seats made of high-quality velour and leather fabrics; perfect for cozy spots overlooking the falling snow outside through life-size windows. All our furniture event rentals in Houston are made in-house to ensure the utmost quality and durability.

Comfortable furniture is an inviting and warm way to let people enjoy your event with a view of the snow and the winter ambiance but without the distress of the outdoors.

DIY cards

DIY items are always special for guests because of the personal, perfectly imperfect touch it brings to the table. As mentioned above, you can try your hand at DIY décor like paper snowflakes, but if you wish for your guests to take home a little souvenir from the event, you can create winter-themed thank you cards, or place cards for the dinner table, or simply labels to go with your party favors. Use cotton for snow, rosemary, pinecones, or anything else that creams winter vibes; incorporate them as little pieces of décor for a minimalist card and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter-special takeaway.

Winter-themed food

Food is a whole category of event elements where you can incorporate winter vibes. You can include conventional winter-special main course items for a wholesome meal, and get creative with the desserts and appetizers. For example, you can use winter-themed cakes, cupcakes and macaroons. You can also have any other food item creatively made with subtle textures or design motifs related to winter. You will be able to find a bunch of tutorials online for them.

Multi-dimensional winter backdrops for photo booths

Finally, as a finishing element, include a cozy winter-themed photo booth or an Instagram spot for guests to click pictures in. For that, you can use cute and creative backdrops. You can DIY them yourself with cotton and craft paper, or you can rent them. At Modern, we have a range of multi-dimensional scenic backdrops meant to create mesmerizing and immersive experiences at events. Customize your winter-themed backdrop with falling snow, snowflakes, snow-capped mountains, trees, or any other winter effect, and watch your event transform into a winter wonderland.

Plan your next winter-themed event with Modern Event Rentals, Houston for the Holiday Season

Winters are hard and troublesome outdoors for sure, but you can always bring the wonderful side of winter indoors, through theme-appropriate décor and furniture. There is no one who doesn’t love the holiday and festive spirits that come with the winter season, and that is exactly what events are all about; keeping the spirits high and bright.

This holiday season, plan your next winter-themed event with Modern Event Rentals, Houston, and experience the magic of winter hassle-free, indoors. For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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