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  • Size 18" W x 18" L x 48" H
  • Material Acrylic
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Presenting the impressive 4FT L.E.D. Acrylic Pillar, a modern and sophisticated addition to any event setup. This unique piece offers a mix of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The pillar, standing at an impressive 4-feet tall, is crafted from sturdy acrylic for durability. The material’s transparency lets the internal L.E.D. lights shine through brightly, offering a captivating spectacle. Regardless of your event theme, the L.E.D. lights embedded within the pillar can be customized to any color. This feature allows for versatile usage, ensuring seamless blending with diverse decor concepts and environments.

Just imagine this 4FT L.E.D. Acrylic Pillar gracing your next event, leaving your guests in awe of its radiant beauty. Despite its grandeur, this pillar features a sleek and slim design that maximizes space and versatility. Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or a party, this pillar will serve as an eye-catching centerpiece or a unique way to create perimeters. The functionality coupled with aesthetic appeal makes this a must-have piece for your events. This L.E.D. pillar has been designed meticulously steeping all attention to detail, ensuring quality along with a visually pleasing appeal. It truly redefines the concept of stage and event decor, ensuring every moment of your event is illuminated with glamor and charm, creating lasting memories for you and your attendees.