How to Make a Statement With Bold Furniture And Décor Event Rentals

Key Elements to Optimize to Take Your Event to The Next Level

An event space is essentially a blank canvas, waiting to be painted with fine and thoughtful brushstrokes, each leading up to the polished big picture. The process of design is the artist’s aesthetic flow of thoughts translating to beautiful motifs. In that sense, bold furniture and décor act as the artist’s signature brushstrokes; the ones that set him apart, grab attention, and leave a lasting impression.

Incorporating bold furniture and décor pieces into your event design helps elevate the look and feel of the venue in many ways. It is a purpose-driven and powerful way to infuse drama, character, and flair into the ambiance, making for a unique experience. Using bold furniture can thus transform your event setup into something magical.

Partnering with a holistic supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas can give you access to a range of bold furniture and décor choices to select your picks.

Here’s how you can use bold furniture rentals to make a statement and make your event an unforgettable one.

Defining bold furniture

Bold furniture and décor typically have unique attributes and qualities that make them stand out. These attributes can be in color, shape, size, texture, or anything else. Here are some significant features to look for.

Larger-than-life elements

As mentioned, one of the most prominent features is a larger-than-life element; unique silhouettes, bold colors, large motifs or prints, intricate patterns, eye-catching textures, etc. These elements create a significant visual impact and draw attention.

Act as focal points of interest

Bold furniture and décor pieces serve to be the focal points of interest in the event space anchoring the event’s theme or overall design concept. They effortlessly catch attention, generate curiosity, and encourage guest interaction, much like artwork or a painting.

Adds personality

They reflect the event’s personality and give the event character. A piece of bold furniture or an attractive scenic element, displays innovation and creativity, naturally creating a more powerful impression in the minds of guests.

The most experienced providers of event rentals in Las Vegas will invariably have bold furniture collections to cater to the hip and happening vibe of the city. At Modern, we invest in creating unique and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to service the needs of event managers who wish to make a statement.

Incorporating bold furniture into the event design

When designing the event setup, create a mindful focal point around the statement pieces that you choose for your event space. For that, select a few theme-focused bold pieces of furniture and décor, such as bold-colored or textured sofas and chairs, illuminated scenic elements, patterned scenic stage sets, etc.

Create “wow” moments

Place the chosen bold furniture and décor pieces to create “wow” moments; they incorporate an element of surprise in the design and space, sparking excitement and curiosity among incoming guests. Installing bold scenic stage sets or elements at the center, at the entrance, an illuminated piece of décor placed strategically in the event space, and a statement piece of art placed with a spotlight, are examples of bold furniture and décor creating “wow” moments.

Enhance the event theme with bold pieces

Pick bold furniture pieces that reinforce and further the overall theme and narrative of the event. Ensure that the statement pieces pull the design together while creating a focal point of interest. Placing theme-oriented bold pieces helps enhance the mood and ambiance of the event, whether you are aiming for an opulent, retro, futuristic, or whimsical tonality. They essentially strengthen the concept and give your event space character.

At Modern, we have a stunning collection of LED furniture and Swings. As bold furniture and décor pieces, they lend a fun, futuristic, and contemporary vibe to your event setup while elegantly drawing attention. We fabricate them in-house to achieve the highest level of quality. We are one of the few providers of event rentals in Las Vegas that has in-house design and manufacturing teams.

Transform the space with lighting that flatters and furthers the ambiance

To let the bold furniture pieces do the talking, tone down the elements that take attention away from the focal points by using strategic lighting techniques. Undue focus on other elements tends to create a cluttered and trashy look and takes away from the ambiance created by the statement pieces. Place the bold furniture and décor elements in strategic places, such as the entrance, or as a centerpiece within the event space, and use strategic lighting to enhance the focus, such as spotlights, warm lights, and mood-setting lights. This helps transform the space and amplify the vibe created by the furniture and décor.

Balance the layout with understated pieces

Incorporating bold furniture demands a delicate balance between elegantly catching attention, and going too overboard. To maintain a sense of equilibrium, complement the space with understated furniture elements, such as minimal designs and muted colors of chairs, tables, wall décor, etc. This prevents the elements from overwhelming the space and creates a harmonious layout.

Use contrasting complementary elements

Combine the bold furniture and décor pieces with contrasting textures and other complementary elements. For example, a bold wine-red colored sofa complemented with velour texture makes for the perfect statement piece. Balance the glam by pairing the setup with an understated coffee table in a contrasting color, such as beige. Designing layouts with contrast and cohesion in mind helps emphasize the uniqueness of the space without ruining the symmetry or harmony of the setup.

Partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced provider of event rentals in Las Vegas will help you nail these little details and maximize your business relationship.

Wrapping up

Bold furniture and décor elements act as catalysts in enhancing the look and feel of your event design, incorporating wholesome character, maximal harmonious energy, and uniqueness. Irrespective of the event you are hosting, whether it is a business conference, a product launch event, or a trade show, using bold furniture to make a statement amplifies the ambiance of your event, sparks curiosity, and in turn, effortless engagement – the ultimate recipe for success.

Partner with Modern Event Rentals, Las Vegas to make a statement with bold furniture and elevate your event

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