Unique Wedding & Event Decor Ideas

Weddings are when two lives join together in a truly unique and magical event. There is lots to be planned and can create some stress when it’s time to tap into your creativity and make big decisions. A wedding should be nothing shy of spectacular and we are here to help you generate some refreshing ideas for the big day!

Folding and chiavari chairs are the typical seating choice and although they are great for dining and serve their purpose, they don’t encourage guests to socialize once the meal is finished and guests begin exploring the venue. While traditional seating doesn’t need to be excluded all together, there are other seating options that encourage guests to engage and are fit for your event.

In lieu of folding/chiavari chairs we suggest placing ottomans throughout your event space. This breaks up gaps in space and gives guests an opportunity to sit without being restricted to their table.

Long couches and corner couches are another great alternative to traditional seating. Running a couch the length of a wall encourages people to explore the space and take a seat throughout the space. Creating a lengthier couch can be done by combining a right arm bench and left arm bench. These are intimate but also large enough for multiple people, which again will energize guests to socialize.


A nice way to save dollars and create a bold look is by using event backdrops and fabrics. This is bold and draws everyone’s eyes to the center. This is a cost effect alternative to decorating with smaller trinkets and embellishments throughout the venue. Using backdrops, fabrics and illuminated dance floors are a great way to draw in the eye to the center or focal point of the space.

The tips should help you in planning the big day whether it is your own or someone else’s. Get started and don’t let stress overpower your creativity and fun!

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