Designing Your Dream Event; With Modern Event Rental in Dallas

Event management – the term covers an array of tasks and activities that require months of labor and deliberation. Right from concept design to execution and marketing, hosting an event needs creativity, gray matter, patience, leadership, relentless research, and determination.  

That’s precisely why you need to start your journey way ahead of the event dates.

Designing Your Dream Event With Modern Event Rental in Dallas

The first step is always research and goal-setting. Figuring out the primary objectives of hosting the event and the behavioral attributes of the people expected, gives you direction, and helps you channel the rest of the tasks. You also need ample time to find the perfect Dallas event rental company to guide you.

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Here we are talking about the part before execution – design and development.

Designing an event holds the biggest chunk of the creative part of organizing an event. A clear and accurate vision, helps you anticipate possible challenges and in turn execute the event more efficiently. And a holistic event rental service provider like Modern can give you immense support.

Here is a comprehensive guide to designing the event of your dreams.

Concept and theme selection

To start the process of event design, you need a theme and a concept to follow. It gives your brainstorming some direction and allows you to narrow down your choice of props and rentals to a particular style.

You can start by analyzing the target audience of the brand and the goals and objectives of the event. Does it aim to introduce a product? Is it meant to promote a campaign? Is it a conference of CEOs and other important guests meant to discuss a new line of business?

Answering questions like these can help you determine the type of guests expected at the event. With this, you can prepare a tentative guest list, and conduct further analysis on the attendees.

Depending on the nature of the event, and the demographics and behavioral attributes of the expected guests, you can start brainstorming for themes.

Conferences with an attendee list including top-level business managers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, etc. call for clean and minimal themes. On the other hand, for product launch events or promotional campaigns where you are planning to invite social media content creators or other celebrities, you can use more creative themes.

Venue selection

Once the theme is set or narrowed down to a few options, you can go venue scouting. Keeping in mind the approximate number of footfalls expected, look for a place that is accommodating and cost-effective. Creative events can be conducted in locations with a view while corporate events need sophisticated indoor venues.

Furniture selection

With the theme, concept, and nature of the event in mind, you can decide the type of furniture and décor to incorporate. It is always a good idea to have a combination of classic and creative styles. If you have digital displays or on-stage programs, you can have elegant chairs organized well in rows in the seating area. For other areas, you can place more comfortable sofas and chairs with coffee tables and communal tables to encourage mingling.

Modern is a wholesome Dallas event rental company with a wide selection of furniture for you to choose from. We carry everything from simple and minimal art-deco-inspired sofas and chairs to ultra-comfortable lounge furniture, utility-infused pieces like charging furniture, and elegant coffee tables. We use high-quality metal hardware and luxurious velour and leather fabrics to create our furniture. We also fabricate our collections in-house to ensure the utmost quality and adherence to standards.

Ambient sound and lighting

Next, it’s time to figure out the lighting and sound arrangements. As a veteran Dallas event rental company, we recommend offering a transformative experience with light and sound. This allows your guests to enjoy the event wholesomely. For that, as opposed to conventional arrangements you need suspended elements. Use a combination of warm and soft lights to create ambient lighting. Similarly use high-quality sub-woofers and speakers strategically placed and suspended at the right places for an immersive surround effect. For this, visit your venue a few times and visualize the event elements to determine the appropriate placements of light and sound sources.

To set up your ambient environment, you inevitably need strong reinforcements. That is why Modern has a range of high-quality customizable truss rentals. Made of top-grade aluminum tested for optimal tensile strength, our trusses are available in multiple sizes to suit the size of your event and venue. You can use our trusses to set up any type of décor, lighting, and sound.

Stage set and scenic elements for attraction

Moving on to the things to include at your event, it is always a good idea to have a striking centerpiece to attract attention, especially at a strategic point, like the entrance. It will improve the initial impression and set the tone for the guests to indulge in the upcoming programs.

For this, you can use artistically crafted elements like multi-dimensional backdrops and scenic stage sets. Make sure to stick to your initial theme and have it blend in with the ambient sound and lighting as well.
At Modern, we have a great selection of carefully fabricated multi-dimension scenic stage sets and backdrops. From basic cubes to hexagons to minimal panels to whiteboards and abstract patterned pieces, we have curated pieces to suit multiple themes and concepts. For corporate events, you can make use of our classic Art Deco pieces and digital panels, and for creative events, you can use more innovatively crafted pieces.

Miscellaneous accessories for added character

When designing your event, there are bound to be places around your venue where nothing quite seems to fit it. This is why it is important to visualize your space and décor before D-day. To fill the non-functional spaces in your venue and to add character to the event, you can add multiple types of accessories, perhaps something even useful for the guests.

For example, at Modern, we have collections of attractive accessories such as scenic elements, drapes, panels, and miscellaneous furnishings. We also have our own range of charging furniture with a dedicated charging station. You can use an empty corner of your venue to allow guests to lounge and charge their devices with our charging station. Or you can use our scenic elements, drapes, and backdrops to create a photo booth. All you need to do is remember to stick to your theme or use classic versatile designs.

Engagement inducing elements

From our experience being an evolving Dallas event rental company, we know for a fact that it is difficult to get the guests at your event to engage with each other and have fun. It would be easier to have an engaging element at your event that would make your guests have conversations and be more present. This could be a fun and simple activity, a photo session, or a bar.

A lot of events, especially in Dallas have open bars, which is one of the best ways to induce engagement. It helps people relax, have their favorite drinks, and discover like minds.

This is why, we have a versatile and large range of bar furniture at Modern, including bar tables, bar stools, bar counters, high chairs, lounge sofas, love seats, and more. Designed and fabricated in-house, our illuminated bar counters come in a variety of shapes and sizes including rectangular, ellipse, and matrix. You can easily customize them in different colors, add your branding, and create a bar with matching chairs and communal tables.

Find a space at your venue to place your bar and some lounge furniture to create the ultimate chill space for your guests.

Delegation and assignment of duties

Once you have figured out the most important aspects of your event, such as the theme, the concept, the guest list, the furniture and décor, and the engaging elements, you can slowly begin the execution phase. This involves sourcing the required items and event rentals, placing orders for other items such as linens, creating marketing material, sending out invites, etc. At this point, you can collate some of the most efficient members of your team and assign some of the duties to them. For example, you can delegate taking delivery of your rental items and overseeing setting-up to one of them. Similarly, you can have another person be in charge of the centerpieces for your dinner table.

Final thoughts

Designing your dream event doesn’t always have to be a nerve-wracking affair. If you make the right decisions, source the right items, and seek the right kind of help, you can easily design the event you envisioned in a more fulfilling way. Choosing the right Dallas event rental company goes a long way in that regard. The most understanding and cooperative company can guide you through the process and support your entire journey.

With over ten years of experience, our team at Modern knows exactly how to support event hosts in a way that eases their plight. We offer the best quality products along with holistic services such as delivery and pick-up to go the extra mile and help our organizers. Go through our rentals catalog, pick your favorites, and contact our team to discuss your custom renal order. For more updates, visit our Facebook page.

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