Scenic Stage Rentals For A Mind Blowing Show

Scenic Stage Rentals: A stage program promises an unforgettable experience for the audience, and by all means, as a successful event host, you NEED to deliver on that! And one of the main elements of an extraordinary experience is a mind-blowing stage design.

As a full-service Dallas event rental company, Modern has served events for more than a decade, and we know what it takes to impress a crowd. That is why we have designed and manufactured a whole collection of scenic stage and set rentals; a stock of some of the most innovative and out-of-the-world designs that will transform your stage into a world from your dreams.

Our scenic stage rentals are developed with great thought and attention to detail, to capture and retain the interest of the audience. We customize them to suit your vision and allow you to deliver a stellar show.

Our Scenic Stage Rentals Are a Cut Above The Rest

As veterans in the Dallas event rental scene and we have been able to help many clients bring their vision to reality. Through the years, we have learned the art of using creative elements to impress, sustain and engage an audience. We have used this knowledge to develop an in-house fabrication team, that designs and manufactures scenic stage rentals according to the likes, interests, and needs of the people of Dallas.

We combine the benefits of thoughtful engineering and aesthetic appeal to create wonderful designs that are not only robust and reliable but also visually engaging. And to offer an experience that lingers on in the minds of the audience, we club our designs with theatrical lighting, top-notch audio, and other stage set elements.

Here is an overview of what our scenic and stage set rentals include.

Modular Sets

We offer a wide selection of modular scenic stage sets that will transform your stage into a whole other world. From simple scenic backdrops to multi-dimensional sets that are sure to wow the audience, we have everything you will need to host an impactful show. Our designs are inspired by abstract art, classic art deco, and corporate trends. We have mesh sets, plank designs, innovative hexagonal designs, classy whiteboards, cubes, modules, and many more.

Our cubes stack and connect using a unique system that we designed and fabricated in-house. Each of our sets is manufactured with the finest quality materials including acrylics, drapes, and metal hardware.


We have experts in the art of draping to create unique stage sets. We provide exceptional draping solutions that will enhance the look of your stage while maintaining a dreamy elegance. We also offer other stage elements including lighting and sound to maximize the effect of a drape-style stage set.

Unique Furnishings

Along with our one-of-a-kind scenic stage rentals, we also provide unique furnishings including tables, chairs, trusses, drapes, and other elements. These furnishings help further amplify the impact of the stage sets and pull the theme together. Moreover, they also allow you to install and use other crucial accessories like lighting and sound. We have an array of scenic elements and furnishings to boost your stage quality including illuminated furniture and acrylic panels.

Stage Décor And Accessories

Stage sets are incomplete without complementary accessories to enhance the visual and audio quality. After all, a stage show is all about indulging the audience in an audio-visual dreamland. For this, we have robust truss structures, high-quality scenic elements, illuminated bars, uniquely designed panels, pedestals, and many more. In fact, we have everything you need to maximize the impact of your show.

Custom Elements

In addition to providing unique scenic stage sets and décor elements, we also offer customizations for some of our rental pieces. You have a choice of color and material for our LED elements and furniture, on top of which you can also choose branding customizations for some. We like to go the extra mile to ensure an unforgettable experience.

A Dynamic Dallas Event Rental Team

We have a dynamic and talented design and fabrication team that is always ready to serve your vision. Through years of experience and unmatched professional expertise, our team creates durable and visually striking event elements that will help you stand out in the crowd. If you have a unique vision in mind, you can talk to our design experts to help bring it to life.

In addition to creating unique scenic and stage set rentals, we also offer in-house shipping for additional charges. We are one of the few Dallas event rental companies that are equipped with a range of vehicles and systems to easily transport our scenic rentals. Our delivery team will also help you set up and break down the rentals at the venue.

Thus, we offer a full cycle of rental services for our Dallas community. Feel free to contact our team to discuss your next big event today and for more updates visit our Facebook page

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