Mistakes to Avoid When Using Truss Event Rentals in Chicago

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Truss Event Rentals in Chicago

If you are planning to host a large-scale event in Chicago, involving outdoor spaces, you will inevitably need truss structures, for lighting and audio setups, stage setups, and other essentials. Given that trussing and rigging involve a significant amount of thought, planning, and attention to detail, it is important to maintain the utmost safety and exercise caution during execution. They help reinforce some of the most crucial and potentially dangerous elements at an event, which is why, you need to do your due diligence.

There are a multitude of matters associated with truss rentals that a lot of event organizers are not aware of or overlook. This can be one of the worst mistakes you can make, possibly causing harm to the entire crowd of guests at the event.

If you are new to the event industry, trussing can be especially challenging to handle, for the same reasons.

Here we a comprehensive guide to using truss event rentals in Chicago, including some crucial mistakes to avoid.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a truss?

A truss is a metal framework made of interconnected triangles, meant to provide support and reinforcement for large structures like stages, exhibition tents, lighting systems, audio systems, etc. They are essential elements that hold the biggest and most important elements of an event in place, including the stage. This is why you always need solid, reliable, and sturdy truss rentals. You ideally need them to withstand heavy loads endure winds, or other climatic conditions, and protect the guests, performers, organizers, etc, at the event.

Different types of truss structures

Depending on the make, there are several different types of truss structures, each made with a specific purpose. Before you proceed to use truss event rentals in Chicago, it is important to understand them, and their uses.

Box trusses

Box trusses are the most versatile, and most commonly used types. They essentially have four edges with diagonally placed stems inside. Owing to the make, they provide a great deal of support and strength and can be used for anything including light and sound setup, display set-up, etc.

Triangular trusses

Triangular trusses are the most durable of all types, because of their shape. They are best used for heavy weights and harsh weather conditions.

Flat trusses

Flat trusses, as the name suggests, are meant to create flat surfaces, such as roofs and stages. They are commonly used to create temporary or permanent roofing for event venues, exhibition halls, etc.

Backdrop trusses

Backdrop trusses are meant for more lightweight and more or less portable elements, such as fabric, mesh structures, etc. They are meant to create a backdrop or a wall for a stage or for the event in general.

Mistakes to avoid when using truss rentals

As discussed earlier, truss rentals are made in different forms, and meant to serve different purposes. Moreover, truss structures are available in a range of sizes to suit venue and event requirements.

For example, at Modern Event Rentals, Chicago, we have a wide selection of truss structures in six-foot, eight-foot, and 10-foot heights, each of which is made with the strongest grade aluminum, tested for high tensile strength. We manufacture our trusses in-house to ensure the highest quality and durability. We have been serving the event space in Chicago for the past decade and more, making us experts in assessing weather conditions in the city, allowing us to create trusses that withstand them well.

Many event organizers fail to consider such basic elements of truss structures before rending them,

Here are some mistakes people commonly make,

Not assessing venue requirements accurately

Trussing and rigging require specific venue qualities and attributes, which must be carefully matched. People often make the mistake of not assessing the venue carefully to decide the features of truss rentals required, such as the dimensions, height, weight-bearing capacity, and other unique elements that play an important role in the set-up. Trying to mold the rented trusses to the conditions of the venue without an accurate match, can lead to dangerous consequences.

Ignoring weight capacity and distribution

It is one thing to avoid assessing the load requirements altogether before renting truss structures. However, it is a bigger mistake to overlook or ignore the weight capacity, when setting up or executing the event. Every event needs different types of equipment weighing differently. The trusses you rent will have a maximum limit too, and going overboard can lead to dangerous circumstances, including complete structural failure, and collapse. Hence, ensure that the trusses you are looking to rent have the weight-bearing capacity that the event demands. In addition, be sure to set up the structures so that the weight is distributed evenly across the assembly.

Overlooking safety standards and guidelines

Trussing and rigging, needless to say, come with a set of safety guidelines and requirements. Truss structures also need to be made following crucial certifications and safety standards. This is why it is important to rent from a reputed and experienced provider. A company with the right work ethic will only manufacture truss structures that conform and comply with authoritative standards. Poorly made trusses can be cheaper but will also lack the quality and safety standards required to reinforce heavy event elements.

At Modern, we are very particular about following safety certifications when manufacturing all event rentals in Chicago and trusses in particular. We have been in business for more than ten years, and have learned that the best way to ensure adherence to safety standards is to fabricate truss rentals in-house.

Not following proper installation and tear-down procedures

Installation and setting up of truss rentals require great attention to detail. Mindless installation can cause many dangerous mistakes, such as improper attachment of parts, inadequate and incorrect rigging, improper placement and securing of equipment, inadequate bracing of structures, etc.

Similarly, during tear down, it is important to stick to the natural flow of procedures and ensure safety precautions for workers.

Failing to be mindful during installation and tear down, and working with truss structures hastily, can cause grave mishaps.

Not paying attention to the venue’s permits and regulations

Different venues may have different permit requirements and regulations for event organizing in general, and trussing specifically. Ignoring these regulations can lead to undue stoppage of work, fines, and other complications. It can greatly affect the success of the event, and reflect badly on your reputation as a brand as well. Hence, it is always a good idea to check with the venue manager and do the necessary paperwork before starting the work.

Opting out of insurance

No matter how much you plan and organize, we cannot rule out the possibility of accidents or damage of any kind. For the same reason, you need to make sure your truss structures are adequately insured. It can cover a large portion of the losses in the event of an accident or damage, and save you from a huge financial downfall.

Making transport and logistics of trusses an afterthought

Trusses and rigging, require special transporting and logistic arrangements. They need the right vehicles, the right techniques in loading and unloading, and the right people, experienced in handling such equipment. Not planning and thinking through about the logistics of your truss event rentals in Chicago, can lead to more complications, including avoidable damage. To prevent it, you must plan the transportation ahead and have experienced professionals take care of the equipment.

This is why we at Modern have our team of logistics. We provide shipping and delivery, along with pick-up options for event organizers to ensure the most efficient transportation of our event rentals in Chicago. For truss rentals, we have specialized vehicles and manpower to get your rental pieces to the venue, safely.

Rely on Modern Event Rentals, Chicago for the most durable truss structures

Trussing and rigging are indeed challenging affairs that demand greater attention to detail, and preparation. You must perform your due diligence before proceeding with truss rentals. Use this guide as a checklist to make sure you know and do everything you need to carry out safe, hassle-free, and smooth truss work.

For the best quality, certified truss structures, rely on Modern Event Rentals, Chicago. Our masterpieces are created in-house with the sole intention of making work easier for event hosts.

Contact our team today to get easy, safe, and hassle-free delivery of truss rentals, right to your venue. For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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