Rental Essentials For a Corporate Holiday Event

Rental Essentials For a Corporate Holiday Event

The holiday season is upon us; it’s time for corporate companies to wrap the year up with reports, projections, and analytics, not to mention wine, confetti, cakes, and Secret Santa gifts.

As the world gets ready to digest a whole 365 days of affairs, both good and bad, the corporate world prepares to welcome another year of opportunities and growth prospects. What better way to do that than with a warm, transitional holiday party?

Companies traditionally host corporate holiday events to round up the biggest milestones of the year, project numbers, and spell out anticipatory trends for the year. Some brands also aim to launch exciting new products for the holidays, sparking a whole new seasonal campaign. Either way, there is no denying that a holiday corporate event spreads warmth, cheer, and good vibes providing a refreshingly festive atmosphere for business guests.

To get a holiday event just right, there are a few must-haves and essential rental elements. With the help of a holistic and experienced supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas, you will be able to nail your party.

To give you a head start, here is a list of some rental essentials for a holiday corporate event.

Lit-up Christmas trees

It goes without saying that, a well-lit Christmas tree is one of the most prominent highlights of a holiday party. Depending on the size of your event and the space you have booked for it, you can have a few trees or just one big tree. The key is to make it the focal point of your layout and plan the rest of your furniture around it. If you have a fireplace or spacious corner at your venue, those would be the perfect spots for a tree. You can also place them elsewhere, like next to the sofa on your lounge space, or against the central wall of the venue facing the dinner table.

Holiday ambient lighting

A holiday party is inevitably meant to exude warmth and cheer. For that, you need ambient warm lights. To achieve a harmonious lighting effect, you can use a combination of lighting techniques. For example, use uplighting underneath the Christmas tree, and below other ornamental holiday décor, such as reindeer displays, stockings, wreaths, etc. Use suspended spot lighting for your lounge space and your presentation areas. And finally use patterned lighting for more casual spaces around the venue, such as the bar.

For more tips and tricks on how to use lighting techniques to elevate your event, read our blog here.

Social bars for wine and holiday beverages

Holiday parties would be incomplete without wine, champagne, and cocktails. That is why bars are uncompromisable additions to your event space. Set up wholesome bar counters with an array of seating for guests to unwind. Use a combination of bar tables and chairs, high chairs, lounge chairs, and standing communal tables to encourage casual conversations. Ensure that your bar is loaded with good-quality drinks and wine, and equipped with an exceptional mixologist. You can also add some attractive display shelving filled with elite bottles and decorative elements to add some aesthetic value.

At Modern, we have a wide selection of bars, and bar furniture, including counters, bar stools, bar tables, high chairs, ottomans, and more. We are one of the few Las Vegas event rental companies that manufacture bar furniture in-house, as we prioritize quality and aesthetic beauty above anything else. In terms of designs, we carry a versatile range, starting from customizable illuminated bars to classic wooden bars; ensuring something for everyone.

Themed lounge furniture rental

No matter what the itinerary of the event is, holiday parties are all about relaxing and spreading cheer. Hence, a dedicated lounge space is an indisputable element. To fill your lounge space use theme-based designs in comfortable lounge furniture. For example, use brand colors or holiday colors like green, red, and white when choosing the fabric for the sofas.

At Modern, we offer ultra-comfortable lounge furniture including sofas, chairs, and love seats, made with high-quality velour and leather fabrics. They are also customizable to your unique needs and preferences.

Photo booth décor

An interactive space is another must-have aspect of a holiday party, and a photo booth is one of the best ways to incorporate it. It provides a fun and attractive corner for guests to click pictures in, offering a memorable experience for guests. For an aesthetically appealing photo booth, you can use stunning displays, multi-dimensional backdrops, patterned lights, decorative furniture, and more.

As a veteran provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, we know how important these décor elements are for the holiday season, which is why we are stocked up and ready to supply everything you need for your upcoming party.

Chairs for formal presentations

One of the core elements of a corporate event space is a presentation area, and for that, you need comfortable, yet elegant and formal seating. Choose classic and minimalist designs in chairs and arrange them in rows or other symmetric patterns to fill the space. Ensure that the seating is comfortable and durable, as it needs to accommodate guests for fairly long seated hours.

For the display, choose tech-integrated setups to facilitate virtual attendance as well, so that all of your teams from across the world can participate in your event.

Tablescape elements

To decorate your tablescape and offer a warm dining space, you need a stunning table for starters. As a centerpiece, you can incorporate an elegant chandelier and some classic floral centerpieces as well. Include table linens in brand colors or holiday colors, according to the theme you have chosen to maintain symmetry across the venue. When choosing the core furniture, stick to classic and minimal designs so that the holiday décor can take centerstage, without the furniture hogging most of the attention.

Holiday food

Lastly, you need a scrumptious spread of holiday-themed food; think turkey, chicken, potatoes, veggies other delectable desserts like Crème Brule. Pay attention to the details when deciding on the food menu and make sure to place your order with a renowned company of caterers. It is one of the primary attractions of a holiday party, and you do not want to go wrong with it.

Final thoughts

Holiday parties are one of the most exciting things in the corporate space as the year comes to a close. With the right kind of furniture, décor, and food elements, you can throw a happening, informative, and fun corporate holiday event, just before your staff heads home.

Partner with an experienced and holistic Las Vegas event rental provider, like Modern, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free, and delightful event experience. With us, you can be assured of quality, aesthetic value, and timely service. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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