How to Say “Welcome” and Mean it at Your Next Event

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Lounge Furniture Rentals: Research says that the kind of seating provided at an event has the power to make or break the event!

The wrong kind of furniture can send guests home real quick, leaving your event high and dry, no matter what it is.

That is why world-renowned business conferences make use of creative and out-of-the-box seating ideas to push guests out of their comfort zones and get them to engage in conversations.

The environment created at an event is also of prime importance. The warmer the ambiance and the welcome, the happier the crowd.

Clearly, seating has a powerful impact at any event, which is exactly why your event’s furniture should never be an afterthought.

Let your furniture speak for you

Using the right kind of chairs, sofas, and tables can not only complement your event’s theme but also amplify your guests’ comfort levels and get them to engage naturally.

Lounge furniture, in particular, has to say “hang out with us” without trying too hard in the language of both comfort and style.

That is why at Modern, we purposefully invest in designing our lounge furniture rental options with curious guests in mind. At the heart of any event, is pure engagement, and our lounge furniture rentals are created to say “welcome” in style.

Furniture with character and comfort

Event Furniture Rental-Modern Event Rental

You’d think furniture pieces are merely functional, but the right designers can lend character to each piece making it the center of conversation – both literally and figuratively

Here are some of our unique glam décor furniture rental pieces that will add a luxe element to your event.

Mettle in metallic

Gold accents scream luxury and elegance like no other. Silver accents on the other hand lend class and style. Modern’s latest collection of glam décor furniture rentals in Chicago is all about that luxe and classy vibe.

Inspired by contemporary art deco styles, our end tables come in classic round and square shapes, clad in plain gold or silver, per your liking. The design is simple while making a statement at the same time as it doesn’t mix a second color. The sleek edges and mirror finish transform the room into a futuristic theme.

If you wish to add the slightest bit more character to the seating, we have the Gem Coffee Tables in gold and silver to go with our minimal end tables. This “gem” would be a favorite for anyone who loves art deco with a modern twist.


On the other hand, if you want to stick to the minimal vibe, we also have classic round coffee tables in gold and silver to satiate the perfectionist in you.

AURA GOLD COFFEE TABLE RENTAL - Lounge Furniture Rentals

You can add more to the array from our stunning collection of classic lounge furniture rentals in Chicago, comprising metallic pieces in elegant solid shapes, including attractive polygonal end tables.

Texture accents

Taking a detour from plain shapes, we also have metallic with velour and wooden texture accents to build character.

The Ziva Gold Mirror Bar makes for a stunning statement-making piece, combining the best of both gold and silver. Finished with intricate deco detailing, this one calls to be talked about or around.

Ziva Gold Mirror Bar 72W X 24D X 42H - Lounge Furniture Rentals

Our Libby Chair combines the softest feather fabric with classy gold hardware to create the ultimate luxe feeling. The fabric is so elegant and aesthetic that it begs to be experienced. We can’t complain if the camera reels are filled with this character.

LIBBY CHAIR 20.5L x 25.5W x 32.5H - Lounge Furniture Rentals

Vintage Luxury in lounge furniture rentals in Chicago

Vintage pieces never go out of style. It is always a safe bet to invest in some good old fashion luxury if you have a wide range of guests coming.

We have rich velour sofas and chairs in blush pink and royal blue colors crafted in beautiful vintage styles to set the tone for any luxury event. For lovers of the neutral palette, we also have velour sofas in white.

image 6

Leather was once the epitome of luxury seating, which is why we have several pieces of lounge furniture rentals in Chicago simple leather as well, including sofas, chairs, and love seats. It caters to the taste of vintage style lovers and it brings a perfect mix of sleek textures with geometric shapes.

Black Leather Chair Rental-Modern Event Rental

Pops of color                                                                                                                                                                      

Sometimes a fun and vibrant event calls for equally vibrant furniture. We have some alluring glam décor furniture rental pieces in red, orange, and bright blue colors. Cut in an interesting sphere shape, these MIB chairs would make for perfect pops of color at kids’ events, fashion, and beauty events.

image 8

Utility pieces

Apart from offering some of the most unique glam décor furniture rentals in Chicago, Modern also has chic utility pieces that would add a finishing touch to any event décor. We have simple bar tables, coffee and end tables, ottomans, bar stools, and even scenic elements with LED accents to suit various themes in your business conferences, trade shows, and the like.

Choose us for hassle-free shipping – we offer lounge furniture rentals in Chicago with delivery

What usually happens at most events is a lot of chaos, where the coordinator has to communicate with a number of other vendors as well including caterers, marketers, clients, and even guests.

With Modern, you will have one less person to coordinate with, saving you from a good chunk of the stress.

Our unique lounge furniture rental pieces are designed for easy loading, transport, and assembly. We have several in-house shipping options to deliver the pieces you choose, safely and on time to the venue of the event. This not only ensures seamless delivery of your furniture, but it also avoids last-minute confusion and it brings down the costs associated with shipping significantly.

Along with safe and timely shipping, we also offer quality check and set-up assistance.

Because at Modern, we care about the success of your event and we love going the extra mile to make sure your event furniture turns out exactly the way you planned. For the same reason, we also provide customization for lounge furniture rentals in Chicago, in case you need something special.

Check out our latest lounge furniture rental collections to find the perfect pieces for your next event and also check our Facebook page for our new collection.

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