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  • Size 72" W x 30" L x 35" H
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Illuminated Sofa

Our Illuminated LED Sofa is an innovative and sleek addition to any event space, taking your event décor to the next level. It is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a powerful statement that effortlessly merges style, comfort, and technology. Its modern design perfectly complements both indoor and outdoor venues, thanks to its weatherproof feature. Made from robust polyethylene, it is durable and can withstand the rigors of an active event without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

The highlight of this sofa is its LED lighting capability. It is designed with energy-efficient LED lights integrated into its frame, which allows users to customize the colors according to the event theme or mood. This unique feature, combined with its comfortable and contemporary design, makes the Light Up Sofa the ideal seating solution for any event that calls for an unforgettable ambiance. Whether you are hosting a corporate function, wedding, or party, our Illuminated LED Sofa will impress your guests and keep them talking for days about your memorable event.