Top Scenic Elements to Include In Your Event Rentals

Putting a corporate event, trade show, or other special events together requires a lot of thought and planning. You may have a vision in your head, but it seems like it’s missing something when everything is put together. Maybe you feel like it’s boring or basic; it’s just not wowing you. In that case, you may be missing scenic elements. To discover the top scenic elements to include at your event keep reading!

Scenic elements are pieces that add ambiance and make your event pop. They aren’t necessarily functional, like chairs and tables. Instead, these are decorative walls or columns that add color or patterns to spice up your event.

Modern Event Rentals offers several different scenic pieces to help you create the perfect atmosphere. These include scenic walls, light-up walls, and LED columns. Keep reading to discover the top scenic elements to include in your event. Also, get the scoop on how to make an event space feel intimate and complete.

What are Scenic Elements?

Scenic elements are items that help incorporate all event design pieces in a seamless way. Together scenic elements work to bring all phases of an event together. Scenic elements can include many different things.

This includes lighting, sound, and stationary, or moving design pieces that can be used to bring an event theme, or vision together. Keep reading to discover the top scenic elements you should include in your event rental order from Modern Event Rentals.

3D Wall Panel and Bubble Wall Panel From Modern Event Rental

Need More Event Decor? Get Scenic Walls Rentals From Modern

Scenic walls are segments of walls that add visual interest to your event. These pieces can be used as general decor but are also great as photo backdrops, room dividers, or stage backgrounds. Most scenic walls are four feet wide by eight feet high. Some of Modern’s scenic wall options include:

  • 3D wall panel: The 3D wall panel features a geometric pattern over an LED base that can be customized to your event colors.
  • Atom wall panel: Modern’s atom wall panel features a repeating circle pattern over a color-customizable LED base.
  • Bubble wall panel: The bubble wall panel adds a “pop” of fun with a pattern featuring bubbles of various sizes. The patterned piece sits atop an LED base, which you can customize to match your event colors.
  • Enigma wall panel: Give your event a funky vibe with the enigma wall panel. This panel features a wavy pattern over a color-customizable LED base.
  • Window wall panel: The window wall panel offers a lattice pattern to dress up your event. The panel sits atop an LED base that you can customize to match your event.
  • Wooden pallet wall: The wooden pallet wall is a perfect addition to create a rustic vibe.

Light-Up Walls- The Scenic Element You Need


Modern’s light-up walls feature LED-illuminated panels outlined in black. These LED wall event rentals make great dividers or backdrops and can be customized to the color scheme of your event.

Choose from a wall panel or one of our LED curved walls. These are perfect for elevating an event space. Our LED Curved Wall Panels are great for an event entryway, can act as a unique backdrop, and can even be branded with your logo or messaging.

Order LED Light-Up Columns and Pillars For Your Next Event

LED columns and pillars are an excellent way to personalize the vibe of your event. Choose between solid LED pillars in four, six, or eight feet, or block-style columns in a range of sizes.


All LED columns and pillars can be color-coordinated to match your event’s theme and style and go perfectly with Modern’s LED furniture options.

Browse through Modern’s top-rated rental column and pillars

The Year For Show-Stopping Event Set-Ups

2023 will be the year for tradeshows, corporate events, and exhibitions, which means event planners will need event furniture rentals. Modern Event Rentals has a wide selection of event furniture rentals to help create the event or the booth of your dreams.

Start your event planning journey with the top 6 2023 event furniture rental trends. From LED swings to charging furniture Modern Event Rentals has the top event rental furniture you need for your next event.

Scenic Elements Help Fill Large Event Spaces

Sometimes, even with event rental furniture, your event space can feel incomplete or empty. This can be due to the size of your event space, the lighting, amount of guests, or other uncontrollable factors. Event rental furniture helps fill the missing gaps, but sometimes you need a little extra event rental piece to help.

Scenic elements can help enhance your event space. For those awkward corners or large gaps look to scenic elements. They catch attention and help make an event feel complete. Get creative! Add fun colors to incorporate your brand, and use various rental wall panels for photo opportunities.

Use scenic elements to elevate your event space, tell a story, and captivate the attendee’s eye. Scenic elements shouldn’t be a last-minute thought because they bring the whole vision together.

“Modern Event Rental has a wonderful selection of innovative illuminated furniture, couches, and chairs. We have incorporated many of their Acrylic LED Pillars and illuminated Acrylic walls into our designs and used their beautiful furniture on many of our stages for our fortune 500 shareholder investment meetings. The team at Modern Event Rentals knocks it out of the park every time.”

– Benjamin Palmer

Consider Choosing a Company With Shipping When Renting Scenic Elements

When planning an event, you want the peace of mind of knowing all your rentals will arrive safe and sound. If you live near one of our locations, we can deliver your elements to your venue in person. We’ll quality-check all our tech-based rentals, including LED pieces, and can even help you with event setup.

For those outside our area, we are happy to ship across the nation straight from our warehouses. We’ll find the best shipping option for you and send it straight to your venue.

Plan hassle-free events by choosing an event furniture rental company with delivery. At Modern, our goal is to elevate the standard of event rental furniture. This mindset is incorporated in every aspect of our business – down from the very design of our furniture rentals to the delivery of your event rental pieces.

When you work with modern you reduce the risk of damage or late delivery. Modern provides your event planning team with assurance by completing quality checks and set-up assistance. Setting up on a big event day is incredibly stressful, and Modern will relieve some of that stress by being your helping hand.

Image of Modern On The United States Map

With experience working in some of the premier event venues and convention centers, choosing Modern means you are choosing event rentals that ship to many of the U.S.’s major cities. This includes

And that’s just to just name a few! With our in-house nationwide shipping, finding event rentals that will ship for your event is a breeze. What are you waiting for? Some amazing scenic elements are waiting for you!

Find the Perfect Scenic Elements From Modern Event Rental

Whether you’re looking for a rental scenic wall or the perfect LED event rental, Modern has you covered. As the midwest’s premier event rental company, Modern is here to help you furnish your upcoming conferences, corporate events, meetings, trade shows, and weddings.

Moderns team of experts can provide you with all the help you need. We will collaborate with you and your event planners to help determine the best event rental furniture pieces for your space.

Check out our furniture rental options, and our event rental options like our scenic elements. Browse through our inspirational blog for information on our top-rated selection of event rentals. Not finding what you need? Modern will design and fabricate custom furniture to meet your needs.

Contact Modern Event Rental today or give us a call at 773-457-3545 to start picking out your scenic elements for your next corporate event or trade show.

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