Rent Custom Scenic Elements For Your Event!

Our scenic elements are perfect for your next event. The LED light-up pillars and illuminated wall panels can add a special touch to your event.

The LED pillars in our inventory are available in different sizes and are completely customizable to match the theme of your event. You can reserve pillars that look like blocks, solid acrylic pillars. The LED pieces can change colors to match your stage scenic, accent decor, signage, and more. You’ll want these acrylic pillars at your next event.

The Modern Event illuminated walls are available in different designs and colors. They’re a great addition to your trade show, corporate event, or convention and can add to the event design. Available in either 3ft or 4ft widths, they can be customized to your event to match your color scheme.

Our custom wall panel makes the perfect room divider, stage backdrop, photo backdrop, or decor. From the wood palette wall to the 3D wall panel and window wall panel, your event will be one to remember with our rentals. The wall panels are completely customizable for your event with an acrylic LED lighting base, which can be changed to match your event theme.

Modern Event Rental has everything you need to help create a memorable event. Contact our specialists and we can help you design your next event today.

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