How To Set Up the Ideal Event

There are many things that can transform a space such as using quality rental furniture pieces and strategically staging furniture. Because not everyone is aware of how to stage furniture to their advantage or liking, we have compiled a list of some quick tips that could help you in setting up the layout for your next event whether social, corporate or a wedding!

Windows – People are drawn to natural light. It is said to be refreshing and a people magnet so get started! Set up social areas located around windows to get your guests engaging. Create a simple cluster of seating with any combination of sofas, chairs, ottomans and end tables near those windows and you are ready to go.

Walls – Multi-colored walls tend to create confusion. Rather than having different colored walls you can use a colorful backdrop or fabric to add a pop of color. Setting one wall apart from others gives a bold appearance and isn’t too much on the eyes. It is a great accent to your event theme and using a unique backdrop can also serve as a great photo spot for guests as well!

Pillars or Columns – Using pillars or tall furniture objects can be an opportunity to either exaggerate or reduce the height of a ceiling. If you feel as though your space seems rather small, or not as high as you would like, lighting the piece darker at the bottom and lighter towards the top will give the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Illuminating in the opposite direction will have the opposing effect. You can customize the look of the room through the use of well-planned rental furniture pieces.

Flooring – At almost any given moment our feet are on the floor. Flooring lets someone know when they have entered a different room and it can create an entirely unique space. Light colored flooring reflects the light in the room, and gives the illusion that an area is larger. Using light up dance floors and event stages are a great way to bring life to an event and create the illusion of a larger floor space. Many colors and patterns are available for light up dance floors and vinyl dance floor covers that coordinate with your event seamlessly and make it unique to many others.

Modern Event Rental has the perfect event rental furniture to achieve the look you want for your next event. These and other event setup tips can be found online.

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