4 Unique Chicago Rental Furniture Options from Modern Event Rental

Furniture rental for events can be a stressful subject. If you’re looking for furniture rentals in the Chi-town area, lift the weight off your shoulders with these 4 unique Chicago rental furniture options from Modern Event Rental!

Not knowing what to choose, how it will be delivered, and all the other little details for your event rental furniture can be immensely time-consuming and worrying. The pressure to have your event at its best can make picking out which unique Chicago event rental furniture you want to rent difficult.

Not only does Modern have the best Chicago event furniture rental options in the industry, but we provide expert advice on how to style your Chicago event. Read on as we go over some of the most unique alternatives Modern has in store for Chicago rental furniture.

Top Occasions for Chicago Rental Furniture Options

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At Modern Event Rentals, we know every company needs to have a competitive advantage over its competition. Every professional company event should have a competitive edge as well. The easiest way to do this? Unique Chicago rental furniture options!

This is why Modern has compiled a unique variety of event furniture rentals to supply high-quality Chicago rental furniture options for any professional occasion.

Able to adapt to your event furniture rental needs, Modern can supply unique options for:

  • Trade Show furniture
  • Corporate Event furniture rentals
  • Industry Conferences rentals
  • Exhibition rental furniture
  • Experimental Marketing Events

While these may be highly professional, the events listed above are only a few of the several types of events that Indeed designates as potential networking events that you need to take seriously. And taking things seriously means properly planning your Chicago event with the right furniture rentals.

Modern not only has the ability to supply your unique Chicago rental furniture options, but it has in-house event rental furniture shipping to alleviate your delivery worries. We go above and beyond for our customers, and our nationwide event rentals shipping service is only part of the high-quality service we seek to provide for your corporate events.

Top Event Furniture Rental Options in Chicago

Don’t just pick random pieces of furniture to fill your event space. Choose from a selection that will make your professional event stand out, be memorable, and boost your success rate! The easiest way to achieve those event goals is to have popular rental furniture that allows your professional occasion to be different.

1. Rent LED Furniture from Modern

Three LED furniture options

Modern Event rental offers the best options for led furniture rental near you! Modern furniture with LED lights is a perfect way to set your event apart from the rest.

As the latest trend in event rental furniture, Modern has made sure to keep in stock a great selection to satisfy your LED furniture rental needs including:

  • LED bar furniture (bar tops and high boys)
  • LED swings
  • LED sofas
  • LED tables (communal, coffee, and dining)

Trends are always changing but we promise, don’t get left behind on this one! Light up your event with Chicago’s best LED furniture rental options.

2. Why Your Event Needs Charging Station Rentals

Corporate events are where a lot of business takes place, and the majority of that business takes place on an electronic device. Attendees try to come as prepared as they can, but after being on their phone or computer for hours, electronic device batteries start running dangerously low.

Avoid the emergency, and get a charging station rental or charging furniture rental for your next event! The key to a successful event is structuring it with your attendees in mind.

Having furniture where they can rest and recharge (literally) is a detail that will stand out and make a huge difference!

Check out our blog post to see more information on how to keep your event attendees powered up with charging furniture.

3. Keep Corporate Events Cool With Custom Lounge Sofas and Chairs

rose-colored modern lounge chair

At Modern, we provide event furniture rentals in style. When it comes to professional events, typically the decor can be drab, boring, and unmotivating.

Sprucing up your corporate settings can generate better interest in attendees, and what better way to make them feel decadent than with gorgeous velvet furniture? Modern offers chic event furniture rental options in four different colorways to suit your stylish event needs:

  • The Isabelle collection offers a white color option with couch, loveseat, and chair seating options.
  • The Ella collection comes with fun, rounded arms for both the couch and chair, and features two color options in dark blue and blush pink.
  • The Audrey collection offers a darker rose pink color for its sofa and chair combination with squared-off arms, perfect for a serious corporate event.

For whatever lounge or safe event rental furniture you had in mind, we have options! Find cool, yet formal furniture rental for events, Modern has a variety of Chicago rental furniture to elevate your event. Check out the Milano, Metro, and Aero collections today in our lounge sofa and chair rental selection!

4. Get The Crowd’s Attention On An LED Stage Rental

Purple LED stage

Corporate events often have speakers to deliver their message or pitch to a room bursting with event attendees. It is very important that this spectacle happens center stage, and can clearly be seen and heard. Nothing quite catches an audience’s attention like a speaker standing on an LED stage furniture rental!

By being in a proud partnership with AVLS, Modern Event Rental can also solve your LED stage needs. All of the custom-built stages we offer are fully designed and fabricated in-house.

If you don’t need bright, colorful lights to bring attention to your speaker, AVLS also has 6 other event furniture stage rental options. The standard stages range all the way from 12 to 24 feet in length.

Besides staging, AVLS provides audio, visual, and lighting event rentals as well. When preparing for your next event, make sure you choose high-quality technology equipment rentals, as well as furniture ones!

Choose The Best Chicago Event Rental Furniture from Modern Event Rentals

At Modern Event Rentals, we strongly believe that putting more effort into an event makes it that much more successful. This is why at Modern, we offer not only an extensive selection in Chicago for top event rental furniture, we purposefully select them to be some of the most unique pieces in the event furniture rental industry.

Whether you are in need of trade show furniture, or chairs for a corporate gathering, choose the best in Chicago event rental furniture. Founded in 2009, Modern Event Rental has grown to deliver furniture rentals for events in some of the largest cities across the nation.

Over the years, Modern has acquired the skills and knowledge to help create a partner’s vision into reality. Our customers are our partners, and their professional events take top priority as we strive to provide quality products and service.

If you’re looking for Chicago event furniture rental companies near you, don’t just pick one that’ll do the job. Pick one that’ll make it a smashing success – pick Modern.

Get in touch with us today, and we’d love to help make your event furniture rental dreams a reality.

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